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New enchantments: Empower Magic
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Jun 27, 2012 @ 4:19pm
Jun 28, 2012 @ 1:21pm
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New enchantments: Empower Magic

WHAT THIS MOD DOES: This mod adds five new enchanting effects that empower their respective magic schools. Instead of reducing their cost, they increase their power. They use the same slots as "fortify <magic school>", so you have to choose.

It also reduces the effect of fortify enchantments. They can now only decrease the cost by 15% each, meaning you can't ignore more than 60% of the magicka cost.

You can obtain the enchantments by several ways: 7 NPCs carry 5 enchanted rings, the guys at the winterhold college sell expensive, low-power amulets, or you can find enchanted rings while playing. Who are the 7 NPCs ? You can try to find by yourself, or you can read the first comments if you like spoilers. Also, Archmage's Robes now exists in 4 versions, which can be changed at any tanning rack.

IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO START A NEW GAME, OR YOU MIGHT ENCOUNTER WEIRD BUGS (namely, naked characters. Oh, and before you ask: they're all male, and some are quite old). It's due to my mod changing their outfit while they're already saved with a set outfit. The game doesn't like it, I don't know any workaround, but it's not gamebreaking.

THEORYSCROLLING (since you can't theorycraft out of Blizzard games):
The biggest flaw in Skyrim is that you can entirely negate the magicka cost of a spell with sufficient enchanting skill. This prevents from improving magic too much, because casting great balls of fire for free renders the whole magicka mechanic useless. It even makes senseless to waste precious perk points in reducing spell cost. I tried playing with better magic, but it eventually ended in a pewpew OP-lulzfest. So I thought: if I have to choose between power and cost reduction, it could get interesting. That's why I made this mod. But since you will eventually reach 100 enchanting and negate magicka cost while casting enhanced spells, I felt the need to nerf magicka cost reduction via enchanting.

I ended with this. Currently, I play a level 35 breton, who leveled up using this mod. I have to choose wisely which spell to use, since I pay its whole magicka cost (no reduction, I only use empowerment enchantments). This makes the game quite interesting, while being different from "I'm just going to throw a fireball and see how it ends".

- Should be incompatible with mods that alter Archmage's Robes.
- It might be incompatible with mods that alter magic, you have to test.
- If one of the ring wearers is altered by another mod, you might get weird results. If this is the case, I suggest you load the other mod last and you buy the missing rings from Colleg of Winterhold.

- Positive and negative feedback. How is the gameplay? Do you feel underpowered? Overpowered?
- Bug reports. Lots of them, with as much detail as possible.
- Let me know if you find the enchanted rings where you're supposed to, or if you don't find them. I couldn't test them all by myself.
- If you can use the Creation Kit, you can translate this mod! Just open the creation kit, find all objects containing the word "empower" (it's absent from the Vanilla data), and translate them to your language! I'll be happy if you let me know you translated my mod :). I don't really care about "mod stealing", I'm a free software lover ;).
- Anything you think I might want to know.

- Naked ring wearers when loading an old save
- Empower Restoration effects boost most enchanting effects. This is due to the design of enchanting: those effects belong to Restoration school, and this causes them to get the boost from Empower Restoration. I could fix this, but this would make the mod incompatible with all mods that alter enchanting, and it's a lot of work (basically, I just need to modify every enchanting effect in the game, which is rather long, and totally incompatible with most of enchanting mods).
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Tmkkkj Jul 27, 2012 @ 6:09pm 
like the mod
Thehammer Jul 14, 2012 @ 9:57am 
Hahaha ignore below.
I have "Empowered magic" not "empower magic" ^^
But I like Empower Magic too I add it to favorites may add it later when I resolve my problem with the other mod (below)
Thehammer Jul 14, 2012 @ 9:55am 
Sorry but this mod broke my game. I have to uninstall it.
Description of my problem:
Enchanting seemed to be extremely weak for me (on lvl 28 enchanting magicka fortify only gave me +2 magicka on an item). I checked that, used console to set my enchanting to 100. It was still only +2 magicka on the same item. Also soul gems did not affect the enchantment strentght.
My other mods installed: Perkyperks, Magicduel, Magic investment, Proper aiming, SkyUI, Craftable Robes, Adjusted Difficulty, Sounds of Skyrim, Midas Magic spells, Arrow crafting, Frostfall, Realistic Dragons LIte
Can it be a conflict between mods? Please respond if it is I may unistall another mod, I like your mod a lot :)
BTW I guess it's not your mod's fault but dragons are also broke in my game, I guess I'll have to uninstal realistic dragons cuz they dont even spawn
Gage  [author] Jun 27, 2012 @ 5:42pm 
You should find the rings of power on the following characters:

Untested - reports welcome!
Empower Alteration: Festus Krex from the dark brotherhood/Titus Mede II (I wanted to put it on Festus Krex, but then I needed to think of you dark guys, so you can still get it).
Empower Illusion: Mercer Frey, killed during the Thieve's guild questline. Hey, the guy casts frenzy and invisibility spells after all.
Empower Restoration: Ulfric Stormcloak/General Tullius (this ring was supposed to have a text saying "if only it had been more powerful…", but I had to give up the text due to the length of the description. The guys kept the rings)
Gage  [author] Jun 27, 2012 @ 5:29pm 
You should find the rings of power on the following characters:
Tested, working:
Empower Destruction: Ancano (killed at the end of the College of Winterhold questline). Oh, and he hits harder, with this ring.
Empower Conjuration: Malyn Varen (killed in The light of dawn). Hey, the guy spent his life trapping souls and he summons 3 dremora when you approach, he's a great conjurer after all.