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Skinballs Outfit! for Saints Row 4
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Oct 25, 2016 @ 10:07am
Nov 5, 2016 @ 5:58pm
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Skinballs Outfit! for Saints Row 4

You've seen that NPC in the street ? He doesn't look too important and he's not really appealing . But there's something wonderful on him ... his clothes . You searched every store on the map to get the exact same one but none of them can offer what you're searching ?

Well, Skinballs heard your call and made it available !
This mod makes some of the NPC clothes available at your local Planet Zin !
Well, it's not complete for the moment and I went with the most simple to import but don't worry, updates will come in a bit .

Skinballs : Obviously, the main thing why this mod is here .
Cyber Decker : Man, when I saw them for the first time, I was jealous .
Golden CID : Now, you can be as shiny as this fleeing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ .
Question Mark : For the confused ... or just for fun .
Ultor Masako : At least, you're not as bad as 'em .
Alqaeda Terrorist : It's a costume or anything else ?
Alqaeda Terrorist 2 : Now with an headset !
Stag Commando : You can be one of them too .
Keith David (Cabinet) : Ready to be your own vice president .
Keith David (They Live) : Old memories .
Jyunichi : I don't think Johnny's gonna like it ...
Kazuo : That one either .
Shaundi : You asked for it, you got it .
Ben King (Saints Row) : The original Vice Kings boss .
Johnny Gat (Super) : Ready to kill some alien♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Cyrus (Terrorist) : His outfit is pretty cool, for a loser .
Iron Saint MK2 : A new hero appears !
Iron Saint MK3 : ...and he needed some upgrades .
Iron Saint MK3 Red : He painted it red, 'cause he does what he want .
Iron Saint MK3 Black Red : Then his ennemy stole his armor .
Iron Patriot : And the government stole the old one .
Zero "SWAT" Thirty : It looks good, that's why you want to wear it ?
You'll need an helmet too : Blue Visor : Blue, color of the good people .
Green Visor : Green, also for the good people .
Purple Visor : Purple, 'cause Saints . And because it's the best color .
Red Visor : Red, for the bad people, but it's cool too .

Camouflaged Zero Saints Thirty : Choose one of these, soldier !
Marine : Yeah, it's blue . Not really made for forests, I suppose .
U.S. Army : This time you'll be able to hide . If you think it's needed .
Winter : You don't seem to understand, there ain't snow in Steelport . Well, take if you really want to .

Post issues here :

flow754 : For helping me with the crash issue and for the Peg Assembler .
Bloodjack : For The Real Iron Saint Armor MK2 and MK3 .
xTrogdorx : For the Iron Saint MK3 Black Red .
ELUX : For the Iron Patriot and the Camouflage ZST .
Nasias : For Zero "SWAT" Thirty .

I am looking for someone that could make 3d models to work with me on this mod . If you want to work with me, add me as a friend and send me a message .

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How to fix the fingers on shaundi outfit?
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Sympa comme mod merci ^^
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Please make Murderbot skin (so the Murderbot animations doesent waste)
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This is a really nice mod, and a neat idea! You're actually right, I have seen NPC's and wish I could have their outfit. Thanks especially for the Cyber Decker outfit!
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Can u make stripers or HO's clothes?I hope so
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how do u actually get it into your game other than clicking subscribe, because it isnt working for me.