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VU Meter
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Oct 24, 2016 @ 5:33pm
May 19 @ 1:13pm
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VU Meter

A basic VU meter. Responsive to Audio. A bunch of configuration options included now too.

No background images included, screenshots are just an example. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpapers/ is where I pulled most from over the years.

Presets are not supported yet, but some examples settings can be found under the wallpapers discussions: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/discussions/786782443

Chinese Version / 中文版

For other translations, please hold on until we can add translations into this wallpaper. I have done the chineese version as 80% of the users are chineese, but would like to have all translations in this wallpaper when it is possible to add them.

- Can change background color ( gradients possible )
- Can use background image
- Can alter the 2 color gradient of the "leds"
- Can alter transparency/opacity
- Can change light orientation.
- Can alter light size and bar count.
- Adjusted to FPS settings
- Adjust margins to offset from screen edge. ( currently still somewhat limited for multi-screen users )
- Toggle Normalizing the FFT data. Normalization was the default, can turn it off if you wish
- Can adjust amplitude ( seperately from normalization )
- Can hide "leds" when there is no audio.
- Can reverse audio frequences. So lows and highs will reverse.
- Added option for smoothing. This is not averaging over time, but more like a blur effect, smoothing out the peaks and valleys of the data.
- Can adjust the shape of the VU meter to match a surface in your background screenshot.
- Color Rotation option. Color rotation is based off selected colors so you can still use gradients for those.

Show me your creations!

Positioning Explained

Not reacting to audio
Check the sticky, it mentions several reasons for wallpapers not reacting to audio.

Update notes
[Removed old notes]
Renamed "Background Gradient/Image" to a more logical "Use background Image"
The color fading use to display the full area when adjusting positioning now shows longer. Also tweaked the effect a little to use less CPU.
Added additional positioning system which should work more accurate when using a background image. This is mainly aimed to be able to copy the settings better from one system to another. I will be updating the existing settings under discussions in the coming days.
Added some extra explanations in the settings themselves around the positioning system.
Added Top/Bottom layout
Added color rotation ( cpu intensive option, but added setting to compensate for that )
Added option to animate when silent, instead of hiding or doing nothing.
"Hide when Silent" is renamed to "When silent", where you can find the animate option.
When starting music or whatever after a long periode of silence, the screen doesnt max out like it did before. The "normalization" values are reset now to instantly adjust.
Merged positioning option and autotmatically hiding settings depending on what you will be using. This also means that for the few that might have been using margin settings in addition to positioning setttings might have their vu meter reposition as from now on its either one or the other.
Added slideshow.
Fixed 2 small bugs in the slideshow
Added option to enabledisable individual slideshow transitions
Removed unused "use background image" option
Fixed bug in color rotation option that caused leds to "hang"
Fixed bug with screen center positioning in the last update.
Fixed settings not working if selected background image got removed
Added option to disable flashing when adjusting position options.
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梦归幽 11 hours ago 
則克Yehtsuen Jun 21 @ 10:09pm 
無須雨滴 好用!!
skippy May 11 @ 9:30pm 
Hi Squee, Just wanted to tell you that I am in love with the VU meter. I have installed and not enjoyed so many wallpapers that its such a relief to find a audio responsive paper that actually is good. Keep up the amazing work!
tu3185 Apr 23 @ 8:39pm 
Oh i see now, that makes sense to me. Well thanks again!
Squee  [author] Apr 23 @ 6:12am 
that is weird .. the location i spotted it in, doesnt fall under the detault settings but was due to the color rotation option..

to explain it .. the code is optimized to only draw the value changes .. so if a value of a bar goes up i keep what was previously rendered and just render a few leds at the top, same if a value goes down it only erases the top leds. With color rotation turned on i do have to update all leds as the color changes, but i had a rounding error which caused an extra led to be drawn at the top sometimes. Basically I used round() where I should of used floor(). Combine that with the optimisations that didn't know there was an extra led at the top, and if the value dropped the extra led didnt get erased.
tu3185 Apr 22 @ 9:12pm 
Been trying it for a few minutes now with different songs and it seems to be fixed! I really appreciate you taking the time to fix this. So what ended up being the problem? Im currently in college for computer science and i am curious on what you did to fix it.
tu3185 Apr 22 @ 9:05pm 
It happened even after i reset it back to default settings, also i will try it again now to see if your fix worked.
Squee  [author] Apr 22 @ 10:34am 
@tu3185 I believe I found and fixed it. Can you check if you still get it after you got the wallpaper update?
Squee  [author] Apr 20 @ 5:19am 
That is really weird .. Never seen that before. Have you changed any specific settings?