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VU Meter
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Oct 24, 2016 @ 5:33pm
Jan 14 @ 2:13pm
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VU Meter

A basic VU meter. Responsive to Audio. A bunch of configuration options included now too.

No background images included, screenshots are just an example. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpapers/ is where I pulled most from over the years.

Presets are not supported yet, but some examples settings can be found under the wallpapers discussions: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/discussions/786782443

Chineese Version / 中文版

For other translations, please hold on until we can add translations into this wallpaper. I have done the chineese version as 80% of the users are chineese, but would like to have all translations in this wallpaper when it is possible to add them.

- Can change background color ( gradients possible )
- Can use background image
- Can alter the 2 color gradient of the "leds"
- Can alter transparency/opacity
- Can change light orientation.
- Can alter light size and bar count.
- Adjusted to FPS settings
- Adjust margins to offset from screen edge. ( currently still somewhat limited for multi-screen users )
- Toggle Normalizing the FFT data. Normalization was the default, can turn it off if you wish
- Can adjust amplitude ( seperately from normalization )
- Can hide "leds" when there is no audio.
- Can reverse audio frequences. So lows and highs will reverse.
- Added option for smoothing. This is not averaging over time, but more like a blur effect, smoothing out the peaks and valleys of the data.
- Can adjust the shape of the VU meter to match a surface in your background screenshot.
- Color Rotation option. Color rotation is based off selected colors so you can still use gradients for those.

Show me your creations!

Positioning Explained

Not reacting to audio
Check the sticky, it mentions several reasons for wallpapers not reacting to audio.

Update notes
The hanging bug should be fixed.
I have replaced the lightness option with opacity. This allows a wider color range to select from as lightness and using opacity you can also hide elements like the peak indication.
Fixed a bug where saturation wasn't correctly adjusted over the gradient.
Changing settings will no longer cause "hanging" due to the amount of events I'm reacting to.

Added gradient possibility for background.

Added error reporting. Errors will popup in bottom right (closable). Let me know if anything happens. If it just flashes after a long pause, then it is fine. Will have to tweak the code a bit to avoid that flash.

Added a new layout ( horizontal, but from the center of the screen instead of top or bottom. )
Added option to select amount of columns. Options: 16 (8 per side), 32, 64, 128 (highest detail)
Added option to adjust the "ratio" of the led. Meaning you can make the leds look (almost*) square for example.
Added some different led shapes. Do note that new the shapes use a different drawing method which is more cpu intensive.
Fixed some minor issues with the color gradient for leds.
* = almost square as the original setup was to be screen filling and part of that code still adjusts the size to space it evenly. So even if it wants to make it square it will stretch a little to fill the total space.

Added background image option :)

Added option to adjust margins ( limited to a 200px offset currently, kept it low to be safe as as decreasing the render area gave problems with my calculations since i don't automatically adjust the bar count to the screen size anymore )
Added option to hide everything when there is no audio
Added option to disable normalization
Added option to adjust amplitude. This can help amplify the other frequencies if the bass has taken over ;)
Added smoothing option
Added frequency reversing so you can get get the lows where the highs are on vice versa.
Updated several options to be combo boxes as we got that feature now. Should be a bit more clear than options 1 to 5.
Fixed normalization being hooked into framerate. Normalizing is now base on the past 10 seconds of audio data, independent of framerate.

Added option to map the VU meter to an area on the screen. The VU meter will disappear when the area is invalid. While changing values, the background will flash up to help you align.
Fixed adjusting amplitude ignoring any value above 200%

Temporary patch to fix loading of background images with certain characters in the path or filename.

Added option to draw outline of leds, instead of a solid shape.
Added 2 more colors to led gradient. This is not 4 gradients in a single line, but the 4 corners of a rectangle instead of 2 on one line. ( see 4th screenshot, the one that also demonstrates the outline option as an example )
Fixed transparent png's not showing gradient colors behind it
Added blur option
Added color blending option
Removed temporary fix for filenames as its been patch in WE now.
Added some extra headers in settings.
Fixed toggling background image ( via checkbox ) not working since I fixed the transparent png. Forgot to re-implement this checkbox.
Added option to fit image instead of cover whole screen
Fixed bug which would not hide the "peak leds" when there is no audio when the wallpaper is started. They should now properly disappear after about 5-10 seconds if wallpaper is started without audio.
Renamed "Background Gradient/Image" to a more logical "Use background Image"
The color fading use to display the full area when adjusting positioning now shows longer. Also tweaked the effect a little to use less CPU.
Added additional positioning system which should work more accurate when using a background image. This is mainly aimed to be able to copy the settings better from one system to another. I will be updating the existing settings under discussions in the coming days.
Added some extra explanations in the settings themselves around the positioning system.
Added Top/Bottom layout
Added color rotation ( cpu intensive option, but added setting to compensate for that )
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1599244016 Jan 23 @ 6:32am 
Okay thank you
Squee  [author] Jan 23 @ 5:52am 
@1599244016 report that in the bug forum of wallpaper engine. it is not something i can help with.
1599244016 Jan 23 @ 4:37am 
USB sound card is not recognized
Squee  [author] Jan 22 @ 3:23pm 
Grab this one :) This one isn't chinese.
Vazilos Jan 22 @ 3:02pm 
yeah its chinese
Squee  [author] Jan 22 @ 1:55pm 
This is the english version .. You got the chinese one?
Vazilos Jan 22 @ 1:22pm 
is it possible to make it in english? :(
屠夫我不想举高高QAQ Jan 21 @ 7:27am 
Squee  [author] Jan 20 @ 5:37am 
hrm .. That sounds beyond what I can help with. You probably want to make a bug report for this one in the official forums. Bio might be able to use that dump file too but not sure.
alyuuv Jan 20 @ 2:28am 
2017-01-08T10:32:08Z: IPC message timeout: 101
which is of log.txt.
The error message that appears whenever I try to set background image is this: webwallpaper32 ended unexpectedly. Crash dump written to: C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\wallpaper_engine\bin\webwallpaper32_1_0_458V_2017_01_20T10_24_12Z.mdmp