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OSHA Compliance
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Oct 23, 2016 @ 1:16am
Dec 29, 2016 @ 7:18am
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OSHA Compliance



"Hey! Guys! Guys! Look at this!"

Emmie ran up, holding the remnants of a battered, burnt, and rain-damaged book. Barely visible on the cover were the words "ccupational Safety and Health Administration Guideli".

"It's a book, Emmie. Unreadable, like all the others, I assume. We get them all the time. Toss it in the generator."

"What? Sorry, you're talking to my missing ear."


"No, look! This page has writing on it!"

They clustered around to look at the single readable page. It said:

"1927.35(b) - Human-lethal traps shall be treated as hazardous regardless of whether they are believed to be active. This prevents casualties caused by poorly-timed trap reset events."

"Huh. In retrospect, that's not a bad idea", Chef said, closing his remaining eye in thought.


This mod deters your colonists from walking through traps that have already been triggered. This (mostly) fixes a rare situation where a colonist decides to walk through a trap right as it's being reset, and ends up literally losing their head.

Does not require a new save game - this can be transparently added and removed from any savegame you already have.

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The_Hunted_One Apr 30 @ 5:37pm 
Is there a mod that changes to re-arm traps job so that the pawns assigned to construction do it instead? I mainly use animals for hauling, and the one pawn i do designate for hauling never seems to get around to re-arming the traps before another raid comes.
Asterai Mar 29 @ 9:13pm 
Cool, thanks for considering it!
ZorbaTHut  [author] Mar 29 @ 1:01am 
@asterai, hmmm. I'm kind of hesitant on this one; it's caused by another mod, plus it seems rarer than the known problems with OSHA already. Also, it's surprisingly difficult to do. I like the idea, but I think it falls on the wrong side of the cost/benefit equation.

Might be easier to set it up so that traps simply don't trigger for a few seconds after they've been placed. I'll think about that one.
Asterai Mar 28 @ 9:04pm 
Is it maybe possible to have pawns preferentially avoid trap blueprints, too?

I play with Minify Everything and use it to re-position traps now and again. A couple times, a pawn has done this and immediately lost a minor body part. Not even ten seconds later, as @zivyterc saw; immediately, suggesting that they were standing on the effing thing while setting it. It occurs to me that both ziv's problem and mine might be mostly fixed by significantly increasing the pathing cost through a (non-forbidden) trap blueprint, even if it contains no resources.
ZorbaTHut  [author] Mar 11 @ 3:14am 
@zivyterc, not easily. It should be *very* rare, but it's tough to truly solve.

If someone wanted to write the code and send it to me I'd happily deploy it, but I don't have the time to do it myself right now :)
zivyterc Mar 10 @ 8:32am 
Sooo I built first few traps and about 10 seconds later a colonist stepped into one of them and lost an eye. Completely unexpected :) Is there any way to avoid triggering a brand new trap? I'm not sure how exactly it happended as I was looking elsewhere at that moment. I know the mod deals with resetting the traps and I don't believe the mod had anything to do with the incident - I'm asking here because it is a related topic and hope someone might have a good advice.
Cowcannon #TeamMedic Feb 10 @ 5:01pm 
sofa king thers a circuit breaker mod tha dissapate 3 battries per thing but ither needs new component (fuses) or needs a reflick (curcuit breacker) well the exsplosion doent happen but pattries are still drained
ZorbaTHut  [author] Feb 1 @ 12:46am 
Le Sir, this mod doesn't touch any trap rearm code; I'd be very surprised if it were causing this. Chances are good it's another mod you're using (or possibly a core game bug).

Try disabling OSHA Compliance to see if you can rearm the traps. If you still can't, it's not my fault ;)
Le Sir Jan 31 @ 9:37am 
I can't rearm the traps anymore...
bushman Jan 28 @ 8:40pm 
lol well said man well said