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No Rank Up Throttling
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Oct 22, 2016 @ 3:14pm
Nov 27, 2016 @ 9:36am
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No Rank Up Throttling

Removes the limit that prevents soldiers from ranking up multiple times after a single mission, even though they earned enough Kills / XP.

Overrides: None

Can safely be enabled and disabled in running campaigns.

You will still only get one rank up message in a battle, but will be able to rank up multiple times back in HQ.

Apparently completely borked in LW2.
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Tim_ Mar 6 @ 7:06pm 
Just completed a WOTC campaign with 63 mods including this one. All ran perfectly. I really like this mod, I will continue to use it.
Tim_ Jan 22 @ 10:45am 
Using this in my current WOTC campaign. I like it a lot, and it works perfectly.
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:58am 
sorry about the spam too
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:58am 
though I have not tested with WotC classes, at least with vanilla classes it does work
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:55am 
although I did have a problem where everyone leveled up at once, and someone got 1 kill and leveled up twice, but that was probably me fucking around with the exp settings
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:55am 
I lowered the corporal rank up kill number from 5 to 2, for testing purposes, and someone got 2 kills and went straight from rookie to corporal
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:54am 
so after counless minutes testing and raging, I can finally confirm that this mod DOES work with WotC!
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:21am 
also for the people that are wondering how many kills you need to level up (if I wasn't the only one), it does say in the config file how many kills are needed per rank per difficulty level, but since it's a long-ass list im unable to copy and paste it so
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:18am 
ok so I'm currently looking in the actual game files to see if there's a way in the config that I can do this, since I just made the avatar project infinite in the same way, and so far looking at the DefaultGameData_XpData, the only thing I found that might be a problem is the KillMissionXpCap and MaxKillscore, so I'm going to sacrifice my game files for SCIENCE and see if it does anything
goodODST unit Jan 21 @ 7:03am 
so i may or may not have declared that save game a loss and may or may not have taken a break from xcom due to this