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Extended Eras (Beta)
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Jun 24, 2012 @ 11:26pm
Jul 18, 2013 @ 4:08pm
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Release Status: Beta
Compatability: Should work with Vanilla, Gods and Kings, and Brave New World


In order for this mod to function correctly, you must select the game speed Historic.

This mod uses a new game speed entitled Historic (the name used in the original mod) to extend the time spent in each period of history. Research times have been increased, however, the production of buildings and units have been reduced. This should allow the player to wage full scale wars throughout each era in history and allow them to build most of the buildings for each time period.

Thank you to Dustin for originally creating this mod. It really is a gem.

-Increased Tech needed, reduced unit/building production and gold cost.
-Unlimited EXP from barbarians
-Reduce cost to upgrade units
-Gold from capturing cities increased
-Increased number of barbarians
-Allows Wealth and Research Focus to be available earlier in the game as city production
-Wealth and Research are now set to 75% of city production instead of 25%

- - -
6/25/2012 - v1 - Release
- - -
6/25/2012 - v2 - Changed Science needed for Techs to the same as Marathon. After looking over some of the original mod's files, that WAS in fact the setting used.
- - -
6/26/2012 - v3 - After a rather major overhaul of some the scripting, this mod should now be fully compatible with Gods and Kings AND Vanilla. You can delete v2 and v1 from your mod list.
- - -
6/28/2012 - v4 - Barbarians were not giving unlimited exp and still capped at 30. This has been corrected.
- - -
6/28/2012 - v5 - Added language support for all language versions. Historic game speed should now show up properly on the list even if you're not using an English/US version of the game.
- - -
2/1/2013 - v6 - Mod still broken despite attempted fix. The mod is going to be re-written completely and will be christened as v10
- - -
7/18/2013 - v10 - Mod rewritten from scratch to hopefully fix any problems it was having as well as making it compatible with Brave New World. Setting it to beta until any problems are found and flushed out.

Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

I will re-add the multiplayer files and tutorial when this build is confirmed to be stable. Or if it works, and you're clever enough, you can figure it for yourself before then.
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m4ti140 Aug 21 @ 12:09pm 
I reached medieval era 1900 years before christ... AI is approaching Reneissance. I guess 75% bonus for wealth/research production is a bit of an overkill, and the resarch times should be even higher.
alexsweden92 Aug 9 @ 4:53am 
I can't change the game speed to "Historic", even though I have selected it in the mods menu..
pantie bulge Aug 6 @ 10:53pm 
This did it wrong. The problem is that when my barbarians leave the bottom of the contanent they get upgraded to laser tanks before they reach the top of the contanent. Increasing unit movement speed dramatically, increasing the speed buildings are made, and decreasing the speed of research will all make the game more bearable.
Prowler Aug 4 @ 2:28pm 
Fun mod for a run through, but it seems to have big balance issues, mostly because a flat increase in tech time doesn't take into account that you have large amount of cities with High pop and High science output, so you end up having the game be only slower at the start, and then you are only a few techs behind later in the game. Also great scientists will give you tonnes of free tech making it extremely potent.

Also, for some reason, despite having double the science output for the entire game of all the other civs (lots of jungle) I was always 1 or 2 techs behind the entire time, which I haven't figured out why, but I suspect it was because of the great scientists (I hadn't been using them to discover techs cause I didn't realize how potent they were)
Babs Aug 3 @ 2:35pm 
Will there be tits in the next update? Really dissapointed in the lack of any at all.
civisterra Jul 6 @ 7:47pm 
The mod was great through ancient era, everything felt as it should have been. Realistic construction and unit building times hits the nail. But somehow, once I got to the classical era, things become really fast. As if the mod is not there anymore. I enter the classical era and technologies start requiring only 10 turns, which results in reaching to industrial era even before Jesus is born.

Could you do something about this? I want to live each era to the fullest.

Great work in total, thanks for the effort!

tmgrin Jun 25 @ 9:00am 
I've noticed with this mod that I tend to radically outpace the AI in terms of scientific advancement. In my current game, I'm at nearly turn 200, year 1500-something, and I'm just starting the industrial era, while most of the AIs are still in the midieval era.

Is there a reason/fix for this?
Degrelecence May 27 @ 12:55pm 
Not thought out at all. Because of the length of the eras (3x as long as marathon), your cities grow to be like 13s before you have any happiness buildings, meaning your whole game will be spent in unhappiness due to population. Also, barbarians spawn at normal rate, while you develop at half rate, making them obnoxious for a really long time until you can develop tech to combat them. Lastly, it is just too long. I love playing in marathon and was hoping this would essentially be a reskinning of that but it isn't. This could be a 100 hour game.
VictorK May 11 @ 8:33pm 
Is there a download location for bnw by any chance? I'm having trouble downloading this mod through subscribe.
Mada Samoht Apr 29 @ 4:44am 
Any chance of the multiplayer files? All my plays with this have been stable, and would love to play with this online! Or does anyone know how to get this to work in multiplayer? Cheers