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Rattletrap Racing
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Oct 27, 2016 @ 7:02pm
Nov 8, 2016 @ 2:34pm
Release date: November 2016

Rattletrap Racing is a celebration of terrible cars in a ridiculous race of destruction. Delivering a unique racing experience, the title gives car enthusiasts and newbies the chuckles with tormenting traps, slapstick smash-ups and mayhem in every track.

Rattletrap Racing brings a classic arcade-style multiplayer havoc to Steam. The development of Rattletrap Racing has been inspired by 24 Hours of Lemons, an IRL race where terrible cars are pitted against each other in a ridiculous race to destroy them.

We have created Rattletrap Racing as a ridiculous local multiplayer ‘couch-party racing’ game - our players are challenged to out-manoeuvre their friends by racing through a round-based track, modified with a series of deadly traps laid out by you! Rattletrap Racing boasts over 8 unique maps, with 3 themes and 5 car types inspired by infamously bad models

  • Choose Your Car - Pick from 5 different models based on real bad cars
  • Change Your Handling - Adjust how the cars feel when they race
  • Pick Your Tracks - Choose from 9 different tracks and 3 themes
  • Place Your Traps - Design the gauntlet and decide when to set it off
  • Destroy your friendships!

Rattletrap Racing is the latest project by {LINK REMOVED}, thanking our fans by releasing Rattletrap Racing for FREE!

Dependent on player demand, you can expect to see more tracks and cars available as paid DLC in future.

These are the recommended specs, not the minimum required :)
  • Controllers: Up to 4 (XBox or PS4)
  • OS: Windows 7 64bit or later
  • Processor: Quad-Core Intel or AMD processor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4GB GDDR5
  • DirectX: Version 11

Music by

Michael Borcard and Julien Michel []

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SG|Frenk4 Dec 3, 2016 @ 9:34am 
"Date of release: November 2016 "

so where is the game?
Dracco Nov 13, 2016 @ 4:28am 
Can you play Single player (Versus bots) or just Local multiplayer?
Tioss Nov 9, 2016 @ 12:43pm 
Dengis Supreme Nov 7, 2016 @ 12:57pm 
As both a spike, ramp and big ball enthusiast I can definitely recommend this game
lj.blakie Nov 4, 2016 @ 9:26pm 
WOOHOO! look super fun!
Plump4Trump Nov 1, 2016 @ 8:10pm 
Minimum Requirements: A computer, a monitor and electricity.
NABN00B Oct 31, 2016 @ 1:33am 
@Itsfine Games
Ah okay. Do you have any idea so far what the minimum requirements would be?
Itsfine Games  [author] Oct 30, 2016 @ 2:51pm 
Hello friends!
@Killa 24/7 - Thanks for following us, there are still skidmarks, but this happens when you drive through an oil trap to show that you have no traction.
@NABNOOB - The system requirements are the recommended ones, not the minimum, I adjusted the description.
Plump4Trump Oct 30, 2016 @ 11:47am 
OK got it!
BTW I once got a Sloppy Jalopy (SJ) while driving!
NABN00B Oct 30, 2016 @ 6:12am 
nice game. those sys reqs are pretty high though