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Realistic Dragons
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Jun 23, 2012 @ 9:09pm
Jul 26, 2012 @ 6:21pm
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Dragons are now more realistic, and may be harder to kill.
Some features:

1. Dragons fire breath now lights objects on fire, which can do damage.
2. Dragons frost breath now freezes objects, also doing damage
3. Dragons melee attacks are more realistic(bite does more damage, wings can throw anyone a considerable distance, dragons do more damage on their right side(right handed), and will always try to face the target, and will attack with wings and tail less often)

4. Dragons no longer land unless they have low health or have been hit by dragonrend. -suggested by chad.steel
5. Dragons will not go out of there way to fight you. Actually, they may just watch you cautiously until you get to close. - suggested by chad.steel
6.Dragons take longer to get into the air unless from a perched position
7. The bug where dragons bite throw you has been fixed
8. Dragons can hunt now, and hunting grounds are still being created.
9. Hunting dragons will have many ingredients from the body of creatures it ate
10. Dragons have a more diverse selection of shouts to choose from. They will usually stick to the fire and frost breath as their main attack -suggested by chad.steel
11. Dragons can cooperate, one sometimes on the ground, and one always in the air, fighting side by side -suggested by acidz_reign

and more to come!

Hunting dragons ARE NOT LEVELED!!!!! For you new players, you might have a hard time fighting the dragons. I try to make them Frost or less, but don't wander blindly into a hunting area. Read the list of them below

***Dragon Hunting grounds***

1. Karthspire(1 Blood Dragon)
2. Red Road Pass(2 Frost Dragons)
3. White Watch tower( 2 cooperating dragons)

I'm still making more don't worry

1. If a dragon pushes the player in to water, you will not get like you normally would, leaving you defenseless. You will get up if you hit a rock or land.

2. Some hunting dragons won't give a soul

3. Some named dragons aren't affected by the mod

4.Hunting dragons can be found before the first dragon is killed. New players should get to that quest as quickly as possible and avoid hunting grounds to avoid problems

5. Occasionally, the Dragonrend shout may cause dragons to fly away towards the end of the map. This one needs to be fixed soon.

if any bugs are found that are not listed, please let me know in the comments. Also

**NOTE** I am now deleting any comments about "how can a dragon be realistic?". I explained it to the first person who asked and that's enough. So please don't post those because it will be deleted.

!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!

For those of you that do not want the no landing part, then download this instead: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=80708897

It is Realistic Dragons Lite. Dragons will still land like normal in that one, except for Odahviing, who will still fly like in this mod.

Please leave suggestions for updates to make dragons more realistic(I have thought about size, but the animation is screwed up when size is changed).
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Passeris Aug 3 @ 8:42pm 
I'm sorry but dragon's that never land can really break immersion in respect to the fact that some people's play style might not involve the bow, there needs to be a way to toggle the particular feature and maybe some others as well.
The Most Depressed Jul 23 @ 8:44pm 
sounds awesome, but that bit about dragon's being right handed is rather silly, I think. that's like a horse being right hoofed. it just doesn't make sense. would download, but I think i'll wait for those bugs to get fixed.
godsglorygirl Jul 7 @ 9:27pm 
im not sure if its this mod but if im on a dragon I cant attack anything
zachb2008 Jun 13 @ 8:46pm 
def a thumb
zachb2008 Jun 13 @ 8:46pm 
sounds cool but i restart to much for the dragon to keep flying and let me get beheaded awesome concept tho
seanpiercy42 Jun 5 @ 12:21am 
Does exactly what it says and works well, EXCEPT for two glitches which may or may not be fixable. You may want to mention them in the bugs section above if you can't fix them so players don't have to spend hours narrowing down what is causing the issues. The first is at the beginning of the game when your about to be beheaded. The dragon won't land on the tower so you can get up and run to the other tower. You can easily wait until this part has passed though and just enable this mod afterwards sometime (that's what I currently do). The other happens right before you go to Sovenguard (when you have the vision). I believe it was preventing Alduin from landing so they could send him forward in time (when you're learning Dragonrend). If/when I play that part again I'll be sure to test playing w\ this mod turned on to duplicate the issue.

Excellent work overall though and thank you for the the time you put in to developing this great mod!
whizkid714 Apr 26 @ 5:55pm 
Wait if the dragons never land, how are the cooperating dragons supposed to land? It seems kinda counteractive. Unless they have specific codeing. But hey what do I know about modding. Right? Also i'm not sure if I wanna get this or not. The ONLY problem I have with this is that I prefer to ONLY kill a dragon with my sword. It's not that I can't use a bow or spell, i'd just MUCH rather kill them with my sword. And I don't have dragonrend yet. But I should also mention I have a mod that makes dragonrend both last longer, and makes dragons crash land instantly. Downloading those should solve any problems you mentioned above with this mod. But aside from my nit picking, this is a great mod, and if I wasn't so picky in my method of killing dragons, this would be an instant download. But for now I will have to think about it.
Tribble Mar 31 @ 8:17am 
is this compatible with territorial dragons mod?
PurpleKrakken Mar 3 @ 5:16pm 
realistic dragons.esp
Contains dirty edits: 13 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit cleaning. A cleaning guide is available here.
Destrius Feb 17 @ 1:36pm 
Whenever I ride a dragon; my character stays on the mount position, but the character & camera doesnt fly with the dragon, she sits idle in the air where she mounted the dragon.