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Giants Gear v3.25 - For When You Just Gotta Go Big!
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Jun 23, 2012 @ 12:57pm
May 11, 2013 @ 6:09pm
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Giants Gear v3.25 - For When You Just Gotta Go Big!

This mod contains the Giant's Club in which the handle has been modified to fit the players hand. It also contains a plethora of custom weapons including giant staffs that were modeled after the giants club, a giant warhammer, a giant stave, and a host of other custom weapons. These are powerful and most come in two flavors: Normal Power and High Power. Everything is made to be quickly switched on the fly using a menu that pops up when a token is equipped.

Added the unmodified giant's club in the "blunt weapons" category, as per a user request.

[ Staff Qwik-Switch ] Token can be found in your Armor Inventory. Clicking it will display the main menu with the following choices (each will open a submenu):

• GIANT'S CLUB: Kill a Giant and take his club or craft your own at the forge (or use the one included with the mod)! The Giants Club is scaled back to a smaller handle size so that it fits the players hands without clipping. The included club is an enchanted version of what the Giants use, you can also craft your own unenchanted version at the forge.
• GIANT'S WARHAMMER: A large and devastating enchanted stone hammer.
• DICING STAVE - Unenchanted Giant Staff that is wielded like a stave at super-fast speed.

• FIREBALL - Giant's Staff of Flaming Balls
• CHAIN LIGHTNING - Giant's Staff of Chain Lightning
• SUSTAINED LIGHTNING - Concentration version of Chain Lightning
• ICY SPEARS - Giant's Staff of Frozen Spears
• FIRE HOSE - Concentration staff that emmits gouts of consuming fire
• FORCE PUNCH - Concentration staff that emmits a powerful and damaging force push wave.

• REANIMATE - Raises the dead to fight for you, temporarily.
• DRAGON PRIEST - Conjures a Dragon Priest to fight for you.
• DREMORA - Conjures a Dremora Lord to fight for you.
• FROST ATRONACHE - Conjures a Frost Atronache to fight for you.
• FIRE ATRONACHE - Conjures a Fire Atronache to fight for you.
• STORM ATRONACHE - Conjures a Storm Atronache to fight for you.

• JABBAWACK STAFF - Works just like the WabbaJack in the game.
• RUBBERBAND STAFF - Pulls then pushes enemies around. Knocks them down and tosses them.
• TELEKENISIS STAFF - Grab objects from a distance.
• WANKAWANKA STAFF - Tosses enemies straight up in the air.
• TELEPORT PLAYER STAFF - Teleports players to aimed location.
• TELEPORT TARGET STAFF - Teleports enemies to distant random location.
• WARDING STAFF - Concentration staff, puts up a warding shield.

UNEQUIP ALL - unequips any weapon and spell that this mod contains.

• ADD TWIN SOULS - Allows you to have up to 50 conjured or reanimated at the same time.

• CONJURES = 2 mins. - Conjured creatures will last 2 minutes.
• CONJURES = 10 mins. - Conjured creatures will last 10 minutes.
• REANIMATE AREA = 15 - Reanimates the dead in a small area.
• REANIMATE AREA = 300 - Reanimates the dead in a wide area.

DEANIMATE SPELLS - Used to get rid of both reanimated and conjured creatures when you are through with them. I made it because after the fighting's over, I got tired of all of the reanimated corpses constantly groaning.
After you select the spell it will equip in your left hand when you exit the menu. To unequip, select "UnEquip The Spell" from the menu, or you can equip/unequip any 1-handed weapon or spell in you left hand.

6/23/12 v3.24
• Improved Player Teleport Staff
• Increased teleport distance of Target Teleport Staff

6/23/12 v3.22
• Revamped the code and menus to make them better. The script is a lot tighter so it's easier to update and runs a bit faster.
• Removed Auto-Teleport Defense Ring.
• Added Teleport Player Staff: This staff will teleport the player to wherever it's aimed. It will try to put you on a navmeshed area, but can sometimes be a little off. I've done hundreds of teleports around, from end to end in skyrim, and have found it to work well. It does have a limited range of about 20,000 units (I believe that's just under 1000 feet in the game, since the average npc is 128 units tall). It will occaisionally teleport you inside mountain or building, but I've only gotten stuck once and had to toggle clipping to unstick.

It works by measuring the distance to the target your aiming at. If it doesn't register a target sometimes it will put you in the area of where your aiming, but not exactly on the spot. If you aim at the wall of a town, it may put you on the inside of the town which can be wierd if your not using "Open Cities". Anyway, it's a lot of fun to use and has come in very handy a good number of times.

I highly recommend that you use my other mod "Jump GameSettings" with it. It can be found here:

The mod should update automatically through a quest driven updater, but if you experience any problems just follow the instructions in the Troubleshooting section to get a clean mod install.

Due to Papyrus limitations, I can't equip a staff directly into the left hand through the scripting. But here is the workaround for those who want to do it manually. I know it's a little screwy, but it works. I'll try to refine the code to make it easier. Some staffs are not dual equipable, such as the Teleport & Reanimate Staffs.

Dual Equipping the same staff:
To use the same staff in both your right and left hands, activate the [ Staff Qwik-Switch ] token in your Armor inventory. On the selection menu, select a staff. After the staff equips, open the menu again and select the same staff. This time it will add one to your inventory. Go into your weapons inventory and equip the staff in your left hand by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Now you have the same staff type in each hand

Dual Equipping with 2 different staffs:
Activate the [ Staff Qwik-Switch ] token in your Armor inventory. On the selection menu, select a staff. After the staff equips, go into your weapons inventory and equip the staff in your left hand by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Go back to the Staff Qwik-Switch menu and choose a different staff. It will equip in your right hand. Now you are dual equipped with 2 different staffs.

If you dual equip and switch staffs a lot, you can get up to 2 of each staff in your inventory. To clean it up, select the 'Store All Staffs' button and they will all go away. Just use the Staff Qwik-Change token the next time you want to use them.

The Giant's Staff is added to the player inventory automatically the first time the game is launched after the mod subscribed. You will receive the [ Staff Qwik-Change ] token that will allow you to instantly change weapons.

Simply select the [ Staff Qwik-Change ] token from your inventory and a menu will appear giving you the choices.

TIP: For easiest use, hotkey the token and you can switch it on fly even during battle! So, if you're battling a troll and you have your staff set to 'Icy Spear', just hit your hotkey and click 'Fireball' for an instant switch.
Also, dual equip with the Giant's Warding Staff in one hand and a different staff in the other. Keep your Warding staff firing and attack from behind your magical shield with the other staff.

After a mod update you will probably need to get a fresh mod install in order to use the new staffs or features. This is accomplished by disabling the mod, launch Skyrim, make a new save, close Skyrim, and then re-enable the mod.
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korgoth86 Nov 3, 2015 @ 11:40am 
is that sigmars hammer
splynter  [author] Sep 28, 2014 @ 12:16am 
Yep, I remember that being my first thought on the problem, but I have no skills in 3d modeling or changing movement in any way. I used 3dsMax to "skinny down" the handle on the club, but I really fumbled my way through it. I use nifskope a lot, although there's a lot of things in it that I don't have any idea about how to use. But, I did figure out what I needed at the time, and that's how these things usually go.
Antinatorx11 Sep 27, 2014 @ 2:41pm 
btw i see that you hate clipping alot and one idea i was gonna say was maybe instead of fixing the hand from clipping in, you can make the hand clip out! if that makes any sense, but what i mean is moving the hands model outwards more so it wlll be holding the outside of the weapons model instead of inside it. idk how to really explain it or if its possible but moving the hands out from inside the giants club because of the clipping so it holds those sides of it that make the hands clip through. the only problem would be it could possible make it look like holding any weapon (specifcally) greatswords and hammers would make it look like your making the weapon levitate lol
Antinatorx11 Sep 27, 2014 @ 2:35pm 
ok man kewl, i sent you a request. when your on we can talk about it :D ty alot man
splynter  [author] Sep 27, 2014 @ 1:27pm 
Just send a friend request. I accept all requests, although sometimes chatting can get in the way of modding. As far as modding goes, I'm not all that knowledeable. I pretty much have to figure out how to do everything, and sometimes it's unconventional. Later, I usually realize that something could have been done better, but it's too late. Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas. Who knows, I may be able to make one a reality.
Antinatorx11 Sep 26, 2014 @ 5:37pm 
lol, who wouldnt think about giant-giant crossbows. dude you should add me on steam so we can talk more. i have soooo many awesome ideas for mods and enhancements for them. im trying to get other mod developers to listen to my ideas. i got some good ones. if you want we can talk about some it would be pretty sweet. and thanks for the quick reply, i love authors who do that :D
splynter  [author] Sep 25, 2014 @ 10:17pm 
BTW, I had thought of a giant crossbow, I may have to revisit that soon.
splynter  [author] Sep 25, 2014 @ 10:15pm 
After re-reading your previous comment, I think I misunderstood. Only the giants gear that comes with the mod are affected by the mod. Looting a club doesn't give it anything special from this mod. The reason there are 2 different types of clubs in the mod is because I didn't like the way the players hands clipped into the handle of the normal club. So I made a club that had a thinner handle that looked normal with the hands when equipped. Some people didn't like the thinner handle, so I added back in an original version with the normal sized handles. Some of the clubs you loot have enchantments on them and some don't it seems. I need to open this mod up and fix the order according to the menu. Thanks.
Antinatorx11 Sep 25, 2014 @ 2:36pm 
ok so to clarify you can pick them up, loot them, craft them, and even enchant them. well last thing is, does this mod interfere or is not compatible with other crafting mods? like if i get a crafting mod does the crafting section for the giants club goes away or its its own seperate thing? other than that your are freaking awesome, such a brilliant mod. you should make Giants Greatswords and battleaxes, but make them unrealsticily big just for the fun of it lol. just giving some ideas. i mean just imagine a giant-giant crossbow or bow with giant-giant arrows lol something straight from Monster Hunter XD keep up the awesome work and think about those weapon ideas
splynter  [author] Sep 24, 2014 @ 12:52pm 
Yep, something has happened to it in the last while. I haven't actually worked on this mod in a long time, but I loaded it up the other day and got some wierd things going on. I'll have to load it up and see it I can figure it out. Steam updates do some wierd things to mods sometimes. Thanks for the input.