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Väterchen Frost - Winter theme
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Oct 16, 2016 @ 3:12pm
Feb 28 @ 11:42am
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Väterchen Frost - Winter theme

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Alpine Setting
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Väterchen Frost - winter theme for Snowfall
features handmade realistic textures and normal maps for mountains, water, fertile soil, ruined and gravel.

- made with and for Winterlust map
- Hi-res textures and normal maps for a natural, realistic look.
- Water falls and wild water with spray and foam!
- Long grass/fertile soil and forests are colored to make the map more interesting
- Oil and ore are covered with snow, so no yellow snow like in the vanilla winter theme.
- Realistic sunsets based on alpine winter setting.

Looks best with LUTs like Realistic LUT V1.2 and Colorful Summer Day
Extra clear and cold winter atmosphere with Daylight Classic

Beta version
planned optimizations:
- Perfect scaling for cliff texture
- Normal map for Sand texture
- stronger Snow texture without losing fertile ground
- Ore and Oil texture, if I get them dark enough for being believable (light snow just makes everthing washed out).

VOTE if you like the theme.
If you have any questions or suggestions (ie. lowres variant), feel free to comment!


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Tags: Scandinavian, arctic, northern, russian, switzerland, austrian, cold, ice, snow, water fall, HD, hires
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hadece  [author] Nov 18 @ 1:07am 
@ecania Export to png is what I meant. I'm a little inacurate sometimes. :D
ecania Nov 18 @ 12:23am 
Thanks for the answer Hadece, im respecting your answer with a bit of sadness, fully understandeble, Im following your guide and managed to make textures i can use, so thanks so much for the guide, the last step of the guide was saiyng, save as png, that wasnt possible, I was forced to save to psd and then export to png
hadece  [author] Nov 17 @ 3:04pm 
Sorry, I'm rarely on facebook and didn't notice the messages. The textures are selfmade for big parts, so the answer is no, I won't share them. But I made a guide how to make map themes with lots of tips, take a look if you like.
ecania Nov 17 @ 11:09am 
Heya Hadece, I been trying to contact you for a couple of weeks on FB, but im failing....need to ask you if I can use some textures from this theme, making a mixed theme, summer and winter, I need to know if you let me use them and if I shall mention you when uploading the new theme,or put you as a contributor helping me with the theme.You saw my tiny try on FB when using photoshop filter on some screenshots from a map I work with with this theme....I hope u will see this message.
SkiRich Oct 21 @ 10:29am 
I found snow decals or decals in general don't work well for landscaping, because the LOD disappears when you zoom out just a little. So while you are at ground level things look great, the moment you zoom out to see your city the snow is gone.
hadece  [author] Oct 21 @ 9:57am 
That is not possible. The decal does not react to slopes. However, Ronyx69 made snow decals, try them out if they work for you.
hadece  [author] Oct 20 @ 1:39pm 
@SkiRich yes, its the alpha channel.
SkiRich Oct 20 @ 12:52pm 
Good to know. The invisible nature of the ruined is controlled by that alpha channel right? I need to try that out.
hadece  [author] Oct 20 @ 12:26am 
@SkiRich thank you very much for the kind words. This theme has some flaws, since it was my first attempt on making a map theme.( I will update it after I finished Rheingold). The secret in this one is a nearly invisible ruined texture that allows the cliff to directly meet the snow-grass texture. Cliff behaves almost the same as the Rheingold cliff in the guide so basically that was the only difference.
SkiRich Oct 19 @ 5:57pm 
Found it. Now that I know you made this, I don't need to make my own. You are an amazing modder thank you. Ah who am I kidding, with the game fubared due to the 1.9 update I'm gonna tinker in the editor. I would love to know your secret for snow texture, and getting the cliffs to have snow without actually painting snow on them.