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Dragon Age Series Weapons Pack 1
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Jun 22, 2012 @ 4:42pm
May 4, 2013 @ 3:25pm
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Dragon Age Series Weapons Pack 1

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This is my Dragon Age series weapons collection rolled up into a single mod. I've been getting requests for bundling the weapons together and noticed that my installed mod count is on the high side as well. Sadly, the weapons you have from the individual releases won't transfer over to this one.

The unique named versions of the weapons are placed throughout Skyrim. I've put up videos showing exactly where as well as listed their locations below.

No DLC required. Although, the High Res Textures DLC might make a weapon or two look better.

Vigilance Longsword/Greatsword - Top of Refugee's Rest/ Top of South Skybound Watch

You'll need a couple dragon scales, a dragon bone, a diamond, 5 steel ingots, and dragon armor smithing to craft this (listed under Dragon). An additional ingot and scale are needed to temper.

Stat-wise, they are slightly stronger than Skyforge Steel, weigh a couple pounds more, and have better crit stats.

Starfang Longsword/Greatsword - Top of Nilheim/Top of Rlbthar

To craft, grab Refined Malachite, an Orichalcum Ingot, a Corundum Ingot, some Iron Ore (space ore!), 3 Leather Strips, and the Orcish Smithing Perk. You'll need an additional Orichalcum Ingot to temper.

Stat-wise, they have less raw power than daedric, higher crit chance and damage, weigh a few pounds less, swing a little faster, and have a lower value.

Finesse and Spider's Heart Dagger - At the Morrowind gate east of Riften past Blackbriar's. Held by a lvl26 Foreigner up the mountain path.

You cannot craft Spider's Heart or Finesse, but you can craft standard versions of them using 2 Steel Ingots, an Iron Ingot, a few Leather Strips, and the Steel Smithing Perk. Both are listed under Steel.

You'll need a Steel Ingot to temper Finesse and Refined Malachite for Spider's Heart along with their respective smithing perks. Standard variants just need a Steel Ingot.

Finesse: About on par with Skyforge Steel Daggers with slightly better crit stats and longer reach.
Spider's Heart: About on par with Glass Daggers with slightly better crit stats and longer reach.
Dalish and Long Steel Dagger: About on par with Steel Daggers with slightly better crit stats and longer reach.

Staff of Parthalan (also has a greatsword variant) - The Midden Dark's cellar. Held by two skeletons.

Neither the staff nor the sword can be forged. You will have to defeat their owners in The Midden Dark (coc winterholdcollegemidden02). If you get to the gauntlet, they're in that cellar area past the goat. The owners are level 26, so prepare accordingly.

You'll need an iron ingot, steel ingot, and leather strips to temper the sword. The staff, well, it's a staff. No tempering there.

Stat-wise, the greatsword variant is as strong as a steel greatsword. It is slightly faster, but has lower stagger stats.

The Murder Knife - Just North of Riverwood on the mountain side next to its last victim. You may need to scour the ground to find it. Apparently, it doesn't want to stay in the poor guy's back.

The unique variant can be found northeast of Riverwood (just right out of town) in the back of its last victim (who is currently lying on a boulder). See video for exact location. If you have the "Dovahkiin Hideout" and "Spend Dragon Souls for Perks" mods installed, it is on the same side of the river between the stones and the hideout entrance.

To craft, you'll need the same ingredients as a steel dagger, but with a few more leather strips. To temper both variants, you'll need a steel ingot.

Stats: The unique variant has better raw damage, crit damage, and weighs a pound less than a steel dagger. It also uses Ghostblade's and Valdr's Lucky Dagger's enchantments to apply armor-ignoring damage and have a 25% chance to inflict a critical hit. The standard variant is still better than a steel dagger, but the improvements are toned down a bit.
Chasind Great Hammer/Thorval's Luck - Craftable/Wielded by a Forsworn in Lost Valley Redoubt

To craft, you'll need Dwarven Smithing (listed under dwarven), an iron ingot, a couple steel ingots, a couple iron ores, and several leather strips. An additional steel ingot and iron ore are required to temper both the standard and unique variants.

Stats: Chasind has slightly lower stats than a dwarven hammer while Thorval's has slightly higher. Thorval's has an enchantment that will absorb health and stamina as well as lower the target's damage resistance. I had wanted it to boost hp, health regen, and damage resist like the originals, but the Creation Kit does not allow those types of enchantments on weapons.

Regarding the visual differences: The original Chasind Great Hammer was a supersaturated, shiny red while Thorval's was "normal". I opted not to oversaturate and "polish" my version. It is still red, but not overly so.

Ash Warrior War Axe/The Veshialle - Craftable/Wielded by a Wood Elf in Weynon Stones

To craft, you'll need Steel Smithing (listed under Steel), an iron ingot, a steel ingot, and several leather strips. An additional steel ingot is required to temper both the standard and unique variants.

Stats: The Ash Warrior War Axe has similar stats to Steel while The Veshialle has elven-ish stats. Both have been tweaked to have slightly higher critical and attack stats.

Differences: The Veshialle has red leather and a shock enchantment that slows enemies down. The Ash Warrior War Axe has brown leather and no enchantment.

Poly counts range from 1k to 6k (2k to 12k tris). Texture sizes are generally 1024x2048. Made using 3ds Max 2011, Photoshop CS4, and Mudbox 2012. Note: These are new meshes and textures. I only used the original meshes/textures/screenshots for reference.

Credit to Bioware for the original weapons.

Release Notes:

-Release 1.0:
- Initial Release

-Release 1.1:
- Added Thorval's Luck/Chasind Great Hammer*

-Release 1.1.1:
- Fixed collision problems with Finesse and Spider's Heart

-Release 1.2:
- Added The Veshialle/Ash Warrior War Axe

-Release 1.3:
- Added Ornate Dwarven Warhammer/Valos Atredum

-Release 1.4:
- Changed the Staff of Parthalan Sword's weapon classification to greatsword and added a single point of raw damage. It now has the dps of a Skyforge Steel Greatsword (lower damage, faster swing).

Known Issues:

- I'm wearing Warmage Armor, Scout Armor's cape, Iorveth Armor, Triss' Armor Retextured, and my Western-style Hat in the screenshots.
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