Portal 2

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CCC Chamber 03
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Jun 22, 2012 @ 3:58pm

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CCC Chamber 03

It's time to test your Portal Skills. If you are able to complete this test chamber, the portal 2 Campaign won't give you any troubles (including Steam Achievements). Although this chamber seems very large, I had no trouble whatsoever about the item limit. I was able to build this room without any limits. You need all your knowledge, mobility, portal wisdom and material properties to finish this test chamber. And remember... if either you die or your Companion Cube is destroyed..you fail. Have Fun! ^_^
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TCJ Casual Gamer Apr 22 @ 1:08pm 
So many of these "puzzles" were easily bypassed. Never found the companion cube so it must not have been needed. This map still has potential.
Things to look into:
-Fewer portalable surfaces
-Think smaller, larger maps have more potential for author mistakes i.e. being able to bypass puzzle elements because the player can portal beyond them. Or you could contain your puzzles so they must be complete before the player can move forward.

Things I liked about your map:
-Your map was diverse in puzzle elements