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Into Oblivion
Oct 18, 2016 @ 8:47pm
Oct 11 @ 1:26pm

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Into Oblivion - Version 0.2.1 Update and Release Date Change
  • Added: match settings toggles to lobby
  • Added: 'random' to rule list
  • Added: in-game console, toggles with ~
  • Added: single-player progression with bots
  • Added: arena unlock progression
  • Added: multiplayer chat
  • Changed: back button on lobby to uncrowd the box
  • Fixed: issue where achievements were saved as 'y' instead of true
  • Fixed: arena customization showing wrong name when using last saved arena
  • Fixed: clearing networking status when leaving active game or lobby
  • Fixed: lobby idling not working correctly
  • Fixed: "Wise Penny" hair going over appearance toggles
  • Fixed: other player's characters not disappearing when switching from join to host or vice-versa
  • Fixed: lobby not closing when host leaves
  • Fixed: player being able to join self (?!)

Into Oblivion - Beta Version 0.2.0 Update
  • Added: multiple layers of vomit
  • Added: new headgears, hairs, shirts, pants, and shoes
  • Added: new body types
  • Added: additional achievements
  • Added: more thorough achievement checking
  • Added: "drunk eyes" as drunk level increases
  • Added: Sweaty Mike bot
  • Added: Marsch bot
  • Added: Ralph bot
  • Added: Jenkins bot
  • Added: Zulda the Missing Link bot
  • Added: multiplayer lobby
  • Added: added various additional locations
  • Added: opponent select when playing against bots
  • Added: four player support
  • Added: function hooks for multiplayer game modes
  • Added: 13 residues
  • Added: 36 new recipes
  • Added: more messages in lobby based on section
  • Added: favorite body and favorite location to stats
  • Added: bot blurbs in lobby during selection
  • Added: on/off icons for sound and music when toggled
  • Added: betting and lobby cardboard signs on a "string"
  • Added: function to compare user stat file to built-in counterparts to prevent crashing if built-ins are updated in later versions
  • Added: visual cue that residues are in effect
  • Added: intoxicant name and durations under inventory on hover
  • Added: new drink recipes to the known drink list
  • Changed: HUD layout
  • Changed: games connections to CoaguCo API
  • Changed: original background image
  • Changed: layout of the lobby
  • Changed: layout of the match area
  • Changed: 'no one' to '???' in leaderboards
  • Changed: 'at' to '-' in leaderboards
  • Changed: leaderboards now truncate too long of text
  • Changed: can now see opponents stats in a match
  • Changed: bot AI
  • Changed: lobby sign to cardboard sign
  • Changed: idle animations
  • Changed: function naming convention
  • Changed: betting is skipped if player has no money
  • Changed: splash animation to follow music better
  • Changed: significant portions of underlying code
  • Fixed: issue where previous button on appearances didn't show up after changing from Zulda to Boo
  • Fixed: drunk and health variables swapped in brewer
  • Fixed: liver, health, drunk damage not calculating correctly sometimes
  • Fixed: Hepatotoxic using wrong intox ID
  • Fixed: issue where money stats weren't showing up in Stats section
  • Fixed: residues being applied during pre-brew phase
  • Fixed: residues from other player's brew affecting different player's life-time totals
  • Fixed: music and sound toggling issues
  • Fixed: drinks not showing up on known drink list
  • Fixed: intoxicant effects not ordering correctly

Release date: Q3 2017
Into Oblivion is the fourth game from CoaguCo Industries where you try to drink others (or bots) under the table, akin to drunken Scrabble. It features various recipes, ingredients, and character customizations. Read on for more!


The basic concept of the game is that each player chooses different items from their inventory to mix in the brewer then consume the result. The first player to die or pass out loses. Players, and spectators can join matches to watch, can bet on the outcome. Money earn or found can be used to purchase upgrades for your character.

The game is currently in early alpha where we are trying out different features of the game and adding more art, items, and recipes. We are also starting work on the networking.

When we enter beta we will open the game up to a closed beta so others can try the game out and give us feedback as well as suggestions on our plans for a release build. Not to mention stress-testing the multiplayer features.

A simple feature list for alpha version 0.1.3 is as follows:
  • Over 20 recipes to mix and consume
  • 31 different pieces of clothing and hair-styles to choose from
  • 41 different items to toss in the brewer
  • 20 intoxications that may help or hinder you temporarily
  • 5 residues to sabotage the next player's move
  • Collect a variety of stats about your drinking career
  • Beat others in the leaderboards
  • Save statistics and character layouts to CoaguCo' servers
Additional features planned for the near future are:
  • More ingredients
  • More recipes
  • More clothing/hair options
  • Betting system
  • Networking for multiplayer
  • In-game known recipe list
  • More intoxications
  • More environments
  • Purchase items or taunts from the Shady Merchant

Into Oblivion will also feature multiplayer across Linux, Mac, and Windows where players will drink against someone else while up to four additional players can watch and bet during the match. Players may set bets against each other before a match starts. Human spectators may also bet against the players and each other.

In addition to betting, we are designing and trying out some other activities for the spectators to engage in while a match goes on.

Similar to the "Street Loyalty" features for The Dope Game, we will be adding in small bonuses for people who have our other games. So far we have planned to add characters from previous game as bots to drink again, as well as a variety of cosmetic skins for your character.

The game is still in the early alpha stage, as we mentioned, and a lot of things can change yet. Please keep an eye on the game's website[] and the game's Greenlight page for updates to our progress and chances to play the game before release!
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Especially if you got your Raggedy Quinn doll handy!
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We push forward, fearlessly, for science!
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cool game)
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