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The Museum
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Jun 19, 2012 @ 6:27pm
Jun 21, 2012 @ 10:27pm
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Finally, your own private museum. Tired of not having enough space to store your stuff? need another mannequin or two? If only you had just one more weapon rack, bookshelf or storage chest. Well now you have plenty. This long abandoned museum of Skyrim is yours for the taking! Can you restore it to its former glory?

The Museum is my first mod for Skyrim. It was originally created as a personal house mod, but, as it grew and my understanding of the CK increased I decided to share it with everyone. My inspiration for this mod comes from my need to display all the cool things I find during my travels. this goes all the way back to Morrowind when I took over a certain Balmora house to use as a makeshift armory museum.

This house mod is designed to give the player a way to display just about anything they want to display and is based on armor, weapons and other unique items found in the base Skyrim game. I am sure there is still plenty of room to display many other items from many other mods as well.

The Museum Armory (distributed over 4 seperate cells for optimization):
- 60 Mannequins
- 480 Weapon Racks
- 18 Weapon Plaques
- 60 Display Cases with integrated weapon racks
- tanning, smithing, and smelting plus tons of storage
The Museum Archives:
- 18 interactive book cases (54 shelves = 972 total books or more with certain mods)
- enchantment and alchemy tables with plenty of storage
The Museum Vault:
- Dragon Priest mask altar
- display cases, shelves and basins with lighting effects to make gems and jewelry glitter
The Museum Gallery:
- Multiple, hand-made, exhibits
- Forest Creatures Exhibit
- Dwemer and Falmer Exhibit
- Mammoth and Giant Exhibit
- Ice Dragon Exhibit
The Museum Curators Quarters:
- Dinning Hall
- Fully stocked Kitchen
- Master Suite Bedroom
- Storage Closet
The Museum Crossroads
- The crossroads is an underground connection to every vanilla player home in Skyrim
- Honeyside in Riften
- Breezehome in Whiterun
- Proudspire Manor in Solitude
- Vlindrel Hall in Markarth
- Hjerim in Windhelm

The main museum entry is located due East of Whiterun next to a Doomstone and the entrance to Greywinter Watch (a troll cave). There is a map marker using the Dwemer ruin symbol and you can fast travel there.

The front door is locked with a leveled lock but it should be pretty easy to open. once inside the gallery main entrance you will have to explore a little to find the main museum key in order to access the rest of the museum. There is also a curator's diary containing some background information.

You should be able to load this into an existing game without any issues. I tested this on my own saved games (level 41 after completing main quest) with no ill effects. Some others have reported crashing when loading this into a previous saved game but I have not been able to reproduce the effects.

This mod obviously modifies the vanilla player homes so any mods that affect them, may not be compatible. all I added was a small trap door in a relativly small out of the way place in each house. I was inspired by Dovakin Hideout, but, my implementation is very much my own. This mod should be compatible with Dovakin Hideout as i made sure to put my doors in different spots.

I also added some stone stairs and a small building to Wilderness (11, -2) and Doomstonetundra01 in the Tamriel worldspace, so, any mods that make changes to those areas may show issues.

after interacting with the mannequins some of them start floating to the cieling if you leave the cell and return. This is just a display bug. the triggers are all still in the same place and will work. when you put armor on a floating mannequin it will return to its original position and stay there (as far as I know).

Some mannequins have triggers that are difficult to interact with when you stand right in front of them. Just interact with them on the sides and they should work fine.

If you encouter any really horrible bugs or meshing issues or places where your character can get stuck please leave a comnment. otherwise I do not plan on making any further updates to this mod.

there is one dragon priest mask (the one in the center standing alone) that will not display the mask on the bust. it will store the bust and you can retireve the mask just fine. It simply wont show as being displayed on the bust.

some people are reporting that certain armor pieces (like stormcloak armor) do not show up on mannequins.

OK, Ok, I said I was not going to update, but, I learned how to add navmesh. Now Followers should be able to follow you into and around the museum. however, this openned up another minor bug. When you have a companion following you around and you leave the museum via the main gallery exit you and your follower will fall through the stair case outside. this is not a big deal as you should be able to walk right out or just fast travel to the museum marker. I tested this revision with Lydia and a level 41 character.

Other minor changes were that the map marker is initially visible but you can't fast travel to it before discovering it. I also set all my museum cells to never respawn (sorry if anyone lost anything before this fix).

Hopefully, this change will not harm any current games in progress. I only added navmesh, altered an existing marker and turned off respawn, so all containers and items on display should be preserved.
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ii4oii 19 hours ago 
avalongabriel Jul 26 @ 10:05am 
I love the big room with the displays in it--very true to a museum feel. I think it would be perfect if the armory had only one display room instead of three, though... I don't even know if there are that many types of armor in the whole game!
carter747 Jul 25 @ 11:38pm 
I just walked into the Museum Archives room, filled with all those empty bookshelves that I cannot wait to fill. Soldyne, I think I love you a little :-) This is a great Skyrim addition for all you serial collectors out there. I'm so excited to organize and display all the cool stuff I've been amassing!
aroundthefur79 Jul 24 @ 7:12am 
or a few other ideas like a shrine or exhibits for the Thieves Guild/Darkbrotherhood/Companions and Daedric artifacts ?. I'm just riffing here cause I LOVEE THE IDEA Behind this mod. I so wish you were still working on this mod! maybe have a guard patrol with a couple quests where the cuurater gets kidnapped and you have to go rescue him from the Thalmor while in the meantime one of the guards of YOUR museum is acting as a Thalmor spy which sends you on a mission to stop a potential Thalmor invasion of your awesome museum. Just a thought =) to make this mod even better than it already is.
aroundthefur79 Jul 24 @ 7:11am 
This mod was MADE for me, Thankyou!. I will be subscribing soon! Recently started a new character/playthrough 2 months back and I'm gonna wait on this sucker till I find every DP mask so THIS to me is an added bonus for finding all the Dragon Priests masks and rare/use once/useless items!. Just a few questions I understand theres alot of cool stuff from the vanilla game, is there other Exhibits for stuff in the dragonborn/dawnguard DLCS?. Also The only thing that would make this mod the greatest of all time is maybe an interactive Indoor Archery Range with racks for all bows and Quivers for all arrows(mildly resembling the one up by the throat of the world)
Bugsy Jul 20 @ 6:58pm 
i mean, the sheer amount of resources, altars, storage, perfect lighting, food, all in one huge place for absolutely free kinda ruins the suspension of disbelief for me. im not sure how to explain it.
Bugsy Jul 20 @ 6:53pm 
cant i just have a modest museum mod that doesnt try to put everything i need in one place?
@Sean From State Farm The key is on top of the Journal in The Curator's Quarters(go left after entering the museum, then go through the door at the end of the dining area, look left after entering that room. The Journal will be on top of the desk).
c.oosterbos Jun 20 @ 11:18pm 
Best....mod.....ever. Been collecting stuff for hors and hours now and the museum is almost filled with every kind of armor and weapon there is. Only drawback is the stair glitch by the entrance. Seems to fall through the floor when leaving the Museum.
soldyne  [author] May 13 @ 2:13pm 
Its nice to see other hoarders out there besides myself. thanks for the comments :) !