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"Skyrim: Player Re-Voiced - Elven Races Complete - Male" + Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Legendary Edition Compatible!
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Jun 19, 2012 @ 3:11pm
Jul 4, 2013 @ 2:51pm
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Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my little Skyrim add-on! I'm a dedicated gamer that happens to be a voice actor for a living. This was mainly a hobby project I wanted to share for anyone who might be interested in checking it out.

A little about Skyrim Player Re-Voiced:

Skyrim Player Re-Voiced allows the player to experience Skyrim with a voice that is younger sounding, which is suitable for a player's less masculine male elf characters. Every single sound the player makes throughout Skyrim has been re-voiced, from breathing sounds while sprinting, to battle cries, all the way to each and every dragon shout. Additionally, there is a new voice effect for when players become werewolves*.

*The werewolf transformation sound is universal to all characters and therefore is an optional download. You can download it directly on http://www.caseymongillo.com/skyrim/files/Skyrim%20-%20Sounds%20-%20Extra.zip

NOTE: This also fixes a glitch where there is no taunt for the "Throw Voice" shout.

*** UPDATE: Dawnguard and Dragonborn re-voiced audio has been added to the .BSA. This makes this AddOn/Mod fully compatible with Skyrim: Legendary Edition!

*** UPDATE: Dawnguard shouts and sounds have been fully re-voiced and released! The mod package file will automatically update to be compatible with Dawnguard when players install it. ***

This was LOADS of fun to work on and I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! Thank you for your feedback! <3

*** Please visit my Website - http://www.caseymongillo.com ***


For the many Japanese players who have supported this, どうもありがとう!

NOTE: 4/25/2013 - This is fully compatible with Skyrim: The Legendary Edition!
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zebrafisk Jul 12 @ 10:16am 
if i download this mod am i then able to get mods that require dragonborn
Casey Mongillo  [author] Jul 9 @ 12:27pm 
@VVIGGL3S & HyPoNyMy Thanks! I voice Link in a lot of things including tons of animations, which is why it might sound familiarly like Link ;)
HyPoNyMy Jul 8 @ 1:53pm 
@VVIGGL3S Exactly. I thought the same thing, and was about to say so before I saw this :P
Sasuke Uchiha Jun 16 @ 1:55am 
@VVIGGL3S i thought so too
VVIGGL3S Jun 15 @ 6:48am 
is it just me or does this guy sound like Link from Legend of Zelda... now to find some LoZ mods
Gaming Luna Jun 12 @ 8:43pm 
i have a sound mod id like to ask ya about if your interested add me
neonine Jun 5 @ 12:25am 
I actualy thought the vanilla male voice sounded too feminine already
GoldenDragon May 28 @ 9:07am 
OOOOoooooooOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOO (i find this mod interesting)
Miss. No Fairy May 9 @ 2:34am 
Oh my! I love this way better than the original, great work! :-D
Total Wizard May 5 @ 6:43pm 
That's a MALE VERSION? The voice sounds incredibly feminine, or at least childish. The voice acting just doesn't work better than the original. Good effort though.