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Jun 18, 2012 @ 7:13pm
Aug 2, 2012 @ 8:05am

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Testing focus: Funnels/Lasers/Buttons
Difficulty: Easy
Minimum portal placements to complete: 8
Estimated time to complete: between 1 min and 5 min.

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Der HammerMeister Sep 6, 2013 @ 4:08pm 
Thank goodness an easy one from you (although it's harder to play if you stick the funnel on reverse!).
Mega Munchy Aug 3, 2013 @ 11:26am 
mood3rd Feb 5, 2013 @ 12:18pm 
good map / puzzle.
1st chamber:
for me figuring out the sollution was not to hard, once I studied what things did what.
execution on 2nd attempt. (may have been luck)
maybe a funel over the button, would make the execution easier ?

2nd chamber:
I found good, but easy.
though I have done similar ones, so it might be harder than I think ?

please try a map from my workshop:
Innocentive Jan 8, 2013 @ 2:05am 
Nice map ... problem is that the 'machine' in the first room is breaking down too easily because the front cube doesn't land on the button (habpened to me twice). I think this is a serious issue because it is difficult enough to understand what button does what in this map. Apart from that I liked the puzzles.
Metzger Ben | GER Dec 29, 2012 @ 1:29am 
Nightwing Sep 27, 2012 @ 5:08pm 
What I mean by XOR is sorta like having a door with a switch on each side.
If you press one switch, it'll open the door for you to go through.
Once you get to the other side, you could press the switch there and it'll close the door.
Do you know what I'm talking about? (Because I think I just confused myself...)
Mathey2009  [author] Sep 27, 2012 @ 4:58pm 
Mathey2009  [author] Sep 27, 2012 @ 4:51pm 
The xor u mean by the one in adjustment right? the one that flips the funnel's direction.
Nightwing Sep 27, 2012 @ 4:33pm 
Yeah, AND gates I get...
My thing is that I'm trying to figure out how to make a XOR for one of my maps...
Mathey2009  [author] Sep 27, 2012 @ 4:29pm 
I can make a map that lets u see clearly what connections afre made between each element to make them...now....the AND needs no explanation....as connecting an elements such as a door to 2 elements such as 2 red button should do the trick (u need to press both to open the door).