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Oulton Park Circuit 2015 v1.24
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Oct 3, 2016 @ 11:32am
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Oulton Park Circuit 2015 v1.24

- conversion to rfactor 2 by digga

Big thanks to Nuno Lourenço for his excellent and hard work and Juergen By for the
new loading screens.

Special thanks to MCNolo for his flag animation!
Also thanks to VLM for some Caravan objects and SIMBIN for some objects.

changelog v1.24

- reduce flickering banners
- reduce flickering trees turn 1
- fixed armco and fence reflection issue
- change shader for the white Lines (less white shining effect)
- solve safety car pink effect
- fixed some aiw issues (thanks to hexagramme)
- aiw files - change AIDraftStickiness to 0.1000 (Juergen By)
- new Layout DRS International NC (Juergen By)
- new spec maps for some cars (Juergen By)
- new loading pictures for some layouts and new icon files for all layouts (Juergen By)
- and many outher improvements

Updates to v1.2

- Complete new road mesh for International Layout (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Complete new road mesh for International no Chicane Layout (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Complete new road mesh for Foster Layout (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Complete new road mesh for Island Layout (by Nuno Lourenço)
- New real 3d kerbs (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Road lines are now independent objects with much less grip than road at wet conditions. (carefull if you touch the lines now at wet :P) (by Nuno Lourenço)
- New road textures (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Racegroove is now mapped along fast lines to all circuits (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Grid on main straight are made with independent objects and, like lines, have a lot less grip at wet conditions (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Edited some values at GDB files to avoid “white skys” (not real in my opinion…) (by Nuno Lourenço)
- Set Reflection Plane to some objects (digga)
- new HD Tree textures (digga)
- set new shrubs sector 1
- new armco sector 1 (digga)
- improved all aiw files, maybe not perfect (digga)
- new texture for Pit Buildung (by Nuno Lourenço) and mapping new to mesh (digga)
- new adverts around the track
- some signs(adverts) does not have shadows, now all (digga)
- and some more little improvements (e.g. fixed Teamboxes shining, Fences now doublesided, etc) (digga)
- new loading screens from Juergen By

Oulton Knowing issues
- In some places we can see that road is not perfectly connected to terrain. Hard to be spoted and don’t affect the driving I think.

Good play for all, have fun...
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north_ranger May 11 @ 5:06am 
awsome track!
DA-DIGGA  [author] May 6 @ 2:03pm 
DX11 update will come.. Regards
Alex72 May 3 @ 3:44am 
If there is a need for update it would be so super for DX11. This is my fav track. :)
GTRLIVE Apr 29 @ 7:29pm 
I very Like this the [HIGH SPEED RING] This is the GT car inside the track, RF era often play, RF2 has not been found, you can help me? Thank you ~
English1977 Mar 24 @ 9:35am 
Great track, great graphics, great AI & all possible layouts. I hope you are planning on doing the same great work on the rest of the BTCC tracks. Thanks for your work on all your tracks.
leoanimi Mar 1 @ 4:12pm 
One of the most fun track in the game. Thank you!
Spectator6 Feb 3 @ 7:56pm 
Phenomenal track, one of my favs! Thank you for bringing it to the Steam Workshop!
Rudder FPV Jan 27 @ 11:05pm 
rFactor 2 Helmet Cam[FPV] Caterham 7 Classic 1.4L K-series at Oulton Park International race AI 93%
Nice track. Thank you.
Vale58 Jan 21 @ 12:29pm 
Thank for your effort guys ;-)
shaundoddmusic Jan 6 @ 2:02pm 
The track is amazing. My favorite (and local) racetrack. Everthing seems spot on however, the AI – after 1-2 laps in race conditions – pull to the side if the road and then dissapear under yellow flag. This happens with the 917 and the NSX. I haven't tried any other cars yet but I assume it's the same.

Thank youu!!