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Astartes (space marines)
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Jun 16, 2012 @ 5:17pm
Jul 22, 2012 @ 2:21pm
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I do no own the space marine idea, i just decided to make a space marine mod for dredmor.Which lacked space marines

You are a space marine, the emperors chosen warrior. Also his bodyguards, assassins and whatever else the man-god wants.

This mod is merely designed as both a starting point of my modding and as a way to try and include some kind of space marine related people in dungeons of Dredmor, none of the art assests are my own. This is because I cannot draw for any program or game. Its just im bad. However if anyone wants to make some i would quite happily update the mod to include them and give them credit.

You are a space marine, the emperors chosen warrior. Also his bodyguards, assassins and whatever else the man-god wants

Starting skill
+3 to health regen

this is due to the two hearts you have and the laraman organ that you have implanted in you as a space marine

First skill
This skill now allows you to focus upon a battle completly gaining a lot of dodge chance, critical strike and counter strike, but you will be vulnerable at the end of the 35 turns, so if your fight is not done then you are. Also don't try to activate this ability with power armour on because it will pretty much just negate the debuffs and still leave you exhausted

second skill
This is now a small buff and gives the ability to "don power armour" which then allows you to be more tanky at the cost of finess, this skill is a result of DarkPawnC's worrys about the skill being too hard on rogues and so i now give people a choice to be tanky or roguey however the rogue path is just there to get rid of the debuffs for nimbleness, crit and counter and does not give any other bonus for not wearing armour.

Third skill
You have now been promoted and so you bear more responsibility and so when people die, you go into suicidal rages and kick the c*** out of everything in your way. This is only a minor buff and does nerf your agility as you are becoming bigger and stronger. Also the spell it gives you allows you to be resistant to all damages by a number for 10 turns. This is here to provide you with a backup tool to either enter or leave a fight

Fourth skill
Chaplains are basically religious nuts and so they deal righteous damage and also resist righteous damage. It also enhances your sight so you can see traitors and also allows you to resist dark magics. However you don't really feel the need to dodge or hide from your enemies because you know the Emperor would not let you die. probably.

Fifth skill
This is a turning point, since there are no class changes i have made it a win lose situation, you can become a mage-space marine (librarian) however you will lose most of the advantages you had as a chaplain. Also gain the "eye of the emperor skill" which allows you to rain fire down upon thine enemies.

sixth skill
Basically a more uprgraded version of the librarian it also provides more mana regen as the emperor is now looking at you for an extended period of time. Also now added "open your mind to the emperor" buffing your mana regen, mana and power + some other stats, at the cost of burliness and attack power.

seventh skill
As you now lead a chapter this means you get the best armour and naturally can beat any other space marine in a battle of wits and strength but mostly brute strength. Also exterminatus
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Gilgamesh, King of Heroes Jun 7 @ 1:10am 
Tyranids, that's what DoD needs, just Tyranids.
The Galaxy Pony May 5 @ 12:06pm 
emprah bless you!
The Galaxy Pony May 5 @ 12:06pm 
nice mod! Can you make more 40k stuff for dungeons of dredmor?
Fiery Fox-Mage Feb 9 @ 2:10pm 
The Adeptus Astartes regrets to inform you that you're screwed... have a nice death
Ave Imperator!
akstalker Jul 15, 2013 @ 6:21am 
nowz i speehs merene too!
Raikomaru Jul 4, 2013 @ 8:36am 
Has there been any progress? As a Warham, I'm rather curious to see how this is coming along...
darsalla Apr 1, 2013 @ 7:31pm 
I hope that you are still working on this mod, I am looking forward to the rest of the armor and weapon updates. You may want to mention any needed skills to make this work the best...
Kharne (knight) Dec 16, 2012 @ 3:54pm 
pls pls pls, add chaos this is a great mod and DoD needed space marines. also how about orks eldar or maybe xenos to beat on
Macer Varren Sep 6, 2012 @ 5:42am 
For emperor!