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Silver Grapple
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 12 @ 2:16am

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Years have passed beneath the ground where the old lab rests. Just reopened, employees now trickle in sent to fix and refurbish the old site, left unattended since it was mysteriously shut down.

Amongst them, you are sent to help sort the junk and clear the way. You explore the floor, fix up the area and proceed deeper, past offices, through blast doors and into the research grounds until, suddenly, violent quakes rock the lab and throw you into the rubble!

Buried underground and separated from your team in the jagged ruins, now it's up to you to find a way out, help whoever you meet and uncover the mysteries behind the old facility.


Power through its challenges and escape the facility!

Find new ways to use the grappling hook that help you navigate the world.

Discover tools and items that change how the game is played.

Silver Grapple has been in development since 2012 attempting to create a flowing, fast paced platforming experience reminiscent of retro sidescrollers with a modern mechanic. Silver Grapple is about swinging through the air with a grappling hook, exploring the ruins of a disaster struck laboratory and uncovering its secrets.

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yes please PLEASE
OB-|Kopek 17 hours ago 
I love this game fantastic and funny come here game =)
initials Jan 20 @ 5:19pm 
Dat tumbling animation, big YES
K33MST4R Jan 19 @ 6:17pm 
I fucking adore it. Day 1 purchase if this gets approved. I pray that this finds it way to the store.
Team Dino Jan 14 @ 10:41am 
Things I like: the flipping animation; grapple mechanic; potential for speedruns; meat boy-level difficulty; and what looks like a rewindy quick-restart thing. Looks like some serious flow state stuff is going on already.

Might able to push the mechanics further with more involved physics—right now it looks like acceleration and speed and such are pretty fixed. Maybe mid-swing the rope can hit other objects to create more complicated moves (although you'd probably have to seriously robustify your rope model to do this). Titanfall 2 has this stuff in its grapple mechanics, along with reel-in, that makes swinging around super nuanced and skill-intensive. But maybe I'm missing the point/asking your game to be something different than what it is.

Anyway, keep it up. +1
Everton Veis Jan 14 @ 7:56am 
Nice mechanic gameplay.
redmassacre Jan 14 @ 3:26am 
very addictive)
-Nate- Jan 13 @ 11:31pm 
FrostyWinter Jan 13 @ 4:18pm 
This game looks really good. Good luck getting onto Steam.
Svati Jan 13 @ 1:46pm 
looks fun but thats the kind of game that Im too dumb and slow to pass the first level. good luck though