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The Hive
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Jun 16, 2012 @ 12:40am

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Cave Johnson here. The Hive is an advanced test chamber we used to use for storing old turrets that gave us problems. I'm not sure if you can pass this one. The four buttons at the entrance are key to advancing, but only one person has completed it. Me! Of course! Luckily, I had a map. Those things come in useful sometimes, believe it or not. Too bad I can't lend you one. This test isn't open book, so get to it.

**Creator's Note: Took me a month to build. I wanted the final room to be larger with levels upon levels of turrets, but it wouldn't load unless I made it smaller. I believe this will prove a challenge, or at the very least be enjoyable. I look forward to what you think of it).
- A.G.!/thegamecapsule