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IIC - Sith Empire Ships
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Sep 22, 2016 @ 1:34pm
Dec 13, 2016 @ 8:04am
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IIC - Sith Empire Ships

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Icarus Interstellar Corporation Mods
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The Icarus Interstellar Corporation presents the Sith Empire Ship Pack!

This ship pack allows you to play with the Sith Empire Fleet from the KOTOR/SWTOR Era's

This Mod Includes 17 new ships and 2 new Strike Craft
Civilian Ships
  • X70B Science Ship
  • Fortress-class Colony Shuttle
  • Herald Construction Ship
  • Gage-class Transport
  • Raider-class Corvette
  • Raptor-class Blockade Runner
  • Helios-class Support Frigate
  • Terminus-class Destroyer
  • Tyrant-class Destroyer
  • Legion-class Cruiser
  • Leviathan-class Interdictor Cruiser
  • Sadow-class Heavy Cruiser
  • Centurion-class Battlecruiser
  • Harrower-class Dreadnought
  • Harbinger-class Dreadnought
  • Sovereign-class Dreadnought
  • Harrower II-class Dreadnought
Strike Craft & Drop ships
  • Sith Light Starfighter
  • Aurora Light Bomber
  • Imperial assault shuttle
ISB Support Patch Ships
  • Experimental Star Dreadnaught - [Large Harrower II] [PLANNED]
  • Invincible-class Titan - [PLANNED]
  • This Addon allows the randomly generated AI to use my Ship set. They will come with a bunch of preset System, Planet and Race names.

  • New Ship Classes & More. Is supported by the NSC creators

Warb_null - for allowing me to use his models and textures

Jeroenimo - for allowing me to use his models and textures

Bioware/EA - for the X70B and Imperial Shuttles ported from swtor

Elratie - For teaching me alot about modding Stellaris, answering my unending stream of questions and helping me by fixing alot of the broken EAW textures & Custom Engine effects
Help Wanted

I am Currently looking for help in the following areas
  • Texture Converting and changing the color in some areas (Done in Photoshop)
  • Help with Stellaris Events/Anomalies/Quest Chains. (maybe even a crisis)
Be sure to check out Elratie's Turbo laser mod for Stellaris. Is fits perfectly with this mod.
Please also look forward to the other Icarus Interstellar Corporation Projects

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Kitten the Custode Jan 15 @ 1:19pm 
I think ISB has a patch which works with this.
Kitten the Custode Jan 13 @ 10:16am

these were the ones I've been working on, unfortunately in the time from when I started, to now...I was in haitus and forgot a lot of how to import.
Kitten the Custode Jan 13 @ 10:12am 
now I can't wait for that wonderous collection
Kitten the Custode Jan 13 @ 10:05am 
oh good gods that is absolutely awesome.

The source I had wasn't so great on textures, the ones you have are actually better.
Yorick  [author] Jan 13 @ 10:01am 
@Kitten the Custode Im useing models from a TableTop Simulator Mod (They're based around 30k i believe) here are some pics of current status: Ultra Marines Evil Suns Thousand Sons Imperial guard

(textures will sadly stay like that unless i can find a texture artist who want to retexture them from scratch, they arent fixable like the EAW textures.)
Kitten the Custode Jan 13 @ 9:49am 
What would you be doing for the BFG ship pack? I and Kami are working on porting a source of models to the game to start, they're bland in textures but they are simple enough to put in.
DanteLeo Jan 5 @ 12:33pm 
@Ser Joseth, this mod does work with the mod new ship classes 3.0, dunno if that is intentional, but it does seem to be lacking a class that is the carrier, it only has the light carrier.
Yorick  [author] Jan 5 @ 10:03am 
@DanteLeo Has to do with the Patch NSC made, nothing to do with my mod.

@SerJosheth Nope, Sorry. Only Vanilla classes
DanteLeo Jan 5 @ 9:51am 
why is there a smaller version of the capital ship within it?
SerJosheth Jan 5 @ 9:28am 
Hi Yorick, Love the mod. Are there plans to add in similar ship classes, and modules as in the Empire ships mod pack? I know you didn't do empire ships, but using these ships while my friend uses the empire ship pack, I'm getting slaughtered by their carriers and extra wepon slots. I'd massively appreciate the opportunity to show the upstart what a true sith empire fleet can do!