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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Japanese
Players: Single-player
Sep 19, 2016 @ 6:32am
Oct 4, 2016 @ 6:47am
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D minus 7 days
BaronVonLetsPlayer shows off current state of TINY METAL
Release date: June 2017
Arcade turn-base strategy game inspired by Nintendo's Advance Wars series.

TINY METAL is a military themed turn-based tactics game inspired by Nintendo’s Advanced Wars Series. Simple yet deep gameplay with an engaging story is our goal.

Play as Artemisian Lieutenant, Nathan Gries, as he commands his units to victory against the villainous nation of Zipang. There will be several friends and enemies along the way with varied factions, units, and abilities in the 8-10 hours of single player campaign gameplay. Players will have to carefully consider varying terrain, positioning for attacks, and strategic advancements and defenses.

Game Features
  • Full Controller / Keyboard / Mouse support
  • Play 20 campaign missions to follow the story of Lt. Nathan Gries
  • Four units with Multiple upgrade options to customize each units
  • Select and deploy your unique combination of units to cater for each missions
  • Skirmish modes to replay all your favourite maps
  • English and Japanese

Area 34 has been working diligently these past couple of months to deliver a playable prototype in conjunction with the launch of our KS campaign! Please take some time to download and give it a play-through and then help us meet our goal, leave comments and feedback, and, of course, spread the news!

The prototype includes 3 missions for players to get a feel for the gameplay and get to see some of the mechanics and units in action. The prototype is not feature complete and is missing several things such as mission deployments and unit upgrades.

Before you get into playing the prototype, we'd like to explain how the gameplay mechanics work.

TINY METAL is a turn-based strategy game. The player builds up his force consisting of several units and completes the mission on isometric grids. Each unit has it’s own speed which determines the order of movement. The game ends when the player meets their primary objective criteria like “destroy all opposing forces” or “capture enemy headquarters” or fails when the player has no means to complete his/her objective i.e. All of his/her forces had been destroyed.

Each unit has different movement values. Movement uses action points, so if the unit remains stationary, it will receive a wider view range and hasten the speed in which the unit moves next turn.

Facing direction
The damage to an unit will be dependent on which side the unit is attacked. Generally, the unit takes most damage when attacked form behind.

The use of good defensive terrain is also a solid way to mitigate incoming damage. Ranging from forrest to mountains, these tiles will be able to give defensive bonus to the unit occupying the tile.

There are several buildings a player can utilise in TINY METAL. All buildings give relatively high defensive bonus. Currently we have the City, Factory and the Headquarters tile but with reduced functionality. The most important function these buildings perform now is that once captured, it gives a greater field of view.

Fog of War
In TINY METAL, the mission starts with the Fog of War covering the entire map. The terrain is only revealed when a unit has direct line of sight over its area. Dependent on if you move or where you place your unit, there are some terrains which will or will not reveal itself.

Action Commands

A basic attack command.

Lock On
The unit will lock on to the specified enemy unit. The unit will not fire until the concentrated fire command was selected on the enemy unit that was locked on. Enemy units can break the lock by moving out of the field and range of attack of the unit that is locking on.

Concentrated Fire
This will trigger all units that has locked onto the selected unit and the unit that used Concentrated Fire to fire simultaneously.

This will attempt an assault on the targeted unit. If successful, the targeted unit will move out of the occupying tile replaced by the assaulting unit. A useful command when going against an enemy that has dug in on a highly defensive tile or an enemy infantry that is attempting to capture a city.

This is a command only available to an infantry, will order the unit to capture a building. The number of times you have to repeat the command to completely capture the building will depend on what kind of facility you want to take over.

This command will order an unit to explore the tile, possibly triggering events and / or finding items.

Bushido damage resistance
This is a game mechanic we put in to allow better survival for units that are under-strength. However, after trialling this on the Prototype and receiving feedback from our community, we have decided to forgo this feature in future builds.

The prototype is not a final representation and will change! But get in there and let us know what you think!

Total development time on the Prototype build
Six months


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Jun 15 @ 8:39pm
Soooo what's up?
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despiseusername Sep 15 @ 11:17am 
Ariving Autumn 2017 for Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac OSX. Developed by AREA35.
Dank~Vitor Sep 15 @ 11:14am 
So, I have to buy a Switch to play it now, or it will be on Steam?
despiseusername Sep 8 @ 12:07pm 
the kickstarter was canceled meaning it didn't reach its goal. the game was not canceled. they were not depending upon the kickstarter for their only source of funding.
mr.magik Sep 8 @ 10:30am 
i saw the game at pax west about 6 days ago. i actually came here to see if i could put it on my watch list just to end up seeing its funding has been canceled. I am extremely confused as to whether this game will actually come out of not. did they show it at pax in hope of getting a spike in interest to try another funding project or are they going to release it without any public funding? will the game come out?
despiseusername Sep 7 @ 1:56am 
the kickstarter didn't met its goal hence canceled. as far as i am aware the game is still in development
crimson97430 Sep 7 @ 1:34am 
Is the project Canceled? As it's written on their kickstarter page? Did those 30 000$ go in smoke? No, tell me no...
SixFootTurkey64 Jun 4 @ 7:20am 
Well, June is here. Any news on a specific release date? Delay?
Atem May 24 @ 8:26pm 
Just like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem...I love SLG games, so if it has Chinese, I'd like to buy one...CHINESE PLEASE
[VT] Nit May 22 @ 9:02pm 
They just showcased some gameplay at the 5th Bit Summit in Kyoto a few days ago, so yes we should still get this. From reports it should be released sometime this year.
Xieken May 21 @ 5:58pm 
It's almost june, is there any update on whether this game will actually kick off?