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Fetish Wardrobe
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Jun 10, 2012 @ 3:22pm
Jul 30, 2012 @ 2:19am
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Turbosnowy's Fetish Collection
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A collection of standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

Designed to work with Gloves & Heels from the Fetish Armour Collection & Fetish Catsuit mods by Turbosnowy.

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Anyhoo on to the information you need to know:

This mod will introduce stand alone items such as thighboots, collars, necklaces, gloves etc which you can mix and match at your whim to produce your ultimate customised outfit .


I have added 3 new additional mods available on Steam:
1) Fetish Wardrobe - Player Character Body - This mod will make your character have the right body size for this mod so you don't need to wear a catsuit.
2) Fetish Wardrobe - Female Body Size - this mod will make the women of Skyrim have the right body size for this mod so they wont need to wea a catsuit if you dont want them to.
3) Turbosnowy's magical slimming tonic - this will reduce your breast size by 50% by popular demand.

Either search for them or get from my Mod collection if you want to use them - just enable the mods when you want them and disable when you don't.


This came about via bits and pieces I have which never made it to a complete outfit but which I think are really cool and I hope you will enjoy having (plus a few bits from the spike armour which I wanted to use on other outfits, so chances are you will too)

To start things rolling I have included a basic black, white and purple catsuits as base outfits to which all current and future extras can be added as desired. In future more base outfits will be included - different colours etc.

Clear catsuit with modesty bikini as base outfit added.

What does the mod include?
1) Basic Black Catsuit
2) Fingerless Leather Gloves (black and purple versions)
3) Leather Thighboots (white,black and purple versions)
4) Collar
5) Spider Necklace
6) Silver ornamental body chains
7) Skull thong
8) Demon Tail
9) Bat Bikini
10) Bat Boots
11) Bat Gloves
12) Rubber school girl skirt
13) Leather Cowl (may look bad if you have long hair and it pokes through - in that case dont use it)
14) White basic catsuit (different base look to play with)
15) Silver Cuirass (looks good with both white and black)
16) White Gold Cuirass (designed to go with white catsuit)
17) Second set of body chains
18) Demon Lilith bikini (dark purple and black versions)
19) Demon Lilith gloves (dark purple and black versions)
20) Purple catsuit
21) Black coat
22) Leotard (black and purple versions)
23) Clear catsuit with black bikini (imagine the fuss if no bikini *shudder*)
24) Black Thighboots with side buckles
25) Opera Gloves with outrageously sharp nails ;)
26) Plain Miniskirt (Black and Clear versions)
27) Belted Miniskirt (Black and Clear versions)
28) Minidress (Black, Clear, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Semi Clear Purple versions)
29) Black rubber jacket with semi tails
30) Diano Bikini
31) Rubber Panty
32) Rubber Bra (Black and semi clear)
33) Ribbon Corset (Red and Purple ribbons)
34) Wicked Dress (preview vid added)

If you like the wings in the pictures you can get them here:
Working German Vesion: http://www.skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11240
http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=10658 (Defunct)

The halo can be found here:

The swords can be found here:

Added a nice pic from Arbiter8712 showing what you can do with the mod. I don't have a cloak in this mod yet, but I think I will add one soon(tm) :D


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q) Where can I get the outfits (miniskirt outfit, stockings etc) not included in this mod but that I see in the pictures?
A) You can subscribe to the Fetish Armour Collection and Fetish Catsuit mods here on Steam to get them. You can see and subscribe to all my mods via the 'Turbosnowy's Fetish Collection' I have made on Steam. Any outfit or item you see (excepting wings/halo which have links below) in the pictures that you cannot craft via this mod will be found in either the Fetish Catsuit or Fetish Armour Collection so subscribe to them

Q) Where can I get the white gloves and heels or horns in the pictures?
A) See question above - they are all in the Fetish Catsuit mod by Turbosnowy so subscribe to that to get all the goodness.

Q) How do I make the items?
A) All items craftable at the forge - some will require different type of ingots or leather

Q) OK I made the items - how do I upgrade them?
A) By default I make everything upgradable by using void salts at a crafting table.

Q) I cant be bothered to make them, can I have the item codes instead?
A) No - there will be simply too many items to lists codes for :P

Q) Can you make these items fit my preferred body type or change size pweeeeze?
A) No - this is a body size I have chosen for ongoing additions which means everything will fit together - hence the idea of allowing mixing and matching. If you dont like it, dont download it. Sorry.

Q) Wahh I hatez you and youz is a perv.
A) That's not a question, and thanks for the compliment.

Please let me know of any bugs or issues you encounter, and I'll get them fixed asap.

ANK team
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rammstein8902 23 hours ago 
@halo123reach12 , u can find most of them at the ebony line and some in the misc line
halo123reach12 Jan 19 @ 11:18pm 
i have the right body type but i cant find them at the forge
rammstein8902 Jan 19 @ 1:42pm 
only when im making clothing some of them are indeed visible, but for the rest it does looks great and on some item indeed the vanilla underwear is been seen, + my game crashes after a while when using this mod =(
Red-Fox Jan 11 @ 2:22pm 
When my character crouch while sneaking the breast bulge into her chest. It looks like i got two holes in my ribcage. And i cannot describe how they act when i jump. What can I do to fix this? at one point it worked flawlessly, but i deleted skyrim because of crashes, and i can´t make it work again. again what could cause the breast skeleton to act like that?
CriguiJr Jan 10 @ 6:57pm 
how to have the armors, were can i get them?
Katana master Dec 30, 2014 @ 7:03pm 
My spouse wears underwear under it How can I get rid of that?
hallauer1 Dec 26, 2014 @ 1:09pm 
Also I love these but wish it didn't have to have the black cat suit or shiny skin all the time. I like to see regular skin too, but very sexy.
hallauer1 Dec 26, 2014 @ 1:07pm 
Where do I find this mod you mention...Fetish Wardrobe - Player Character Body?
bevbowman420 Dec 23, 2014 @ 8:48pm 
on the open sets
bevbowman420 Dec 23, 2014 @ 8:46pm 
hey the tits arnt big on mine