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Sep 10, 2016 @ 12:25pm
Jun 4 @ 7:21am
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Allow Tool

A set of tools to make your life on the Rim a bit easier.
Easily forbid and unforbid items, select similar things, have things hauled urgently and affect the entire map with powerful new tool extensions.

Allow Tool can be safely added to existing games.

Notice: The HugsLib library mod must also be installed for this mod to work. Make sure both are anabled in the Mods menu and HugsLib is loaded first.

There is a brief guide in the ingame description. To get more info, discuss features or provide feedback, please visit the official forum thread:

Hope you enjoy.
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Jun 7 @ 2:18am
german translation implementation
< >
Enlonwhite Aug 19 @ 12:24am 
your mod is a god send gift of making it so much easier to clean up raids
1MINISKIDI Aug 15 @ 8:47am 
Oh ok surry. i was just messing around :P
UnlimitedHugs  [author] Aug 15 @ 8:10am 
That's a feature exclusive to Dev mode with God mode on. Not accusing you of anything, just saying. ;)
1MINISKIDI Aug 15 @ 7:35am 
I found a glitch, if you use the select similiar tool on a mountan, select everything over the mountain and it reveals where ore veins are. also you can click on the unselcted veins to see what ores it is. sorry but i need to unsubcribe because of this!
Alexel Aug 7 @ 3:07pm 

After reorganizing my mod order and restarting several times, the problem seems to have worked itself out a while back. I will try to replicate the issue to find out if it was a problem on my end.
UnlimitedHugs  [author] Aug 7 @ 11:33am 
That's... odd. Could you publish a log for me, after you reproduce the problem (Ctrl+F12)? Sending me your save file would also work.
Alexel Aug 5 @ 7:56pm 
I am getting a bug on existing saves which disallows me from selecting items on the ground after an initial click. Additionally, it makes the game freeze on save. This behaviour is observed with no other mods other than hugslib. To be more accurate:

I click on an object. It is highlighted. I can then no longer click any other objects. The highlight is now stuck on the object initially clicked. Removing the mod enables selection to work properly, as well as saves.
The Salad Spinner of Woe!! Aug 4 @ 8:44pm 
if you are getting errors with this mod, try placing it higher in priority. I had a set of issues opening the worktab that were resolved by putting this mod as the 4th mod in my list with the other 3 being required before it. This resolved the issue. I believe it's worktab or other work code that is creating a conflict later down the line.
UnlimitedHugs  [author] Jul 28 @ 3:53pm 
There seems to be a conflict with the Prison Labor mod, if I'm reading this right. You should have full compatibility if you start a new game, though.
I'll see if I can add a fix for this in the next patch.
Nocan Jul 28 @ 3:14pm 
When activating the mod in an already existing save game, the work and restrict tabs dissappear.
Here's the log since you asked other people for it: https://gist.github.com/4177114d60cef8b88c481165d4496cc9