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Map Reroll
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Sep 10, 2016 @ 9:46am
Aug 24 @ 8:45pm
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Map Reroll

This mod allows you to quickly randomize your starting map and steam vents locations. Your starting scenario, colonists, items, etc. will all stay the same.
Now includes the map preview generator- rather than trying for random maps, you can pick exactly the map you're looking for from a nearly limitless selection.

Of course, there is a small price to pay- in the form of unmined resources from your map.
The resource cost is optional and can be disabled in the Options > Mod Options dialog.

Notice: The HugsLib library mod must also be installed. Make sure both are enabled in the Mods menu and HugsLib is loaded first.

The in-game description contains a brief guide. To get more info, discuss features or provide feedback, please visit the official forum thread:

Hope you enjoy.
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Aug 21 @ 7:33am
Crash A17
Jan 14 @ 1:17pm
< >
Talent.M 5 hours ago 
In the Chinese game environment Tip:[HugsLib][warn] Missing enum setting labels for enum MapReroll.MapRerollController+MapGeneratorMode
Rhaegor Sep 20 @ 5:18pm 
This mod is great.
Bleeder Sep 13 @ 7:31am 
Wow the new preview stuff is amazing.
UnlimitedHugs  [author] Sep 12 @ 11:46am 
Could you upload a screenshot of the map problem for me?
Also, please publish a log for me using Ctrl+F12 once your items go missing- I'll try to reproduce the problem from there.
Acecool Sep 11 @ 6:57pm 
I found the moving the minimap option ( figured out how to use it ) so it is ok now... But the map still gets quartered ( looks like when you're texturing how you would offset the texture to ensure seamless transition ) from time to time.

Also, when rerolling the maps, there is a high chance that ALL starting items are removed - I tried rerolling a few times, the first time I had the items but not the things in the drop pods. The next 5 I ended up without any items.
UnlimitedHugs  [author] Sep 11 @ 1:23pm 
I'll have to investigate the geyser situation.

MR uses vanilla map generation wherever possible, so mods that affect terrain generation should work fine- but generally won't appear on the previews.

Checking for UI elements from other mods isn't really practical, but the button could be drawn on top of the minimap, I suppose.
I appreciate the heads-up.
Acecool Sep 11 @ 7:01am 
If you turn the cost of rerolls off, rerolling geysers will eventually removal ALL of them except 1 - unless hidden by mountains, but there is no way to tell - and then prevent you from rerolling again... Is this intended behavior?

I have mods installed which lets me control ruins of generated maps, geysers, etc... hopefully this mod reads those changes.

Additionally, this mod isn't really compatible with minimap - which appears in the top right corner covering most of the icon - you're still able to click on it, barely, so you should probably look for elements in the corner when docking, or add it to the main menu..
UnlimitedHugs  [author] Sep 9 @ 1:48am 
Everything associated with the previous map is destroyed- this is intended behavior. However, the same items should generate when you are rerolling your starting map. Is that not the case? Which items specifically are missing?
As for the map size- rerolled maps have the same size as your starting map. You can, however, change this in the Mod Options dialog.
GolpeBaixo Sep 8 @ 6:50pm 
I try the the anti-cheese work but if you spawn inside a mountain you lose all itens and some times have no path, the size of the new genarated map its awlays small.
GolpeBaixo Sep 8 @ 5:08pm 
All items that come along with you disappear when you re-roll map. The only way to avoid this is to pause the game before the pods touch the ground and release the items. The maps generated by the mod are absurdly equal even unchecking the option to use the same seed. I really liked your mod if you have any way to prevent the items from disappearing or that the generated maps become more random. thanks for the mod