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Dovahkiin Hideout
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Feb 7, 2012 @ 4:28pm
Jan 16, 2014 @ 1:16am
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Dovahkiin Hideout

This adds a very large basement connecting all houses in the game. You can enter the Hideout from any house in the game by opening the hatch found on in your house. Key in a Box of Locks lacated beside the Hatch.

- Library
- Armory
- Bedroom
- Dungeon
- Unique NPCs, Dialogues and Quests
- Door Room
- Two Enchanting/Alchemy Labs
- Woodcutter, Smithy, Craft Bench, Smelter, Skinning Rack.
- 63 Weapon Racks
- DragonPriest Mask holder
- 12 Weapon Plaques of Various types
- 9 Normal Mannequins
- 5 Mini-Mannequins
- 20+ Storage
- Tons of area to decorate
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Jeff the Retarded Penguin May 27 @ 2:01pm 
when i first got this mod it was great, however now all of the npcs have disappeared, sometimes random item have disappeared from storage, shelves, etc., sometimes grass and other plants (non-alchemical/interactive) spawn about 3-5 feet in the air (dont really know what thats about), and dont even get me started on the mannequins. Firstly the female ones have disappeared (with armour), I have watched the remaining mannequins do bizarre things including (but not limited to): walking around the hideout, observing weapon racks, shield racks, walls in general, other mannequins, i walked in on them having silent conversations with each other only to walk away as soon as they notice me, when i walk around them for a while they begin their journey back to whichever platform they came from, look around at eachother/or just pose against the wall then freeze. also is pretty laggy for me.
Mr. Tr33 May 23 @ 5:23am 
My NPCs don't want to spawn, how do I fix this?
Ruben Rybnik May 15 @ 10:54pm 
Good mod, but why do NPC's seem to be using it as a highway? I even found Ri-saad sitteng by my Breezehome fire by the door. I've seen the Arch-Mage passing through as well as guards and random npcs. lol
Gibon Apr 20 @ 6:21am 
Oh its in all homes to buy or Archmage room (sorry for bad english)
Gibon Apr 20 @ 6:17am 
krull0606 Mar 30 @ 4:40pm 
Kool man thumbs up
darkfairy Feb 16 @ 3:42pm 
Can't wait for the next update!!!!
SPEEDSTER Jan 9 @ 2:25pm 
ev nerede lütfen söylesin biri

lucassampayo Jan 8 @ 12:10pm 
It's a good mod but it's abandoned, nexus has an updated version.
Oliver Dec 26, 2015 @ 7:38am 
You are supposed to have an amulet in your inventory that will teleport you to the hideout when equipped. I reinstalled the game and it's gone... Be carefull when modding guys!