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Stackable Foundations
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Sep 9, 2016 @ 5:06pm
May 27 @ 1:33am
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Stackable Foundations

In 1 collection by RedDwarf
Castles and Dragons - The Center
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Stackable Foundations!

Are you frustrated with foundations? Having trouble finding a perfectly flat place to build? This mod's for you!

  • Stackable (on top or bottom)
  • Foundations can be side-snapped 1/2 height of a wall up or down
  • Completely compatible (and stackable!) with standard foundations
  • No collision!
  • Can be picked up! (can disable pickup in the server settings)
  • Zero engram cost, requires standard foundation engram ("Stackable Stone Foundation" requires "Stone Foundation")
  • Craftable in inventory, same material cost as standard foundation

New Version!
  • Stackable Tek Foundation added!
  • Crafting station added! Details below.
  • To help prevent accidental placements, foundation will no longer replace each other if they're the same type, and both at full health.
  • All foundations now respect the building prevention zones.
  • All foundations now do a manual ground-check, which allow them to be buried deeply into the ground (and prevent attached foundations from breaking when removed).
  • Foundations will now show a "Ground Status" when looking at the structure. If a foundation is stacked, the status will read "No Ground Contact", to warn you that it is being supported by other foundations. (Can be disabled)
  • You can now set a custom pickup time for all structures, if you choose. The default is 1 second. (See Below)
  • All foundations have had their max placement heights adjusted.
  • There are now Two Engrams for Stackable Adobe Foundation:
    • One engram allows you to buy Stackable Adobe Foundation for free if you already have Adobe Foundation (for playing on Scorched Earth)
    • The other engram allows you to buy Stackable Adobe Foundation for 6 Engram points, even if you don't have the Adobe Foundation engram (for players outside of Scorched Earth, by request)
    • If you don't want both engrams, you can hide one of them in the INI settings with an EngramOverride command.

Crafting Bench (Note Book)
  • This small notebook stand can be placed on the floor as a podium, or can transform into a small book stand if placed on a table.
  • Can craft all foundations, if you've unlocked the engram.
  • Can upgrade or downgrade foundations from stackable to/from vanilla (regardless of whether or not you know the engram).
  • Can craft portable blueprints for each stackable foundation (if you've unlocked the engram), so you can take them to your favorite crafting station, or give them to tribemates, etc.
  • All foundations have had their max placement heights increased to allow building anywhere.

Spawn Codes:

Stackable Thatch Foundation
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/Thatch/Floor/PrimalItemStructure_StackableThatchFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StackableThatchFloor'" 1 1 0

Stackable Adobe Foundation
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/Adobe/Floor/PrimalItemStructure_StackableAdobeFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StackableAdobeFloor'" 1 1 0

Stackable Wooden Foundation
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/Wood/Floor/PrimalItemStructure_StackableWoodFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StackableWoodFloor'" 1 1 0

Stackable Stone Foundation
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/Stone/Floor/PrimalItemStructure_StackableStoneFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StackableStoneFloor'" 1 1 0

Stackable Metal Foundation
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/Metal/Floor/PrimalItemStructure_StackableMetalFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StackableMetalFloor'" 1 1 0

Stackable Tek Foundation
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/Tek/Floor/PrimalItemStructure_StackableTekFloor.PrimalItemStructure_StackableTekFloor'" 1 1 0

Note Book (Crafting Station)
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/NoteBook/PrimalItemStructure_StackableFoundations_NoteBook.PrimalItemStructure_StackableFoundations_NoteBook'" 1 1 0

Design Notes (Blueprint Crafting Requirement)
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StackableFoundations/NoteBook/Blueprints/PrimalItemResource_DesignNotes.PrimalItemResource_DesignNotes'" 1 1 0

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Server Config Options (GameUserSettings.ini)

Values shown are the default. If you like these settings, then no changes need to be made.

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Special Thanks

A very special thanks to the following people who helped me along the way:
  • Everybody in the Discord chat, especially:
    • Ghazlawl
    • jslay
    • Orionsun
    • P0k3r
    • iSpeZz
    • Tao
    • Woeful Macabre
    • thewookie91
    • Duncanas
    • ... and everyone else I'm forgetting!
  • Everyone who made Unreal engine videos and tutorials. Thanks!
  • My incredibly patient girlfriend, who selflessly sacrificed delicious cuddling time to watch me debug blueprints in the ARK DevKit. I'm so very lucky, and so very undeserving. XD
  • WildCard, for making such an addicting game!
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Unable to get this mod working on a dedicated server
< >
[Wolves] kinngrimm Aug 15 @ 2:11am 
@RedDwarf Could you ask the S+ modder for permission to use his moddel(s) and cut those inhalf? That way you would not need to complettly make new moddels which also may not fit as well in(not saying you would not be able to, but there is a chance the flow breaks with more irregular/uneven models). That way the look and feel would be the same and if you can keep the abbilities of S+ foundations to some extant like for glassmetal the transperancy and selection of modes, it maybe more apealing for peopel to incorporate your mod.

looking forward to your progress, may the force be with you =)
RedDwarf  [author] Aug 14 @ 7:46am 
@[Wolves] kinngrimm: Hey there! =) I'll try to answer your questions in the same order.

1) I might eventually do a "Metal Glass" foundation (I tired to get this in the previous release), but I've got some other foundation related stuff I need to finish up first. =)

2) I've been thinking a lot about that, actually! I have a version of that planned out.

3) "Solid Foundations" (that you can't see through) has been heavily requested, so I'll put that on the list. =) The biggest issue currently is that I don't want to bloat the file sizes, and I don't necessarily want to just make all of the sides look like walls, which means I'll have to do a fair amount of custom modeling work. Once I've got my current projects wrapped up, I'll revisit that. =D
[Wolves] kinngrimm Aug 14 @ 4:04am 
sry needed to cut this message in 2

3) One other thing S+ has which i like is that their foundations are closed to all sites, you can not look into the gabs and by that find weakpoints in the surrounding structures or identify that foundation as the weakpoint. For PvP this i find most important, for PvP it is a matter of optics where you would not need another wall to cover the foundation to give a smooth uninterrupted look.
[Wolves] kinngrimm Aug 14 @ 4:03am 
ok i have now placed quite some stackable foundations (about 2000 ^^) :) and i love them! Nevertheless i would have some suggestions which i think may improve this system.

1) For compatibility with S+ stackable half hight glass metal foundations with the same options to change them in terms of transparency and which sides you could select to be shown(models)

2) Half Ramps. It may not be obvious, but when you get used to placing stackable foundations, in my case i often try to build as close to the ground and shape of the surrounding as possible, therefor i often have areas which look like staircases before i mold them and give certain areas a function. When doing so sometimes have smallish areas which are deeper into the ground and have not much use if i can not also hide them while keeping them accessables. For that i would want halfwalls which would not cut complettly though a ceiling and hinder walking below it.
RedDwarf  [author] Jul 31 @ 10:36am 
@SimpLe: Hey there, I've removed your server info from the discussions. If you're running this mod, please feel free to post in the "Servers using this mod" thread, here:

RedDwarf  [author] Jul 29 @ 9:42am 
@INSENEЯGY: Hey there. You just look up when placing, and the foundation should go on top. You might have to stand closer/futher away. If that doesn't work, could you post a screenshot on the Bug Reports thread?
[Wolves] kinngrimm Jul 23 @ 11:19pm 
understood, no rush, it was more a inner thought anyways. I am on a private PvP server where currently not much pressure seems to be applied and i got time to built up and tame. Thanks for your eforts, i am looking forward to the next version then :)
RedDwarf  [author] Jul 23 @ 10:35pm 
@[Wolves] kinngrimm: It would probably be a while before that update comes out -- I try to hold off updates unless it's critical, or unless there's big enough features, so that people aren't updating their servers constantly. I'll look into adding that on the next version, though. =)
[Wolves] kinngrimm Jul 23 @ 1:01am 
cheers mate, i will hold my current build for a bit to then test the changes of yours.
RedDwarf  [author] Jul 22 @ 6:30pm 
@[Wolves] kinngrimm: Hey, glad you like it. I'll look into making it compatible -- S+ likely changed something. =)