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[sd] advanced powergeneration
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Sep 8, 2016 @ 7:59am
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[sd] advanced powergeneration

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"advanced powergeneration"

a light in every corner, an extra workbench there, maybe another cooking stove - wondering where your power went?

- a simple try to add some "late game" power supply
- no maintenance/refueling, just place it and get the power.

japanese translation (done by Proxyer and Mayreal): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825249257


Adds advanced windturbine, advanced solar panels, advanced geothermal and advanced nuclear power plants. All must be researched before they can be build. Research is dependend on vanilla research (electricity/solar/geothermal). placement restrictions for wind/geothermal still apply.

power output:
- advanced windturbine: max 4k (double normal windturbine)
- advanced solar: max 3,4k (double normal solar)
- advanced geothermal: 7,5k
- nuclear power: 20k

- all are tech level spacer and need a higtech research bench and the multianalyzer

research "tree":

electricity research -> advanced winturbine research
solar research -> advanced solar panels
geothermal research -> advanced geothermal research -> advanced nuclear power research

The research is currently using the positions after the ship research in the tree (x 13 and 14). I could not get the placement to work how i wanted it to in the vanilla tree. This might cause/is causing some strange looking connection lines in the research tree and might "conflict" with other mods. Currently a bit unsure if/how to fix that.

as of a16 the buildings have weight:
adv wind: 500
adv solar: 450
adv geo: 1000
adv nuclar: 1250

adv wind+solar: same steel costs (100) as vanilla counter parts, double components (4/5) costs and 16 plasteel
adv geo: 500 steel, 16 components, 55 plasteel
adv nuclar: 1000 steel, 250 uranium, 100 plasteel, 30 components

For Rimworld version: Alpha 17 (0.17.1546)

Languages: english, german, ChineseSimplified (thx to WishingLaws)

Ludeon forum topic:

Download links for Dropbox (current or older versions) or Steamworkshop link for current Rimworld version can be found in the ludeon forum thread linked above.
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bearhiderug Aug 24 @ 3:06am 
No, once built a large infinite source of power. I personaly use the solar and wind ones. When into the files and doubled there cost. This mod is kinda a power cheese with cost. Although everything looks very nice. Has that high tech, good looking feel to it.
Kuńrad Aug 24 @ 3:03am 
Do nuclear have any negative? I mean for example: cancer, mutation, radiation, death, explosion that make half of the map a burning pit?
bearhiderug Jul 27 @ 3:15pm 
That is related to the reserach menu your using. I encountered that too. You should be fine though.
Torres Jul 27 @ 11:46am 
Hi I'm using mods that may be related to the issue I'm gonna describe, one is techpal (to change the research menu) and the other one is the GHXX that allows you to advance in tech levels as you research so you're not stuck in tribal

I point the advanced solar power and even though I clearly have the adv bench and the multianalyzer it says I'm not fulfilling the requirements, but it lets me research it anyways so... :-/
Snarky Jun 28 @ 4:05pm 
Love this mod. Built my first nuclear reactor(litterally selling prisoners for the inome in same cases to buy the goods) and finally had it installed, deleted all batteries everythign was smooth sailing.

I installed the Basic Shield mod...I am now working on Reactor 2 because the fort shields caused rolling blackouts in my base!! xD 20k power and the shields are still hungry!!!

Amazing mod though, loving my new fortress with no external weaknesses(bugs stil pop in now and again but, eh...bullets work on those...)
DestaN Jun 10 @ 2:36am 
this is so amazing i'd like see my researchers' heads explode for better versions
Maverick Jun 5 @ 8:28am 
super mod, vielen dank dafür :-)
Gerry Jun 4 @ 2:57pm 
Aaaaaach jaaaa ich hatte die Batterie immer von der Industrie Mod xD sorry xD
sulusdacor  [author] Jun 4 @ 11:44am 
gab nie eine batterie in dem mod ;)
Gerry Jun 4 @ 11:43am 
Kann es sein das die Fortschrittliche Betterie fehlt ?