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Egg and Poop Collector
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Sep 5, 2016 @ 8:50am
Oct 9 @ 9:17am
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Egg and Poop Collector

Egg and Poop Collector

  • Egg and Poop Collector

  • This Structure eighter collects Eggs or Poop in Range.
  • Fertilized Eggs can also be collected.
  • Collects Achatina Paste with the use of the Egg artifact (can be disabled)
  • Search Radius can be changed (Small/Medium/Large)
  • Search Radius can be displayed
  • Check interval is 50s
  • Adding Thatch starts Fertilizer production. Every 10 minutes.

Cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/jd_EggNPoopFinder/PrimalItemStructure_EggCollector.PrimalItemStructure_EggCollector'" 1 0 0

Mod is clean and stackable


Feel free to donate if you like it!

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Thanks everyone!
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Splićo Nov 10 @ 12:44pm 
looks like the range is reset to medium every time i quit and load game ?? even if it say "big" it doesn't collect eggs that are beyond medium range so every time i start game i need to re-adjust range to big again
BAGUETTE Nov 3 @ 8:35pm 
Great mod. Any issue if i use several of these collectors plz? I'm playing solo but i've a lot of bases... Thx :)
jack_pott Oct 17 @ 10:57am 
@dubCut: those Trike, Carno and Compy eggs didn't reappear in the collector, they were gone.
zpangwin Oct 16 @ 8:02pm 
Finally got a chance to try it since the update. fertilized eggs working great. thank you! :-)
dubCUT  [author] Oct 16 @ 2:27am 
i did not see it collecting eggs out of a inventory. this would be pretty annoying. let me check this again.
when you hatch, make shure you don't have the collector running nearby... it's supposed to collect them now when using the red artifact.
jack_pott Oct 12 @ 7:43am 
the collection of fertilized eggs seems to mess up the associated timers. I've had fertilized Trike and Carno eggs disappearing from the fridge (both S+ and vanilla, I tested it) and two Compy eggs i was tryin to hatch disappeared right before my eyes (and no, I ghosted through the foundation, the eggs didn't fall through).
McBane Oct 10 @ 11:37am 
Hey, thanks for this Mod. Would be great if you could offer ini options to disable an artifact/function of the collector including remove of already in use artifacts. I'm having concerns players will abuse this new fertillized egg function for wyvern eggs on SE.
zpangwin Oct 8 @ 9:03pm 
Really liking this. Any chance of an option for fertilized eggs also? would be really nice to not have to worry about fertilized eggs spoiling because I was busy / away / didn't see them.

e.g. either via another artifact or a 2nd station / ini setting? if the concern is just preventing PVP abuse, then 2nd structure could be defaulted to level 100 and admins on PVE could just override and PVP admins could hide it to be extra safe.
john488 Oct 3 @ 3:56am 
Does this mod work with Pheonix's
Fabler Sep 21 @ 2:12pm 
Display range is showing up every time u enter a base area now after latest patch. stays for a couple of seconds then disappear and comes back again seconds later. Please look into this when u can :-)