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Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood
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Jun 8, 2012 @ 11:35am
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As requested by a few people, this is an extra to my mod "Towns and Villages Enhanced"
Found here - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=68336872


Adds hundreds of new details to Riverwood, including Trees, Shrubs, Rocks, Lights, Walkways, Clutter, Animals etc.

There are many other takes out there, this one is aimed primarily at a high end system, due to the insane amount of foliage. I'll release a T.A.V.E Lite version one day for people with low end specs :)

Should be compatible with all mods, apart from other "Riverwood Enhancing" ones.

I got an average of 40 FPS in Riverwood with a Phenom XII 955 + GTX 560ti.
If you find a bug, please report it in the comments, I read all of them :D
Screenshots taken with Cinematic ENB.


Please rate, comment and subscribe :D


Also on the Nexus! http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/18952/

Follow me on twitter to keep up with my latest mods :) https://twitter.com/AplestormyMods
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mutinize Aug 24 @ 10:50pm 

Jesus, upgrade your computer then and stop living in 2005.
Henrynothingh Aug 21 @ 12:34pm 
Aplestormy, I love your T.A.V.E mods, they make the game so much more detailed and pretty.
Jonothan Aug 15 @ 6:49am 
worst thing ever
fps goes down to 1 frames per 50 seconds
ReallyPickle Aug 13 @ 4:26am 
I think it's "Over-detailed" :l
velociraptor24 Aug 4 @ 7:05pm 
FPS Drop
nekonooni Aug 3 @ 6:41am 
k.. i dunno if it's this mod or not, but after installing, and leaving Blackreach, suddenly all of skyrim looks like Blackreach in color o.o
CREEPY RABBIT Jul 12 @ 6:28pm 
very very beauty city!

VideoJuegoDiego Jul 11 @ 4:33pm 
Ok update here: first off his name is not Bahlok UI as I thought <(its an L instead of an i)
They look the same.....
Secondly I set this mod not to load and wahlah it worked!!!no crash!!
The mod is called "Tomb of Trials" and the simple fix is to set this not to load, get the quest by conversing with the spirit and then exit the game and reset it to load.....I seriously thought it was from the base game....Sorry for the little scream down there....had been trying to fix this all day now....mods can be truly frusterating.....I know you people of all people understand that...but anyway I would like to leave this to you people so you do know that this mod and the rest of the T.A.V.E. mods might have other conflictions with npc's or quests from you sleeping...or something of that sort..It might help someone...haha...I don't understand how mods work....I just use 'em...
VideoJuegoDiego Jul 11 @ 4:06pm 
ok SOMEONE please tell me that when you sleep in riverwood you come across a Ghost called "Bahlok UI" cause this bastard is crashing my godamn game and I can't find any mods that have the word Bahlok in it....I dunno if its the base game or a mod I just want that peice of junk to stop CTD my game every time I rest.Someone tell me who the hell he is....I can't even find any quests relating to him on the internet or anything.....I dunno if this mod is conflicting with that Bahlok guy so ima just say.....
Andyman706 Jul 9 @ 10:35am 
its nice but theres no point for that bridge leading from island to main land on the other side of riverwood