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Multi-floor Laser Trial v3
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Jun 7, 2012 @ 5:30pm
Just as you arrive at the chamber, you hear the familiar hissing noise of the Laser Beam streaming just in front of you. You spot five reflection cubes in the room. 'There's more in here than meets the eye...'

This is the 3rd version of my 3rd PTI built puzzle, optimized from all the feedback I had.

This is a puzzle with evolving complexity, it starts rather "simple" and evolves into a harder stance, always with a few twists that will push a bit the boundaries of your thinking.

WARNING: there are no cube dispensers on the map, should you disintegrate any cube, you will need to restart the puzzle!

1. There are several 'floors' on the puzzle, the cubes needed for each one of them spawn at their respective level.
2. If correctly placed, you should only need to use one set of portals to complete the entire puzzle
3. Since the track lift on the puzzle is time-based, RUN to it as soon as you activate it. IF YOU MISS THE LIFT: wait for the button to deactivate, reactivate it again and wait for the lift to come back down. DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON WHILE IT IS STILL ACTIVE, as it'll misalign the lift with the destination floor.


v1.0 (21/05/12) _ initial release
v2.0 (24/05/12) _ Major remake of the final part (for increased epicness). Other small tweaks: general redundancy removal, remodulation of antlines' paths, added fizzler to avoid cubical detours, cube repositioning, moved the Companion Cube closer to the viewing glass, increased floor separation.
v2.1 (02/06/12) _ moved some connections around, made the last connection of the first lift more visible, although it is still not as evident as the other ones. [Feedback from @Geneosis]
v3.0 (08/06/12) _ changed the first lift for a funnel, made changes accordingly to the new layout, added a faster way to backtrack the map (if needed). [Feedback from @Rengor]