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Grilli's Home Riverwood v1.7
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Jun 7, 2012 @ 2:12pm
Nov 20, 2012 @ 11:25am
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LATEST VERSION 1.9 (please read text below)


i think the best place to start a new home is riverwood.
so i build my home there with followers and a merchant.
inside with a lot of place for weapons, books and other stuff.
and its funny with my girls. (two of them can be married)

for those who play other mods around riverwood,
the position is near the north bridge.
(i added a screenshot)

one tip for crazy collectors like me:
there is a mod from Da5id named "unlimited bookshelves"
you should use this mod to put other stuff to the shelves
in my house. it cooperates great with my mod and you
dont loose any placed before. a great thanks to Da5id!
(note: for german users the translation found at http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/16236)

VERSION 1.9 (only at http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/20680)
- includes dark faces fix (please remove the files from the older versions from your data directory.
they are not needed any more)
-added 2 new guards to riverwood (better defense against vampires and cultists)

VERSION 1.8 (only at http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/20680)

- i added an aquarium to secret room.
- for this, i had to delete 2 shelves.
- if i upload this version to steam workshop, some of you would have a disaster
with the stuff, you stored in.
- so this version is only available at skyrim nexus. sorry.
- there are 2 mods, female and wood mannequins


- some small fixes
- added a cave, primary a testroom for me to make traps, puzzles and doors,
but when you want, you can try it.
not made for cheating! leave the staff inside (or not). it's yours.
key is near the door. the rest, you have to find out yourself!
have fun.
- female manaquin version
you find a wood manaquin version at


- The Dragonpriest Altar can store now all 10 Masks.
( IMPORTANT!!! complete the altar in labyrinthian first!
otherwise you never get the 'ultra mask'!)
- Added Weaponplaques for up to 3 Items (incl. Shield)
- Lots of other things refined.
- changes outside of the house.
- cleaned heavily with TES5edit.

in this version i made a lot of changes. subcribers must place their weapons new.
i tested lots of my older savegames and you should not loose your weapons.
only take them and place them new.
hope i fixed lots of problems.

für alle deutschen nutzer ...
mein englisch ist zwar miserabel, aber "steam" ist nun mal
in der ganzen welt verfügbar und englisch ist hier standard.
ihr könnt mir natürlich in deutsch posten und wenn ich die
zeit habe, werde ich auch antworten. danke.
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grilli  [author] Aug 18 @ 12:21pm 
no dlc's needed !
M3RKC0WF4CE Aug 16 @ 4:37pm 
do we need any DLC's? becuase i dont have them
grilli  [author] Aug 2 @ 8:11pm 
hi, you dont need unlimited bookshekves to play this mod, but its really helpful !
the mod was created in a time without any addons like hearthfires.
you can marry all the girls, but its not made for a family.
there are no beds or other stuff for children.
jaderive Aug 2 @ 5:55pm 
So to use this we Also need to use "unlimited bookshelves" as well ??
also is this spusxe and kid friendly ? like can you have your spouse / kids here ?
Mick* Jun 7 @ 11:46am 
In front of the bridge : Left side Eagle - Snake - Whale. Right Side : figure it out yourself ^^
Ameru Feb 13 @ 9:45pm 
Any hints on the Combo for the pilars by the waterfall?
Ameru Feb 13 @ 9:02pm 
Cool thanks for the help
grilli  [author] Feb 13 @ 8:23am 
you should use a restoration spell on it ! there are some spellbooks near the first sigil. use the matching spell for all the sigils ...
Ameru Feb 12 @ 8:16pm 
Anyone know what this sigil of restoration is inside the ghost mine? or even what it does or how to use it? I click it and it does nothing
jigafree71 Jan 30 @ 9:40am 
Thanks. It worked.