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Dungeons of Dredmor

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[Skill] Witcher
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Jun 6, 2012 @ 1:32pm
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[Skill] Witcher

Minor changelog: Sign of Igni now sets monsters on fire, base damage decreased. This will be reflected in the RR megapack version when it is updated.


"Going under the name of 'White Eyebrows', you travel through a gritty fantasy world slaying monsters for money, exploring social issues, and being witty and sarcastic in general."

Wanted to play as Geralt in DoD? Now you can!

Witcher is essentially a grab bag of different skills, based on the Witcher series of short stories, novels and games by Andrzej Sapowski. It's supposed to be a bit of everything, as is the flavour of the character, and the skill reflects that. Technically it's a rogue skill, but it makes use of anything and everything. Combat, magic, traps and a little alchemy will be provided over the course of this 8-point tree.

Witcher is intended to be limited by the following: a) poor mana efficiency, b) lack of range, c) the reliance on many different stats, making some skills useless if you power others by stacking certain stats, and d) high buyins to the good stuff at the end of the skill tree. If that's still not enough, I may have to come up with different weaknesses.

Please report all bugs, etc, and feedback is appreciated.

Skill info:

Level 1: Mutant!

"Various Trials performed on you as a child have enhanced your vitality and sight, as well as giving you some basic training in alchemy to prepare your Witcher's potions."

Level 2: Sign of Aard

"One of the small spells Witchers use to aid themselves in combat, the Aard sign allows you to use a powerful telekinetic force to shove away enemies and objects in front of you."

Level 3: Sign of Igni

"Another Witcher's cantrip, the Igni sign allows you to damage enemies in front of you with fire and explosive energy."

Level 4: Toxin resistance

"After having imbibed so many of your own potions, you've built up a measure of resistance to poisons in general."

Level 5: Combat Acumen

"Years of slaying, negotiating with and uncovering the truth behind monsters has left you with a quick mind and - and reflexes, if need be. When you counter, you have a chance of getting a third attack on a monster."

Level 6: Sign of Yrden

"Using the Yrden Sign allows a Witcher to create a magical trap that will snare anything that steps on it. The Sign is rigged such that you can't harm yourself with it, but stepping on the Sign yourself will waste it."

Level 7: Sign of Quen

"A defensive Witcher's Sign, the Quen Sign provides heavy protection and shocks all enemies around the Witcher on a successful block. Be forewarned, though - when the Sign is active, mana will not regenerate and each hit taken will drain some from you."

Level 8: Sign of Heliotrop

"Made by crossing one's arms, the Sign of Heliotrop not only acts as a buffer against magical forces, but also enhances a Witcher's reflexes to inhuman levels."

For detailed information, see:

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Yay, Witchers!
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