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Aug 29, 2016 @ 3:37pm
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With QualityBuilder all buildings that have quality (beds, tables etc) will only be build by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will be able to bring in the materials, but only the best one will build it.

If you know Skilledbuilder, you know that QualityBuilder do the same thing?!

Why use QualityBuilder if there is already a mod that makes this?

With QualityBuilder you are able to set a minimum quality you want on a Object you want to build.
Tired of placing, deconstructing and replacing 100 of beds just to get some decent ones? This has an end now! You can set the minimum quality you want to get from you selected objects.

If the finished object does not met your minimum quality requirements, it will get deconstructed and replaced in same position and same stuff.

In the Architect->Order menu you have 2 new designators to set or unset if only the best constructor should build.
If you select one or more things that have quality, you see a toggle command. Do a right click on it to get the floatmenu for setting your minimum quality for these objects you want to get.

This mod is save compatible. But there is one known bug with existing saves:
- If you deconstruct a object with quality, it will be placed again cause the flag from QualityBuilder is not available. You need to cancel the new blueprint that has been set after deconstruction

For more Information, see the Forum post[ludeon.com] or my Modlist[ludeon.com] in the offical Forum

QualityBuilder is the descendant of Skilledbuilder with some nice addtions.
Thanks and credits to shadwar[ludeon.com] for Skilledbuilder and the inpiration, after i updated it for A14 and A15, to make QualityBuilder.
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Jul 15 @ 2:54pm
Bug-reports / Suggestions.
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Cthula Hoop Jul 7 @ 12:50pm 
Great mod, thanks for the work!
APEX||PREDATOR Jul 4 @ 12:56am 
No it doesn't. Your lower skilled people just build walls and the stuff that doesn't get a quality rating. And you can toggle it off of any object you want.
this is good really but it also stops lower skilled people from getting better at building so no thanks
CarrO Jun 14 @ 9:39am 
Can you make it default to Normal quality if I don't specify anything?

It's the most used preset and would save me a ton of clicks
剑酩 Jun 10 @ 12:49am 
Hatti  [author] Jun 9 @ 9:45am 
@剑酩 and spenc its only a warning and nothing to worry about. Its the hook i use to modify the game. Its explained like 6 times in the past pages:)

@Lauri7x3 Ist nicht schön aber nicht tragisch. Hab ein duplikat in meiner englischen übersetzung die ich jedes mal vergesse raus zu schmeißen...
spenc Jun 6 @ 10:15pm 
i got the same thing
剑酩 Jun 6 @ 2:07am 
I only loaded hugslib and this will display a line of yellow:
Type ModInitializer probably needs a StaticConstructorOnStartup attribute, because it has a field obj of type GameObject. All assets must be loaded in the main thread.
Lauri7x3 Jun 4 @ 3:39am 
ich kriege die gelben Fehlermeldungen: "duplicate code-linked translation key: qualitybuilder.nothing in language German/English" und "deactivatedwarning in language english" "paused in language english"
Hatti  [author] Jun 2 @ 12:16am 
@Newbie4Ever Das kann passieren, wenn der mit level 10 gerade unpässlich war weil er eventuell einer operation unterzogen wird oder bewusstlos irgendwo in der ecke liegt. Das ist eine "failsave" methode. Wenn der beste Bauarbeiter wieso auch immer nicht in der Lage ist, wird der nächst beste herangezogen usw.

Aber ja Hand me that Brick könnte Probleme bereiten. Hats bisher nicht aber ich kenne die A17 version bisher nicht von der Mod (Komme leider nicht zum Spielen und vorallem testen zur Zeit)