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Immersion Cigs
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Aug 28, 2016 @ 2:30pm
Jun 17 @ 12:20pm
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Immersion Cigs

-- Immersion Cigs Mod
Supports vanilla and ACE interaction systems.
Adds ability to smoke cigarettes.
While smoking the cig will change it's model to a smaller version disappearing in the end (around 5 minutes) and producing smoke while it's active.
Mod is fully multiplayer compatible so you will hear the sound of the matches from other players and you'll see the smoke coming from the cigarette synchronized between all clients.
I in no way encourage anyone to smoke in real life, I don't smoke irl, it's just a small addition that I thought would add some immersion.

-- Contains.
Matches (murshun_cigs_matches, in all magazines).
Lighter (murshun_cigs_lighter, in all magazines).
Cig Pack (murshun_cigs_cigpack, in all magazines).
5 states of cig sizes (as goggles).

Look for the items in the virtual arsenal - all magazines section, also available in 3den and zeus.

-- Readme.

-- Threads.

-- Made by
Rebel - configs, scripting.
Facel - 3d models, textures.
Panimala - icons, sounds.
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Jun 22 @ 9:17pm
Bug Report: Can't light cigs after death + medic revive
< >
chmbr Jun 20 @ 1:38am 
add fidget spinners and dildos plz
rebel  [author] Jun 17 @ 12:22pm 
Small update. See change notes for more.
BigSky May 22 @ 10:09pm 
BUG REPORT: This mod is genius and works great... until we die. Myself and my squadmates all have the same issue. After we die and are revived, no cigs can be lit.
GOTOPOST May 12 @ 5:08pm 
Add weed joints and bongs.
[ASS] BOT Ryan May 7 @ 10:22pm 
Add tobacco pipes and e-cigs :V
God is a Serb May 5 @ 6:47pm 
add cigars plz
MT519 Apr 24 @ 5:23am 
nub question where would i add class names and price valuse for my altis life server. and the func. command

murshun_cigs_matches - matches.
murshun_cigs_lighter - lighter.
murshun_cigs_cigpack - cig pack.
murshun_cigs_cig0 - cigarette.
immersion_pops_poppack - packed lollipop.
immersion_pops_pop0 - lollipop.

[_unit] call murshun_cigs_fnc_start_cig; - makes unit smoke.
rebel  [author] Apr 22 @ 8:57am 
We were thinking about adding a cigar. If we ever get to it, yeah I can make it last longer than cigarette.
Artyom Negev Apr 19 @ 5:01am 
Hey rebel ! Small but great mod :)
Do you think it would be possible for you to add the cigar that would be longer to smoke? :) That would be cool
Tarcek Apr 18 @ 5:08pm 
At least i know it's not on my end. Thanks!