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The Snake Pit
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Jun 5, 2012 @ 8:41am
Mar 25, 2013 @ 8:30am
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----------------------------------------------A Dark PLayer House Mod------------------------------------------

A lakeview Opened playerhouse shack, with openable windows & doors,
and a daedric basement dedicated to the dark side of Skyrim,
with a UNIQUE Molag Bal Interactive Temple.


- Every Crafting and Smithing facilities .
- A Seaview Camping area and an outside cooking area
- A little Garden with all vegetables needed to cook and some alchemy ingredients
- A Fishing Deck with an underwater contraband player chest hidden near in the lake
- Some Beartraps to play with and catch Elks, deers and else all around the shack.
- A detailed new environment of 4 wilderness zones, with some mining ore spots,
- spawning animals,butterfiles and fishes
- A Main room including a bedroom corner, with chests and storages.
- A Hidden trap leading to the underground. ( no loading time, instant access )
- the shack can be closed and windows can be opened.


- A poisonous trap in the entrance, and all types of secret doors leading to the different rooms.
- An enchanting crypt dedicated to Nocturnal.
- An Armoury dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood.
- A secret Alchemy lab designed in a wet cave style.
- two thematic components farms.
- A kitchen and a cellar with all needed to cook.
- A beautifull Main room dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood including a little library,
a dressed dining corner, a nice bedroom corner and everything a Dovahkin needs...
- A secret wall in this room is leading deeper underground...to the 2ND PART...

- A cave corridor with mannequins is now leading deeper to a daedric place with :
- A little crypt
- A follower bedroom with everything he/she needs
- An impressive fallen Daecric temple, hiding a ghostly statue used as a library and war room.
- A new daedric player bedroom dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon hiding two secret cabinets :
--------- A Secret enchating little study with bookshelves and staff racks..
--------- A secret and unique animated temple dedicated to Molag Bal.
- A Jailhouse with 3 cells and traps to punish your prisoners
- A Torture room with a lot of storages.
- A summoning room, with dead draugrs to reanimate to practice necromancy.

-----------------------------------------NEW FOLLOWERS--------------------------------------------

- Cingor The Fisherman near your house is a male bosmer follower / merchant,
selling food & buying everything. he's also a terrible ranger.

- Volene, a new dunmer female follower / merchant, selling impressively rare stuff,
is the sneakest follower of the game :
she moves in total silence, never aggro before you do, and has lightfoot,
muffle and silence perks. She's aNecro / assassin, and she's deadly :
an ancient member of the Dark brotherhood, known as dead for everyone...


- The mod is a part of "Falkreath Hold location" and works with radiant quests.
- it includes a map marker working for followers and a horse spawn marker:
your horse if you're not riding it will always spawn in the stable behind your shack.


- THE SNAKE PIT est également disponible en FR sur le site de la confrerie-des-traducteurs[www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr]
Merci à la Confrérie, et tout particulièrement à ALIENS.

- Thanks to my friend Foaman, for helping me with cleaning and testing all my mods.

- Thanks to Sir Brodual[ http] for the awesome videos he's making for the Skyrim Community - And featuring all my mods, which is pretty cool.
Watch for his youtube channel : Daily Skyrim Mod Spotlight[ http]

- Thanks to Sir Insane0hflex[ http] for showing my mods in his numerous videos. Watch for his notorious serie on youtube : Skyrim Real Estate[ http]

I really hope you will enjoy this Mod, if you do please,
rate and comment, all your feedbacks will be much appreciated !


Thanks to all my suscribers.
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Skyrimnut Apr 4 @ 5:44pm 
What I really like about this home is that you can do one of two things with it. Ignore the lower part of this house, and the ground floor on its own makes a very lore-friendly home for a ranger character or simple hunter. Use the lower portions of this house and it becomes an ideal place for a dark character.
nelvega9000 Feb 25 @ 1:32pm 
I was directed to this mod after watching Insane0hflex's house mod videos. When I subscribed I was nervous that it might conflict with other house mods I installed. I tried it out, everything works fine, no noticeable conflicts. Beautiful mod, lots of rooms, kind of easy to get lost (in a good sort of way). Thanks for making it! :) thumbs up
ElderGamer1 Feb 15 @ 11:08am 
A belated Happy New Year! Happy to know my Fav House Mod is still here! On my way home now!
ryugin93060 Feb 13 @ 8:52pm 
good job...thanks something like in oblivion the vile lair...was as good as this.
e.s.jones Jan 7 @ 10:01pm 
Me, I love the big ol' castle homes, but the Snake Pit won me over. Its the perfect place to stash stuff. The visuals on it are very well done.
jukan66 Oct 26, 2013 @ 10:13pm 
Alle modis von MadFrenchi zeichnen sich durch eine sehr gute Gestaltung aus. Einer der besten Autoren die ich kenne. Großes Kompliment und mein Respekt für die gelungenen Arbeiten.
mr_anheuser Oct 22, 2013 @ 1:22pm 
Thanks for the reply. Good to hear im not alone with this :D
MadFrenchie  [author] Oct 22, 2013 @ 8:58am 
I am not a big fan neither, lol....
MadFrenchie  [author] Oct 22, 2013 @ 8:57am 
none ;-)
mr_anheuser Oct 22, 2013 @ 6:46am 
In short: does any of your six mods include spiders? :) If so, which?