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Bug Boys - Fortress Defence
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Aug 24, 2016 @ 1:40pm
Jun 6 @ 6:00am
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Bug Boys - Fortress Defence

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Underdone Gaming - Bug Boys - Fortress Defense
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You can join the official server at:
Join the Bug Boys Discord[]

Far out in the galaxy, two species of bug-like aliens have ritualistic battles to prove the better strain. Even though they only really differ in colour, the red and blue bugs battle to the death to prove their worth. They are known as the Bug Boys

Bug Boys is a team-based PVP fortress defending game. In development for over 6 months, it's finally ready to be released to the public. You play as a bug, and your objective is to kill the enemy brain nexus while defending your own. You must employ many types of constructable buildings with special abilities in order to gain the upper hand. Coordinate with your team and take over the battlefield!

It's recommended for 4 - 32 players, but it can probably handle even more. I plan on updating the game regularly with balance changes, more buildable structures, and more maps.

  • Build a base fortress using over 20 types of constructable objects.
  • Drive/pilot 5 types of vehicles; including a helicopter dropship that multiple bugs can ride on.
  • Includes 4 varied maps to play on.
  • Fight enemy bugs using the simple but deep combat system.
  • Many custom models/textures immerse you in the bug world.
  • Employ deep RTS-style strategy with the placement of your teams structures.
  • Includes lua files, so you can run your own servers for the game.

In-depth Gameplay Synopsis:
In the game, your main objective is to protect your home brain and attack the enemy brain. You do this by constructing stuff. Each constructable costs a certain amount of tokens, which are the main resource of the game. Tokens spawn at set locations around the maps.

At the beginning of the game, a massive wall materializes in the middle the map, giving both teams time to setup their defenses. Both teams are given 45 tokens split evenly amongst each player. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the wall disappears and the battle begins.

During the battle, teams need to protect their home bug brain at all costs; if a team's brain is destroyed, the enemy team wins. When a bug brain loses HP it never regenerates.

Also, if a player dies in battle, they drop up to 3 tokens, and respawn at their home base a few seconds later. Bugs are also vulnerable to water, and on water maps, they need to find creative ways across it.

If the 15 minute game timer runs out before a teams brain is destroyed, whichever team has more brain HP wins the game.

Each bug spawns with a few default abilities:
  • Grab: allows you to pickup certain buildable structures and move them around.
  • Construct: allows you to build a specified structure at the position you aim at. (Set what structure you want to build in the 'Q - Quick menu').
  • Zap: activates the special abilities of certain types of allied structures, allows you to get in to allied vehicles. Alternatively, it's a melee ranged attack that hurts enemy structures.
  • Slider: shoots a slidy explosive charge which detonates upon impacting enemy bugs, vehicles, or structures.
  • Airblast: knocks back nearby projectiles, enemy bugs, vehicles, and certain structures.
  • Recall: channels for 4 seconds, at the end of the channel you teleport back to your home spawn. Accessible in the 'Q - Quick menu' The recall is cancelled if you take damage during the channel.

Constructable object examples:
  • Wall: construct massive barricades to keep out enemies
  • Radar: reveal enemy bug locations
  • Destroyer Vehicle: take down enemy structures with this powerful slow moving tank
  • Healer: heal nearby teammates
  • Anti bug Sentry: keep enemy bugs away with this structure that shoots heatseeking missiles
  • And many more...

Here are some convars you can modify for your server:
bb_var_pubmode - 0 or 1, makes it so people dont need to ready up for the game to start
bb_var_gametime - how long the game should go on.
bb_var_setuptime - how much time teams should have to setup defenses
bb_var_startingtokens - how many tokens the teams should start with (split amongst each player)
Just restart the map after changing these.

Orginally created by "heyo" but it appears his Steam account was hacked or something and his account removed.
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bcbc2425 Aug 18 @ 11:07am 
i started it as a ptp 4 player serv on 1 of the maps amnsd it was sandbox
The Commander  [author] Aug 18 @ 2:42am 
Are you trying to play this as a proper server or single player gmod.
I see no issues and no one else has reported such issues.
bcbc2425 Aug 17 @ 11:47pm 
let be more clear. thare is no bug boys gamemode. and the maps are in other
The Commander  [author] Aug 17 @ 11:42pm 
I don't understand what you are saying, did you actually set the gamemode to bug boys.
This doesn't run on sandbox.
bcbc2425 Aug 17 @ 11:12pm 
holy shit this still gets updates!?!?! the mod dosnt create a fgamemode and is in other for me and acts as a sandbox map any way to fix?
David Jun 15 @ 5:51pm 
This have a tutorial?
λ☣Slimix☣λ Jun 9 @ 8:32am 
no one on the server :/
knick knack Jun 6 @ 9:14am 
As of now, my friends and I can only select the first two items on the menu.
The Commander  [author] Jun 6 @ 6:14am 
Update: 7 June 2017 Version 1.3
Almost a month late with this update, sorry guys!

* Fixed infinite token exploit
* Added force multiplier to fix lower tickrates breaking game
* Improved building ghost and applied tickrate fixes
* Added missile rate limiting in sentries to prevent physics lag
* Removed accidental debug message
* Removed env_explosion used for visual effects
* Remove lingering artillery missiles after 10 seconds
* Fixed a lot of seiger lag by replacing NoCollide constraint with ShouldCollide hook
* Removed bogus print
* Added C4 trigger radius, made fakebot command admin-only
* Fixed invalid reference lua error
* Fixed some collision rules warning spam
* Slight performance update and error spam fix

These updates were compiled by maurits150
Many thanks given to him.
GryphonTheBard Jun 2 @ 4:02pm 
I was playing it for a while, and then I just... couldn't build? I restarted the server and tried a bunch of stuff, but I just couldnt build anymore. I had tokens, and all my friends could build fine.