Random Flares and Axes
Just a couple of flare kills plus an Axetinguish that was pretty risky.
Finally put out a TF2 replay after almost a year. Why did it take so long? I mainly had lots of other games to finish along with being busy in life. I wanted the next replay I made to use the "new replay features" which are now several months old by now. There were technical difficulties such as my old video card dying which made me unable to play any of my Steam games and replays from my favorite servers being unusable. In this year I got a bit bored with TF2 and didn't pick it up again until about 2 months in May. I finally got a working replay of this; the others consisted of one involving a Heavy mowing down incompetent players and another of ubering a Demoman who goes on a melee rampage, while I melee and kill another person who does the same to me at the same time. This uses the time control and camera shake features as a tryout of the features along with my Pyro being fitted out with various promo items. It's nothing special really, but looked fairly cool to try and record doing a decent job in this game that had about 12 players total including me. Anyway, glad to have my ambitions finally succeeding after about a year and sitting down to try this out. This is mainly some work in using new techniques from things I learned from the arts and the changes in TF2."