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Dwarven Luggage
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Jun 3, 2012 @ 10:44am
Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:25pm
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When Sinderion entered into Blackreach, he didn't go alone. Years later, the Dragon Born can find the Dwarven Luggage still waiting within the depths of Blackreach by it's former master.

During Sinderion's quest to find more nirn root he happened by a strange dwemer device looking much like a spider with a chest on it's top. He found it to be operational and took it along with him to help carry his ingrediants and other essentials. When Sinderion met his untimely death in Blackreach, the faithful Dwarven Luggage stayed at his side, that is, until now.

Dwarven Luggage adds dwarven spider chest that follows you around and helps hold a near limitless amount of weight within its interdimensional space. It doesn't count as a follower, so feel free to keep Lydia or whomever else you feel like having around alsoThe Dwarven Luggage can be found with Sinderion's remains which are in his field laboratory in Blackreach, underneath Alftand. The Dwarven Luggage has a summon spell which allows you to call it to you along with all the gear you stashed on it, never loose your important gear again!

You can tell the Dwarven Luggage to wait for you some place, tell it to follow you around and ignore enemies, or tell it to assist in battles. If you are tired of having it follow you around, you can also tell the Dwarven Luggage to go back to Blackreach and it will comply leaving you to do all that fun Dragonborn stuff in peace until you feel like calling it once again to your aid.

Special thanks to hellcat5 who helped with packing and uploading all the data files needed for this mod to Steam. Check out his mods and useful tutorials: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hellcat5

Thanks to insane0hflex for the video and pointing out the dismiss/summon bug!

Any ideas, suggestions, feedback is always appreciated.

*** UPDATE ***
Now has a new texture with dwarven metal along the chest.
Fixed a bug where the chest would not respond to commands if you hit it on accident.
Fixed a bug where the chest would continue to head back to Blackreach indefinently. It now has a 50 second timer after you tell it to go back, so wait a minute before you summon it back to you.

Fixed some dialogue and added * * around the Dwarven Luggage's actions.
Added passive follow, aggressive follow and dismiss comands.
Increased weight capacity to a really really high number.
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jtam72 Jan 1 @ 1:16am 
/▌ ︻╦╤--
░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ - - - ☻AGAINST BOB AND TAKE OVER THE WORKSHOP!
▂▄▅████████▅▄▃▂ (btw we want portal 3! VALVE ARE YOU LISTINING!)
zaphodbeeblebrox Nov 27, 2014 @ 9:16pm 
the boss, who the fuck is tom gates? terry pratchett qrote discworld
Neonsmiley Oct 7, 2014 @ 7:08am 
The Luggage! Hahaha, thank you so much!
Wicky Sep 24, 2014 @ 5:46am 
Dude this is so amazing, he stores everything loses nothing, makes barely any noise ( thank God some followers sound like 30 centurions line dancing)

Also goes throught water and lava like a boss
Wicky Sep 23, 2014 @ 12:20pm 
Fckin sweet! im all dwemer themed and im totally using this! great job!
Terran Spectre Sep 21, 2014 @ 9:42am 
instead of it going back to blackreach make it go to the player's home?
Daniel Auen Sep 17, 2014 @ 6:35pm 
t dont really need this because i can just put a regular chest in my inventory, but i am getting it anyway, it is awsome
The Crimson King Aug 22, 2014 @ 4:13pm 
... Okay, now it makes sense why DLC stuff is eaten o3o litterally every DLC came out after this mod was last updated .3. Im very impressed.
The Crimson King Aug 21, 2014 @ 6:20pm 
Correction, Hardened Falmer armor, which i believe is added in with dragonborn. i also saw that someone else's dragonborn items were eaten. So im thinking that Luggage just doesnt like them o3o

Perhaps until its fixed propperly, it could be subsided with a script that makes him barf out stuff he'll actually eat XD or just deny entry o3o
The Crimson King Aug 21, 2014 @ 9:32am 
I love it! i think this is incredible!

Im fairly Certain that he had Ate at least twelve full sets of falmer armor when i summon him. So thats both scary and disapointing.

It would also be nice if he had a sort of stealth mode so he can sneak around with me.
Sense Enemies always seem to make a beeline after him.