Portal 2

Portal 2

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Tricks With Tractorbeams
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Jun 3, 2012 @ 1:08am
Jun 4, 2012 @ 4:02pm
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Tricks With Tractorbeams

Difficulty: High
Size: Medium
Editor: Hammer
Autosaves: 5 places

Added autosave and two reset switches to prevent the puzzle becoming unsolvable.
Added deadly 'flame cubes' with trigger_hurt to induce death.
Enhanced chamber graphics to increase enjoyment.
Updated title and images to hopefully improve marketing or something.
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tinmanic Aug 2 @ 9:06am 
@lowelldogger Where is the hidden portal surface? I can't figure out how to get into the little room protected by lasers above the tractor beam at the far end of the hall.
lowelldogger Jun 12 @ 8:34pm 
I thought this was an easy puzzle after I found the hidden portal surface. I must say that ruined the flow of the chamber for me. This is not an attribute of a well designed puzzle in my opinion and adds nothing but frustration. Therefore I have to give it a thumbs down.
Petutski Sep 12, 2016 @ 7:03am 
Amazing map! Very tricky! I agree with the previous comments. The key portal surface was too well hidden! Thanks!
WK2Trailhawk Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:52pm 
As montioned earlier, there is a portal surface that's alomost impossible to spot. Other than that, a well crafted puzzle.
TonToE Jun 26, 2014 @ 9:20pm 
There were two things you will need to figure out before you can roll out a solution, one thing being a place to explore and the other a manuver to get started. I do like that the player has to explore and solve a puzzle. But asides from a few offest indicators, there were no real signs that would show the player how to get there.
mood3rd Jan 31, 2013 @ 11:04am 
very good puzzle.
only negative, is low visibility of area to activate the laser.
nearly gave up, due to this.
but spotted it just in time.
puzzle was great, got me thinking & re-thinking.
I brought the reflector to the 1st / exit chamber twice,
before figuring out the correct sollution.
but eventualy figured it out :)
timing was not a problem.
thumbs up of course.

please try a map from my workshop:
madvtdm Jan 11, 2013 @ 4:12am 
Very well done. Kept me thinking and I really like the combination of moves... had to try a few times to get the combination right but it was fun and rewarding to finally get it right.
sleepyEyes Jan 1, 2013 @ 4:25am 
very nice.
GWD9000 Dec 28, 2012 @ 6:38pm 
Died twice, but completed it first sitting (griller of death is a given *must try*, right? lol). One suggestion regarding getting people to look up in the right place - if you need to provide the only visual cue in the picture section of the map page , then youre doing it wrong. The lighting in this map hid that from being discovered naturally. Maybe provide a bigger gap to see through/throw some light through so players can be prompted to explore the ceiling through proper contrast. It might take some tweaking to get right. Darken the internal area and place a flickering light with long gap between cycles is a good way to do this - it provides a chance finding, and draws players to explore what theyve just *accidentally* seen . The map still made me think and groan - good signs. Cheers
p0rtalthumper Sep 29, 2012 @ 7:41pm 
As did I. I simply wasn't looking at things the right way. /me Beats self up for missing that one small piece of the puzzle