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Class: Engineer
Item Slot: Weapon
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Jun 2, 2012 @ 1:27pm
Jun 7, 2016 @ 9:18am
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In 1 collection by neodos
The Quick Draw Logistics
2 items
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

Click here to download the mod (install in the folder: \Team fortress 2\tf\custom\)[]

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#Why does it build so slow in the video!!!???
As of now its a model replacement so it builds at the same speed as the original dispenser, but Valve could easly change the building speed if they made it an entierly different building with its own building time and stats.

#This needs a weapon that you equip to have the mini dispenser.
Perhaps, note that a PDA slot was added to the game recently, so I also made the "handy partner" PDA for this.

#Why not add this to the Gunslinger?
I'd say that would be up to Valve to decide, I think it would be better to equip it with the PDA included in the collection so you can equip the mini dispenser or minisentry individually and not be forced to have both at all

#Its too small!
Indeed this is something I realised while making it and I was at a point where I couldn't really go back and scale it, nonetheless the light should draw more attention to it, I just couldn't get the rotating light effect working.

#Make a mini teleporter!!
The current teleporters ingame are already very small, so far I don't see how we need a mini teleporter or how it could work and be balanced or useful.

#What does it do?
This is just a model, as you see it right now its just replacing the look of the original dispenser lvl 1, if Valve accepts the model to be put ingame they will make stats for it, Valve makes the stats.

#Can I buy this? Can I download this?
Its not in the game, we can only hope Valve likes it and sees a way this could work in the game.
But you can download the model, which will replace the look of the level 1 dispenser by this one.

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