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Aug 17, 2016 @ 2:21pm
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A Dog Said...


you don't need the EPOE patch + nocrafting vers to make it compatible.
those are just for when you want to craft the parts on epoe benches instead of the little animal prosthetics bench that is part of the full version. that is the only reason to use the EPOE patch.

UPDATE: All parts are now craftable at the animal prosthetics bench, crafting skill 5-10 is required, depending on the part. New organs: liver, kidney, stomach

Lite Version, only limbs // Full Version, no crafting

Adds basic animal surgeries and bionics to Rimworld

Following parts are added to the game:

* animal brain stimulator. Fits all animals.
* bionic animal eyes. Fits all animals.
* simple/bionic animal ears. Fits all animals.
* simple/bionic animal jaw. Fits all animals.
* simple/bionic animal spine. Fits all animals.
* simple prosthetic/bionic animal arms. Fits monkey and megatherium.
* simple prosthetic/bionic animal legs. Fits all animals.
* bionic animal heart. Fits all animals.
* bionic animal lung. Fits all animals.
* bionic animal kidney. Fits all animals.
* bionic animal liver. Fits all animals.
* bionic animal stomach. Fits all animals.
* prosthetic tail. Fits all animals with tails.
* peglegs. Can be crafted with 1 wood. Fits all animals. Least efficiency.

All parts can be obtained from traders, except pegleg.
All parts can be crafted at the new animal prosthetics bench. Crafting requires a skill of 5-12, depending on part.

Simple parts are slightly lower in efficiency than natural parts. Bionic parts are higher.

Simple/ bionic legs, arms and jaws do melee damage now, depending on type.

All parts need medicine skill and medicine to be installed. Make sure your animals are able to recieve medicine, in the health tab! Simple parts need a skill from 4-6. Bionic parts need a skill form 8-10.

FORUM LINK[ludeon.com]

Updated, overhauled and expanded from Latta's A13 version
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Crash test Apr 23 @ 3:09pm 
Oh well, Thanks for replying
spoonshortage  [author] Apr 23 @ 2:31pm 
@Crash test I'm actually not sure how the life expectancy works so..to keep it short, I dont know.
Crash test Apr 23 @ 2:14pm 
Can the bionic parts help increase life expectancy?
spoonshortage  [author] Apr 21 @ 7:47am 
@Fat Seal the damage is tied to the part. so if you give an animal that part with say, 10 dmg every animal will get this amount of damage from this part. so be careful when you replace parts that dont need to be replaced.
Fat Seal Apr 21 @ 7:13am 
if i give my bear a bionic jaw will damage increase by 10 or will it be lowered to 10?
The Legend Apr 20 @ 8:57pm 
Ahh, Thank you that's why!
spoonshortage  [author] Apr 20 @ 2:55pm 
@The Legend not specifically no. but if you start as tribals, you need to first research electricity for it to become available to build.
The Legend Apr 20 @ 2:07pm 
Do you have to research the animal table first? Because I remember I didn't have to last time, but I can't find ir anywhere at all. I have other mods too.
Artificial Insanity Apr 17 @ 9:52pm 
So with this I can finally give my poor legless animals peg legs? Finally.
Blazing1Blitz Apr 8 @ 10:26am 
Does this mod work for alpha 16? :)