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Kill Them Generals
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Feb 7, 2012 @ 1:29pm
Feb 19, 2013 @ 3:58am
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Kill Them Generals

Tired of Stormcloak Generals and Imperial Legates being essential during or after the Civil War?
Well, no more!

This simple fix removes their essential status allowing them to be killed.
Galmar and Rikke doesn't count, as they're required in quests.

Version 1.2, as promised, is now up.
I'm sorry to say that the game-breaking effect of Legate Quentin Cipius's death forced me to make him Essential. His death will ruin the Imperial Legion questline, something I've gotten multiple reports on. If there are anyone that really wants to kill him, use the console to remove his status. Open the console with the tilde button (to the very left, left of 1), and type "setessential 000844D1 0" without the quote marks.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I felt the need to update this. I also did this to update the mod to the current version of Skyrim, to make sure it runs optimally.

Version 1.1 is up!
Now, killing the General/Legate will set the camp to cleared in the map.

Note: As far as I know, only one of these regular generals are important to the Civil War. I've adressed his case above. Except for this one case, if a Dragon swoops by your quests and gameplay will be perfectly safe.

Also, I'm very sorry for those people who can't get this to work, as I can't help you. I don't know what the issue is, and thus I can't adress it. Some people have told me that the problem might be a conflict with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, but I can't confirm this. Hopefully any issues you have can be dealt with by using BOSS or by other means.
Check out my other mods too, if you mind!
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rfzm ↑ Apr 4 @ 10:43am 
Thank you.
Reinsdyret  [author] Apr 3 @ 11:46pm 
@rfzm: it is. The mod is still up on the workshop for whoever don't use the Unofficial Patch for whatever reason.
rfzm ↑ Apr 3 @ 9:50pm 
Is this as of now included in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch or not?
RaykanGhost Feb 27 @ 7:29am 
why are they even essencial after the war? i just want to murder them
TheBeat Jan 22 @ 8:44pm 
nice mode
Reinsdyret  [author] Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:55pm 
@UNSC Jedi: As far as I know it doesn't matter either way, never heard of any issues regarding when it it installed. Personally I've used this since I made it and can't remember any problems.
UNSC Jedi Dec 27, 2015 @ 11:11am 
This sounds great! Is there any potential for problems if I have this set up to load well before I start the Civil War questline? Or is it okay to go ahead & load it up now so it's ready when I get to that point? (I plan on not doing the Civil War questline until well after I finish the main questline and faction questlines.)
Reinsdyret  [author] Nov 23, 2015 @ 7:21am 
@checkerHD: It is intentional, look at my mod description. Sorry for any inconvenience.
checkerHD Nov 23, 2015 @ 4:59am 
i can´t kill cipius from the empire ... pls help
Saroekin Nov 18, 2015 @ 3:42am 
Isn't this as of now included in the Unofficial Skyrim Patch?