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Faction Unlocker Submod - Dwarfs
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Aug 12, 2016 @ 1:12pm
Sep 20 @ 2:55pm
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Faction Unlocker Submod - Dwarfs

In 1 collection by Crynsos
All Factions Unlocked
13 items
This is a submod of Crynsos' Faction Unlocker+ and will make these factions available:
⚫ Barak Varr
⚫ Karak Azul
⚫ Karak Hirn
⚫ Karak Kadrin
⚫ Karak Norn
⚫ Karak Ziflin
⚫ Kraka Drak
⚫ Zhufbar
All Mini Campaign Factions
(Requires the related DLCs)

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Adds much needed flexibility, especially when you are surrounded by foreign racial territory.
Themed UI Compilation
Now your Karaks will shine as blue as the most refined Brynduraz within the Karaz Ankor.
Dwarfen Shields - Gold and Silver II
Everything that is forged within Dwarfen Karaks is both deadly and a piece of great art.
Karak Kadrin Slayers
Slayers are meant to die in battle, taking the most horrific monstrosities with them - now they can!
Slayers Reskin
While Slayers forgo armor, they are still the boldest Dwarfen warriors and deserve according attire.
Cataph's Kraka Drak: The Norse Dwarfs
A great mod that gives Kraka Drak a more unique unit roster, modifies their buildings, technology tree and so on to be more anti-Chaos specialized and shows how these isolated Dwarfs living at the edge of known civilization have evolved while lacking contact to their kin for a long time and struggling to survive against the cold, trolls, Norsca and the corrupting influence of Chaos.

Thanks to Beornvig for his help with lore-accurate faction refining such as unique faction & faction leader traits, starting units and descriptions.
Thanks to Cataph for his help with various things, such as new feature ideas, lore-accurate faction and lord effects, descriptions and much more.
Thanks to Dindi for his help with Norsca & Chaos script fixes.
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Fuzzy Wooozy Nov 5 @ 4:38am 
Does this works on multiplayer campaign if we're both use this mod?
dsambtraining93 Sep 10 @ 6:38am 
yep i got it. thx!
Crynsos  [author] Sep 8 @ 3:32am 
Then you should use the Faction Unlocker+ as well as the submods of your choice.
dsambtraining93 Sep 7 @ 6:54pm 
it wont show me the different factions for some reason
Crynsos  [author] Sep 2 @ 11:11am 
That is normal and intended, just ignore him as if he did not exist.

Should work fine for achievements as per my knowledge.

There are two SFO compatibility mods for optimum balance listed in my Unlocker+, but even without those it should work just fine, just not according to SFO balance.

I don't make such mods and prefer Conquer Anywhere, which makes things much more interesting.
dmitrii.sergeivitch Sep 2 @ 9:33am 
Hi, thanks for the mod.
I have some questions about it:
-Is this achievement compatible? I finished a dwarf campain, forgot about the Karak Kadrin shrine, and don't feel like playing a new one (yes I'm THAT kind of player). Would it work if I buid it as Karak Kadrin?
-Is this Steel§Faith compatible?
-Is somebody heard about a mod that meddle Norsca and Dwarf type settlements. After all it's just mountains and dwarfes could live there after purging chaos (Norscan in border mountains are stranger, but still...). I know that there is occupy everything mods, but they often give weird results on the map.
Evilcouchpotato Aug 27 @ 2:02pm 
Hi, REALLY loving this mod...but I have discovered a bug in two playthroughs. If you play as Kraka Drak and take Grombrindal as your lord, the Legendary Lord Valar Heldour starts off as wounded and won't recover for 999999 turns.Both playthroughs were on Hard difficulty. Thanks
[D.Sc]Acidicdevildog Aug 26 @ 12:05pm 
Thanks again for the mod really enjoying holding out against the chaos hordes as Kraka Drak with the white dwarf. However I have about ten instanced of the same quest for the white dwarfs axe. It keeps asking me to take the three starting territories that I already own then rewarding me for it every turn (multiple times). Also have an odd bug where norse leaders stand on their horse on the campaign map but thats not really effecting the game.
Smaug Aug 25 @ 4:58am 
Yes, excelent! This fixed it.
Crynsos  [author] Aug 25 @ 4:14am 
Well, now they work again just fine for me, no matter if I raze them and then colonize or just straight up conquer with Kraka Drak.