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Faction Unlocker Submod - Dwarfs
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Aug 12, 2016 @ 1:12pm
Apr 24 @ 3:01am
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Faction Unlocker Submod - Dwarfs

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The structure of how this mod works was changed, so please also subscribe to my Faction Unlocker+ or Faction Unlocker Basic to keep using it!

Details on what changed and why can be found here.
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This is a submod of my Faction Unlocker+ / Faction Unlocker Basic and will unlock these factions:
⚫ Barak Varr
⚫ Karak Azul
⚫ Karak Hirn
⚫ Karak Kadrin
⚫ Karak Norn
⚫ Karak Ziflin
⚫ Kraka Drak
⚫ Zhufbar
All Mini Campaign Factions
(Requires the related DLCs)

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Adds much needed flexibility, especially when you are surrounded by foreign racial territory.
Themed UI Compilation
Now your Karaks will shine as blue as the most refined Brynduraz within the Karaz Ankor.
Dwarfen Shields - Gold and Silver II
Everything that is forged within Dwarfen Karaks is both deadly and a piece of great art.
Karak Kadrin Slayers
Slayers are meant to die in battle, taking the most horrific monstrosities with them - now they can!
Slayers Reskin
While Slayers forgo armor, they are still the boldest Dwarfen warriors and deserve according attire.
Cataph's Kraka Drak: The Norse Dwarfs
A great mod that gives Kraka Drak a more unique unit roster, modifies their buildings, technology tree and so on to be more anti-Chaos specialized and shows how these isolated Dwarfs living at the edge of known civilization have evolved while lacking contact to their kin for a long time and struggling to survive against the cold, trolls, Norsca and the corrupting influence of Chaos.

Thanks to Beornvig for his help with lore-accurate faction refining such as unique faction & faction leader traits, starting units and descriptions.
Thanks to Cataph for his help with various things, such as new feature ideas, lore-accurate faction and lord effects, descriptions and much more.
Thanks to Dindi for his help with Norsca & Chaos script fixes.
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Thorn May 17 @ 11:14pm 
Is it possible to turn clan angrund inte horde faction? I feel like that is more true to the story of the Angrund Clan.
Qo May 4 @ 8:34pm 
Could someone help/teach me to make Grombrindal White Dwarf as Kraka Drak faction leader? So I could combo with unlock faction mod
Crynsos  [author] May 2 @ 1:40am 
When I get around to chat with my lore and balance helpers about them and have the time and motivation to work on them.
Maltesefalcon May 2 @ 1:37am 
@Crynsos - When are some of these factions getting bonuses?
Crynsos  [author] Apr 30 @ 7:53am 
alex Apr 30 @ 4:21am 
Crynsos, does this muck with start_pos_regions? If so, could you make a version that is compatible with the 10 slot Province Capitals mod?
Bladedwind Apr 25 @ 2:07am 
My bad I saw that afterwards. Feel like a dunce. Thanks for that.
Crynsos  [author] Apr 25 @ 2:03am 
If you were to read the description, you would see that this is now a submod to the main mod that you require, the Faction Unlocker+ linked above.
Crynsos  [author] Apr 20 @ 2:32am 
Which faction are you talking about?
gahnfaust142 Apr 20 @ 2:30am 
I have both the Faction Unlocker and the Dwarfs submod installed, but i can stil only select the one faction leader lord. Is there a fix to this?