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Towns and Villages Enhanced: (Markarth+)
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May 27, 2012 @ 11:02am
May 31, 2012 @ 7:32am
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Love, Tek.

Previously known as: MARKARTH+ (TREES & RUINS)

*Now also available on Skyrim Nexus*

VIDEO: AresenalRobert reviewed this mod here:

NOTE: The *LIGHTING FIX* is shown in only the first 12 Screenshots. The screenshots after those are lacking content but still mostly accurate (they are old).

This is a visual mod created for Markarth for none other than my own enjoyment. I was sick of the scraggly and dead looking trees that inhabited the city grounds. Instead, I thought some pines might fit the old mountainside a bit better with a few floral touches here and there. Not to be forgotten is the eyecandy Dwarven ruins in the mountainsides - although it is currently of no practical use.

This mod should be fully compatible with any other mods that do not modify the city of Markarth or the cliffs that surround it. I love feedback on the mod so please don't feel shy to throw some comments my way.

Other mods used in Screenshots:
Superl3 ENB RL (modified)
Skyrim HD - 2k Textures
Vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Enhanced Night Skyrim
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Lush Grass & Trees


Fixed a pine tree that was floating near treasury.
Changed the broken pipe waterfall effect.
Added new sound to that same waterfall.
Increased the "flow" of the river after the waterfall - due to the excess water coming down from the broken pipe
(it just makes sense).
Fine-tuned a few lightsources around the town.
Increased the size of the large coal basin piles. They were small coals in a large basin. They should now look more appropriate for the size of the basin.
Added some new ruins and decoration on the mountains for greater immersion.
HOPEFULLY fixed the issue with the towers not rendering properly on some games.

Removed magical floating rock.
Tweaked lighting levels around Apothecary & Keep entrance.
Added new coal basin near Ogmund's house.
Attempted to add many new insect spawns (This is proving annoyingly difficult to keep them going).
SOMEHOW missed the lighting near the Silver-blood Inn - It is fixed now.
Added a few more light sources and modified a few more.

Added Lighting to Smelter
Added A few new Coal Basins
Properly adjusted all exterior lighting in Markarth (There is a mod that does this but I just felt like making my own adjustments).
Properly adjusted the waterfall sound (finally).
Added a few more trees.
Fixed a few graphical glitches in the Dwarven ruins.

Adjusted waterfall sound from dwarven pipe.
Added hanging coal basins on main defensive wall.
Added a bit more dwarven ruin scenery.
Added more foliage to the Southern side.
Added more pine trees and a few Aspen trees.
Hanging moss near Treasury was scaled down.

Current version - 0.3
Previous version - 0.25
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Rudek Nov 16 @ 12:05pm 
Sorry for dumb question, buuuut... what exactly this mods adds? I read it's description thrice times, and still do not understand exactly what you meant. Does this mod just changes the lands of already existed Skyrim and adds random houses and trees all around?
Mr Freeze Oct 5 @ 10:57am 
It looks awesome, thank you :-)
Tek  [author] Aug 25 @ 9:13pm 
Yes, it could. I don't know of anyone in the past few years that has had issues with silver-blood inn. :-/
amorfugit Aug 25 @ 2:01pm 
Okay so Silver-blood Inn completely screws up, no walls and the floors are if existing a good bit below where they should be.
I use the enhancement mods for the exterior, could this be the mod conflicting?
Looks like Dale from The Hobbit.
Tek  [author] Jul 9 @ 2:38pm 
No, but if I did it would have only been lighting adjustments. I am 99% sure that I did not.
WLM~GasconFedaykin~ Jul 9 @ 1:42pm 
Did you alter the understone keep with this mod?
Tek  [author] Jul 3 @ 7:39pm 
A lot? I have one mod. And no, navmesh deletion was not intentional. You're getting me confused with Applestormy who created the majority of the towns and villages enchanced series. I was asked if he could add my mod to his collection. I'm not looking for traffic. If you like it I'm glad you like my vision of Markarth. The least I could've done was done already as I had no knowledge of the proper way to do things and I never had a problem with Markarth, or the stability of my game, so I did not think to look for errors.

If you want to take this mod and modify it and call it your own I don't even care - you could even say that I copied you if you wanted. The mod was for myself to enjoy foremost and was not meant to be noticed or top the charts on the modding end (until the addition into Towns and Villages, but even this was later after I stopped modding). Yes, I answer comments, but that's because a big green button lights up every time I get one.

Sorry to bum you out, Duchess.
Duchess_Gummybuns Jul 2 @ 2:06pm 
A lot of this author's mods are dirty, and it will require a lot of time to clean his collection. If you do not know how to clean the dirty mods with TES5Edit, it could make your game unstable. Also, he states navemesh deletions are intentional.