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Hardest Maps I've Found
These are the most difficult maps I've found. They can be hard to figure out, hard to play, or are just plain devious. I have completed every one of these, so none of them are impossible. Don't blame me, blame the creators!
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Created by Grayarea
My fourth map, Ignition is quite a difficult puzzle that will most likely take at least a few hours to solve.
If you're totally stuck I've added a video of the intended solution, but keep in mind that other players have found a variety of methods.
Thanks ...
Created by Grayarea
Encode is my second map and arguably one of the most difficult made for Portal 2. It stood unsolved for 16 days after release before finally falling to Ruien with help from many others. My official solution video is included as well as a couple of alternat...
The Asylum
Created by toncica
Based on a previous chamber, now with more sanity. New design to make your stay more comfy.

(big) update 4: changed design and prevented unintended solution by Mevious

update 3: changed a tiny bit to achieve 100 % intended solution, thx Geneosis
Dojo of Pain(t)
Created by marKiu
Welcome Ninjas!

This is my fifth map and my first try to implement gels. I worked a lot on this one and I think it's finally ready to be released. As you can see by the name this map focuses a lot on your agility skills. I would recommend that only ave...
Chander Test 5
Created by chander
Chander Test 5 (Hazard). Workshop version...
Chander Test 13
Created by chander
Dependence move
(ver. 1.4)...
Created by Mevious
A remake of my map for Portal 1 by the same name. Get it here: http://forums.thinkingwithportals.com/downloads.php?view=detail&df_id=286
This map is very hard. Use F6 to quicksave and F7 to quickload....
Created by marKiu
This is a quite challenging task! This will twist you mind!...
The Impossibly Inaccessable Cube
Created by Juggler
Lots of rather elaborate timing, and some trial and error required. F6 recommended. You have been warned....
Xchange HM
Created by Nalkahn
This is a Hard Mode version of Exchange from Mathey2009 :

Fair tips : This is a logical test chamber, but you have to know how to reach an upper plateform from a 30 inclinate light bridge....
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