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Portal 2

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KennKong's Favorite Puzzle Maps
These are the maps I've found that made me think the most. Some of them may be very hard to figure, but none require ninja skills.
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Moment of Momentum
Created by Nyskrte
My first tinkerings with the in-game editor. To see if I can provide the same level of challenge that I can via Hammer.

Adjusted to be less annoying....
Step by step
Created by Bulska
A logical thinking puzzle, split up into several little rooms.
Bring the laser to the end and always keep the Aperture Pedestal Button within reach.

Difficulty is a bit tougher than original test chambers.

=== Announcement ===
I've created a new m...
Escort Service
Created by Catsy
Escort your faithful Companion Cube through a series of trials and see it safely to the exit, and its gratitude will be immeasurable. Or is it escorting you? Only one thing's for certain: you will need each other to reach your goal and open the exit door....
Thinking Outside the Sphere
Created by Blazier
A compact test featuring spheres and a light bridge. It should provide some challenge for experienced players, but is still solvable for the rest of us. It was designed with the Puzzle Maker, but most of the work that went into it was done with Hammer.

Blue Walls
OK so yeah the name may not be all that great, but it's based off the fact that this test revolves around the Hardlight bridges as shield walls. This Test Chamber is in the Overgrown style.

The player has one Portal at the start and uses Momentum for th...
The Asylum
Created by toncica
Based on a previous chamber, now with more sanity. New design to make your stay more comfy.

(big) update 4: changed design and prevented unintended solution by Mevious

update 3: changed a tiny bit to achieve 100 % intended solution, thx Geneosis
Testing - Testing 1-2-3
Created by Aardvark00
First attempt. Probably medium difficulty, hard to say because I sort of know how it works! A bit of arcade type action at the end. Please comment if I've overlooked any possible exploits or if you like it or if you don't of course.
Updated with improved s...
Double Cube Laser
Created by Jimmy T. Malice
Two cubes. Two rooms. One laser....
Azorae's Lasers and Light Bridges
Created by Azorae
Update 5/29/12: Retooled the second half of the puzzle.
A careful balancing act of cubes, lasers, and light bridges. Can you make it across? Fair warning, this is a difficult (but possible! No ninja skills or exploits required) test chamber. If you like th...
Created by Azorae
A Hard Light Bridge, a reversible Excursion Funnel, and a few Superbuttons all play a part in this puzzle of logical positioning and order. Huge thanks to Gig, who p...
Created by Mevious
If you like my maps then check out my greenlight game Electric Sheep....
Explosions in the sky
Created by E Mc73
My other maps are better...
Resolution (Challenge Version)
Created by elfarmerino
Just when you thought you'd solved it - here's the challenge version of Resolution, removing a couple of options for the player...

Original here - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=120741819...
Created by toncica
A medium (or slightly above) difficulty challenge....
Created by Juggler

Contrary to how it may seem, no ninja skills are needed....
Up, or Down?
Created by Juggler
Each room has only two portalable surfaces; one on the ceiling and one on the floor. A small but challenging test.

Inspired by toncica's test [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Created by Jotta
Logic-test no skills required.

please leave a comment....
Destitute Flights
Created by IratePirate
Greetings Test Subject!

You may not be able to fly, but by golly we can make it seem like you can with this newly constructed chamber! Featuring asbestos filled (yet mostly safe) Excursion Funnels, undeadly Lasers and a great big heaping of Fun! This ch...
Created by HOOK
Finally decided to do a remake of an old map of mine that was deleted after I had worked on it for quite some time. This map is a medium/hard map that revolves around fizzlers. I have a secret rattmann den hidden in the map as well. Feedback appreciated....
Created by Fluppy

In every test chamber you have to use testing elements. But what if each of them has more than one usage? "Multipurpose" is overgrown map of intermediate difficulty. Don't forget - if you are stuck, reme...
The Corrupted
Created by dickbutt
!! Winner of the ThinkingWithPortals.com contest - 2012 !!

- It seems like you have lost your way to the closed testing area. Overtaken by destruction and beautiful foliage, but no need to worry! Luckily we can run the tests in a emergency and/or even i...
Sendificate part 2 -- A Beam Too Far
Created by HMW
Moving things where you want them is not always straightforward...

This is the second instalment in the Sendificate series.
Like the first part, difficulty is medium/hard; no ninja-skills required.

It is strongly recommended to play the Sendificate ...
TA2 Repeat
Created by HMW
My first map from the new puzzle maker!
Those who have played my Portal 1 maps might recognise it :)...
Created by Gigopler
A map....
Created by newt0570
Use components of the first room to beat the second.

HARD MODE: Take the companion cube through the exit! (pretend there isn't a fizzler)...
Created by Bulska
This test chamber requires quite some logical thinking to solve. You can switch the mode of the single chamber between 3 different modes, each with their own unique lay-out. Find the correct sequence to portal your way through!...
Aperture Enigma
Created by Geneosis
Hint : Aperture Science 2007
Hint 2 : Lasers can go "through" laser cubes

Type : Logical
Difficulty : Mind Blowing

Update 1 :
- Redesigned totally the puzzle to be more challenging and to use portals.

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