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Zone of Control
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Aug 5, 2016 @ 4:54pm
Feb 27 @ 7:43am
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Zone of Control

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Zone of control

1: What this mod does exactly ?
It increases the control zone of armies and cities in the campaign.

2:What is zone of control ?
It is the red area around the armies and cities, which means army enemies can not go inside this red area and has a larger radius for armies reinforcements.

3:Why increase the control zone ?
.One thing that annoys me in this game is you let prepared an ambush and the enemy pass 1 cm side control zone to avoid being ambushed.
.The armies have an area slightly larger to send reinforcements.
.Cities that would block narrow passages in campaign map without the mod not block, and allows enemy armies pass because of a gap of 1 cm in vanilla.

4:What to expect with this simple modification ?
A more strategic campaign map where ambushes are really efficient, and strategic areas are much more important.

All the changes mentioned here are valid for the player and the AI.

It should be compatible with any mod that does not change zone of control and reinforcement radius.
It is not compatible with Radious .

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Quorum Of 4 Aug 11 @ 7:13am 
This being updated for the Norsica Patch?
songak12 Apr 26 @ 10:18pm 
#Rodrigo Thanks!
Pimpin Pippin Apr 24 @ 1:01pm 
any updates coming to this great mod?
easygoing Apr 8 @ 7:29am 
Ok, after hours of testing various mods this ended up on my list of "not compatible with few others" Such as underground passageway for undead, changing movement speed etc.
It did work with Home Region movement bonus by Dredsen.
♥ Daddy ♥ Mar 8 @ 4:44pm 
Any chance you can make this compatible with radious or can that not be done? Loved this mod from the first min I got it but recently got radious and now I can't use it

Rodrigo  [author] Feb 28 @ 5:41am 
songak12 Feb 28 @ 1:36am 
Sorry but could you me know what the file is in table launcher to modify zoc value? i want smaller zoc value than vanila game and i can't find the file what that is.
Rodrigo  [author] Feb 27 @ 7:45am 
Updated and ready for Bretonnia FLC.
Rodrigo  [author] Feb 25 @ 2:49pm 
I released my personal list of mods that I use to play Total War Warhammer.
Check this out:
Menqel Feb 25 @ 1:44pm 
Thank you so much for this mod, I'm going to test it right now, I hope ou are going to update this after the Bretonnia patch, because I'm so tired to set up my ambush and see the enemy army pass through my men.