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Master The Space-Time Continuum
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May 25, 2012 @ 6:03am
Jun 9, 2012 @ 10:32am
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Master The Space-Time Continuum

In 1 collection by JertsuPelaa
Skyrim - Spells And Powers
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Much wanted version of the Master The Time And Space spell. Toggle version!

This mod adds player the toggle-power and the toggle-spell.

This mod can be also found in my spell-bundle, Skyrim Spells And Powers along with many other great spells.

Cast once to slow time, cast again to resume time.

Now all the time in the world is in your control.

Master the arcane arts of space-time continuum and be effectice with time. Be the master of time!

This spell is used to slow time. The player can, for example, dodge incoming arrows and spells or even catch the incoming arrows. Player can also grab things which are falling on the ground or flying around in the air. Player can drop items from the invertory and run to the other side of the room and then come back to catch them, before the items reach the floor.

This spell is very useful in combat situations. Especially when shooting with a bow. You can shoot many arrows, before the first arrow even reaches the target.


Tarquan The Master Of Time will sell these books in Whiterun, Dragonsreach. He is usually wandering around doing his own stuff. Go talk to him and buy the books. Tarquan will sell the books between 8AM-8PM.

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-Version 1-

-First Release.

-Version 2-

-Added the toggle-power version of the spell.

-Version 3-

-Added a new character to the game. His name is Tarquan The Master Of Time. He will sell the books for this spell. Tarquan will sell stuff between 8am-8pm.

*I recommend using this mod in first person. The camera will also slow down in third person mode.

*After Skyrim update 1.6, there has been some issues with the power version. It sometimes lags and it won't allow you to resume time. If that happens, simply resume the time with the spell.

*When the slowtime is activated, killcams will make the game go faster. Just activate the spell again and time will resume to normal.

*Check my blog to get the latest information about updates, new projects and future plans:

Also if you have any problems installing the mod, visit my blog.

-Remember to apply the latest patch of Skyrim. At this point 1.6.

-This mod can also be found in my spell-bundle along with many other great spells. Name of the bundle is Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe.
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drhorter Oct 17 @ 11:11pm 
Im not sure of this is being updated anymore but here are some bugs and requests:
1. Inventory interaction is very slow and stuff. I would recommend that a part of being a master of time is being able to move at your own pace in time, so animations should still be fast instead of slowed (if possible)...
2. Resuming time, at least with spell, makes items frozen until the player interacts with them (just dropped items from NPC)...
1. Custom kill move while controlling time.
2. Perhaps some new spells like localized bubbles of slow time, time slowing paralysis, and "fast" time spell weapon (which ages its target until death, perhaps change the hair and look of NPCs to be old and such?)
ET3RNAL☃ Aug 1 @ 4:37am 
I can't find him in dragon's reach wtf??
ii_eck_ii Jul 14 @ 8:56am 
i c'ant even get the mod...
Setari Jul 3 @ 1:26am 
Oookay never mind, fixed itself I guess. Probably because I used the spell to pull myself out of slowmo. Weird. Great mod though, saved my ass countless times in my Legendary runs.
Setari Jul 3 @ 1:20am 
The Power has disabled itself in my game after using it inside the last Thieves Guild questline for going after Mercer in like the third area I think it is, before the big room with all the falmer where the two NPCs comment that they'll follow whetever you do.
The worst saw gunner Jun 10 @ 8:27pm 
Eric Cartman May 31 @ 4:41pm 
Best mod ever!!
Rosebeef May 29 @ 9:53am 
Boris the Bullet Dodger Apr 24 @ 11:30am 
where do i find tarquan ? he doesnt appear in dragonsreach please help
Void_Leaper Apr 20 @ 4:17am 
is this for Special Edition if not are you working on it and if you are not why?