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Structures Plus
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Jul 25, 2016 @ 7:40pm
Nov 16, 2016 @ 9:58pm
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Structures Plus

The Ultimate Building Mod!

Patch Notes

- True no collision & no building height limit
- Foundations are solid blocks and can snap up and down slopes
- Internal pipes and wires allow for exceptionally clean base building
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Glass foundations, walls, ceilings & hatchframes have 16 variations
- Can toggle transparency on all glass items
- All glass pieces give greenhouse effect
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations but are not sunken when snapped to walls
- Crop Plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- All Gates, Doors & Trapdoors can be set to auto open & close, auto close only or manual
- Sloped Walls can snap to bottom of walls and ceilings
- All items can be picked up
- Water pipes can be placed on rafts
- Industrial Cooker, Forge & Grill can be toggled between gas & electricity
- All items can be crafted in the S+ crafting station
- Crafting stations can pull resources from nearby containers and dinos
- Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
- All crafting stations and crop plots can be pin coded
- Gateways snap in line with fence foundations instead of on top
- Wires and pipes can be hidden and vertical ones are only 1 wall high
- Large and behemoth versions of walls(4 tall and 12 tall respectively)
- Gardener will collect your crops automatically
- Config option to allow use of electrical appliances during storm on Scorched Earth
- Numerous wonky snap points cleaned up

Remote Resource Puller
- Shoot any container/crafting station to bring up Pull Resource UI
- Works with all mods and vanilla containers/crafting stations

Remote Transparency Cycler
- Shoot glass structures to cycle transparency (saves time and allows you to reach out of the way items)

Remote Model Selector
- Shoot glass structures to bring up the model select UI
- Pressing G while pointing at a structure will set its model to the gun, subsequent shots will then apply that model. Pressing G again will clear the selected model and allow the UI to show again.

Remote Demolisher
- Shoot to pick up structures
- Press G to demolish structures

Remote Repairer
- Shoot to repair structures
Currently ignores the repair timer so PVP servers will probably want to hide this engram.

Remote Turret Configurator
- Right click to copy settings from a turret and left click to apply those settings
- Pressing G will transfer bullets from your inventory to the turret

Fence Foundations
- Arrow showing direction wall will face when placing
- Snap points are much easier to use
- Added snap points to allow them to snap in line with foundations
- Gives foundation support, allowing you to build ceilings on top of fence for guard posts or walkways

Fence Supports (**NEW ITEM**)
- Similar to fence foundations but walls snap in front of them
- Do not follow ground height, so can build level walls
- Are stackable so you can build up & down inclines
- Can cycle snap points by pressing G when placing
- Gives foundation support, allowing you to build ceilings on top of fence for guard posts or walkways

S+ Fabricator
- Silent
- Can pin code
- Can run off gas or electricity(toggle through menu)

S+ Generator
- Silent
- Can pin code
- Snaps to foundations(4 ways), allowing for wires to be placed with perfect alignment
- Can hide or show all connected wires(instead of doing it 1 by 1)
- Config option to disable decay

S+ Electrical Outlet
- Can be hidden
- Can disable sparks
- Can hide all connecting wires(the thin grey ones)

S+ Industrial Grinder
- Silent
- Can turn on/off in inventory
- Expanded recipe list (recipes can be disabled individually with config option):
• 25 Raw Meat -> 1 Prime
• 25 Raw Fish -> 1 Raw Prime Fish
• 2 Stone -> 1 Sand
• 5 Thatch -> 10 Fiber
• 5 Raw Fish -> 1 Spoiled Meat
• 5 Raw Meat -> 1 Spoiled Meat
• 2 Tree Sap -> 1 Cactus Sap
• 2 Cactus Sap -> 1 Tree Sap
• 1 Blood Pack -> 1 Raw Salt
• 1 Large Poop + 2 Medium Poop + 3 Small Poop -> 1 Sulfur
• 1 Angler Gel + 5 Fiber -> 1 Silk

S+ Air Conditioner
- Silent
- Can snap to windows
- Thinner, more powerful and bigger range

S+ Multi Lamp
- Can attach to foundations, walls and ceilings(under and on)
- Can change its color and intensity
- Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
- Works underwater

S+ Auto Turret
- Can use electricity or gas
- When in electric mode, if it loses power it will swap to gas and when power is restored it will swap back to electricity
- Lockable (no need to pin code)

- 3 sizes: 1, 3 & 5 walls high
- Do not protrude through ceilings
- Ceilings can be snapped along the length of medium and large.

- All are retractable
- Can enable teleport option through config

- 1 wall high (90 degrees instead of 180)
- Can flip direction
- Can disable the outside railing collision

- 1 wall high by 1 foundation long
- Snaps for railings on the side
- Ceilings and foundations can snap to the bottom
- Pillars can attach to them

Behemoth Hatchframes
- Twice the size of giant hatchframes(4x4), easily fit a quetz through

Sloped Large and Behemoth Hatchframes
- Ease your exit and entrance with sloped hatchframes

- Elevator tracks are now 1 wall tall
- Elevator tracks snap to foundations and ceilings correctly(rotated and offset slightly so the platform is aligned with the structure)
- Elevator platforms are logically sized: small = 1x1, medium = 3x2, large=5x3
- You can set stops for the elevators

Config Options:
There are many options you can set through the gameusersettings.ini file, for details see: Config

Special Thanks
- MythN7 for his work on the triangle ceiling, foundation and roof models. Check out his portfolio[]!

Mod ID: 731604991

Link to Spawn Codes

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Blackout2392 1 hour ago 
Great mod, makes placing foundations a lot easier, allowing gas powered structures to be electric is awesome and the gun to place structures back into your inventory is great for tearing down and rebuilding your base. Had no problems getting it to install or work.
Grahx 5 hours ago 
is there a call button for elevator?
Benoitfouc 8 hours ago 
Hello, can we sort the item into a specific storage like this mod :
kefster 9 hours ago 
I removed some engrams bij deleting it from the mod file.
Swimsinlava 17 hours ago 
so how do i remove an engram? a few i do not what in the server of mine.

i saw how to get rid of some of the "grinder engrams" but not the others.

"Currently ignores the repair timer so PVP servers will probably want to hide this engram."
OmniSpecter 22 hours ago 
My previous issue with S+ not functioning on any worlds was due to whatever issue steamcmd and ark ded. server was having. it was downloading the mods but not extracting/compiling them. I had to copy over the files from the client to the server and it fixed everything.
Paint it with paintbrush
Nahc-ikat 22 hours ago 
Just wondering why can't I change the color of my S+ lamp thing??? I can change the intensity of the lamp and when it turns on and off but I can't change the color.
SwedishCenturion 22 hours ago 
@koco I belive you stop the elevator by interacting with it when u get where u want to go
kennycojo Jan 22 @ 7:42am 
This mod makes the building in Ark a joy instead of a headache. Love it.