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Structures Plus (S+)
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Jul 25, 2016 @ 7:40pm
May 23 @ 5:16pm
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Structures Plus (S+)

The Ultimate Building Mod!

Patch Notes


- True no collision & no building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Internal pipes and wires allow for exceptionally clean base building
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Full Glass tier (equivalent to metal)
- Glass foundations, walls, ceilings & hatchframes have 16 variations
- Fully adjustable transparency of the glass(1 way, 2 way, change color and level transparency)
- All glass pieces give greenhouse effect
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations but are not sunken when snapped to walls
- Crop Plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- All Gates, Doors & Trapdoors can be set to auto open & close, auto close only or manual, you can also set a timer for how long to wait before auto closing
- Sloped Walls can snap to bottom of walls and ceilings
- All items can be picked up
- Water pipes can be placed on rafts
- All gas burning structures can be toggled between gas & electricity
- All items can be crafted in the S+ crafting station & S+ Tek Replicator
- Crafting stations can pull resources from nearby containers and dinos (add an * to a container name to prevent pulling from it)
- Advanced resource pulling - select an engram and the pull resource button will change to "Pull Selected". You can alter the number of items to pull for by pressing shift(+10), control(+1) and space(resets to 1) (Demonstration[])
(Note: Resource pulling respects "Tribe Activation Rank" as there is an issue with "Tribe Inventory Access Rank")
- Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
- All crafting stations and crop plots can be locked & pin coded
- Gateways snap in line with fence foundations instead of on top
- Wires and pipes can be hidden and vertical ones are only 1 wall high
- Also includes a set of dynamic, flexible pipes & wires that will connect nearby pipes & wires (for linking up separate grids that wouldn't fit a normal pipe/wire)
- Large and behemoth versions of walls(4 tall and 12 tall respectively)
- Item Collector will collect poop, un-fertilized eggs & snail paste, will also distribute poop to nearby compost bins & dung beetles
- Farmer will collect fertilizer from nearby crop plots & dung beetles then distribute it to nearby crop plots
- Gardener will collect your crops automatically
- Sheep Herder will shear nearby sheep
- Storage boxes will snap to each for perfect alignment
- Extensive config options allow you to tailor the mod to your needs
- Numerous wonky snap points cleaned up

For a full list of features, refer to this discussion. The complete list is too long for the mod description.

Config Options:
There is an extensive list of config options that allow you to tailor this mod to your needs, see this discussion for all of the available options and their usage.

Note: there are a few items in this mod that you should be aware of as they may not fit your server. See this discussion for more information.

Special Thanks
- MythN7 for his work on the triangle ceiling, foundation and roof models. Check out his portfolio[]!

- RedDwarf for introducing Stackable Foundations to us and also for his help working out the math required for the tek triangle roof.

Mod ID: 731604991

Spawn Codes[]

My Other Mods:

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Failed to install map mod
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Noxsa 4 minutes ago 
@NoSs yea i can't get the update either, is't steam a cool place to be :/ i blame steam at this point and not this mod or the maker! can anyone give me the exact bytes size of the mod folder. the mod kinda works SP, but i can't place foundations on some random spots on the map its weird and makes no sense so it must have not updated correctly. i don't know otherwise. did all the tricks and how too's nothing seem to work. confused and depressed at this point.
♊GEMINIS♊ 5 minutes ago 
@NoSs Try that:
Stoffli hace 10 horas
@bart69rich: Try this one:
- unsubsribe mod
- delete folder from mod folder
- subscribe again
- start ark -> wait until bottom right corner said mod is installed (no "mod updating" text)
- close ark
- look in your mod folder -> did you get the newest data from the mod?
- shutdown server
- open ftp
- overwrite (without deleting first) existing mod data
- start server again

i had some issues the last updates, but with this process it works again.
NoSs 12 minutes ago 
I removed all the mods except s + it says that my mods are not up to date
♊GEMINIS♊ 18 minutes ago 
@GW Dastark La versión del mod EN EL SERVER, tiene que ser la misma que la tuya en tu PC; actualiza el server antes de entrar.
Azarik 27 minutes ago 
Ive just wanted to say,thank you to Author of that mod for updatng it and keeping a GREAT WORK!!
Padfoot 30 minutes ago 
i played in single player and i try to delete the mod directory and redownload the mod again but my stucture still getting whipped. how can i restore my structure again? any idea?
NoSs 38 minutes ago 
If I remove the s + from my server to test the players risk losing any chest, resources etc.
NoSs 42 minutes ago 
I do not know just that on other mods no one complains about the
Padfoot 1 hour ago 
i had the same issues,how i can take my structure back & my item that i store in structure S+ back again?
fear_monger185 2 hours ago 
@minister oak we are on the crystal isles map and we only really had one large base. And after exploring the map I realize that updating S+ the last time deleted everything modded from the map. All Eco items, all modded dinos, everything from S+, even stuff from resource crops and awesome teleporters. All of it got removed when S+ updated. I know it isnt the map because the map hasnt updated for a while.